Fashionable Fethiye Private Tours of the Ghost Town of Kayakoy

Fashionable Fethiye private tours of the ghost town of Kayakoy.  Fethiye is a harborside town and the perfect place to have as a base for sightseeing the crumbling remnants and ruins of this area Lycian culture.  

Custom Fethiye private tours are a perfect way to explore the tourist attractions and historical sites along this Turkish Turquoise Coast. Many Turkish yacht cruises dock in the port here as it is a popular destination for Turkish holidaymakers.  The sandy beaches and laid back locals will put you at ease and are always on hand to help.  

Due to a devastating earthquake in the late 1950's, there are no high-rise buildings in the region, so you will have perfect views of the spectacular scenery that surround the city.

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Ancient City of Telmessos
1 Guided private tours of the Ancient City of Telmessos will show you the rich history of this ancient city.  The largest City in the Lycian district with evidence dating it back to the 5th century this is a unique and special tour.  This landmark was decimated by an earthquake's and natural erosion, but a rejuvenation project is in operation there now.    
Roman Theater
2 Fethiye's small and only partially excavated Roman theater was built in the 2nd century (BC) when the Telmessos (Old Name for Fethiye) had become part of Rome's Asia Minor dominion.  It would have originally seated over 6,000 spectators and supporters for gatherings and gladiator fights.  You can climb to the top tier of seating area for great views. 
Fethiye Museum
3 Fethiye Museum may be small, but the guided tours are excellent and ideal for Lycian history, especially if you are going to Tlos and Letoön sightseeing.  The information panels explain Lycian culture, and the exhibits of jewelry, pottery, and steel are very well displayed. The highlight is the Trilingual Stele (stone) (inscribed with Lycian, ancient Greek, and Aramaic) found while excavating Letoön. 
Ölüdeniz Lagoon
4 Ölüdeniz Lagoon is Turkeys most famous beach and only 20 minutes from Fethiye.  The calm, clear water, sheltered from the sea, with a white sandy beach surrounded by a dense pine forest is gorgeous.  While the surroundings of Ölüdeniz has changed a little, tour guides will be happy to show you around the Lagoon for the best swimming spots.    
5 Kayaköy (Karmylassos) is only eight kilometers from Fethiye; it once had a mixed population of Turkish ad Greek people who lived together for centuries.  The 1923 Population Exchange changed all of that and the dilapidated, eerie stone villages that snakes across the hillside were left to slowly decay since their owners said goodbye and moved to Greece.   
Saklıkent Gorge
6 Saklıkent Gorge guided private tour is only 30 minutes from Fethiye. The ravine is cut into the Akdaǧlar Range, and the trek along the wooden walkways above the river is amazing.  When you reach the top, there are little tea houses for refreshments, and the views are spectacular. You can also go rafting or canyoning along the river on pre-booked guided tours.      
Lycian city of Pinara
7 Lycian city of Pinara tours from Fethiye takes you to crazy monolithic houses and rock tombs that number over 900.  The tomb builders had to be lowered by ropes down the cliffs as the area in which they were built inaccessible by road.  With great scenery surrounding the ruins, this area is special as only select guided tours visit this site.  
8 Letoon has three temples dedicated to Leto who it was said, in mythology, had an affair with Zeus and mothered two of his children Artemis and Apollo.  This atmospheric site is a must see on any private guided tour.  The highlight is the mosaic in the Apollo Temple which is very well preserved and protected from the elements.   
9 Tlos is situated high up in the hills that surround Fethiye and is another Lycian city ruin.  Custom Fethiye Tours take you to the remnants of this Ottoman fortress.  On the east side of the Acropolis remains of the Roman and Lycian city walls can still be seen including the scattered ruins of public buildings and houses including possibly an indoor market and restored the theater.
Butterfly Valley
10 Tours of Butterfly Valley are unique in that it can only be reached by water taxi.  Mother nature did great work here as the canyon is spectacular and perfect for a day lounging on the beach. You can swim and dive from the rock or take a hike around the island and spot some beautiful nature.  There is a BBQ held daily for visitors or have a cocktail at the beach bar.   

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