Guided Private Tours of Terrific Trabzon the Hamsi Capital of Turkey

Guided private tours of terrific Trabzon the hamsi capital of Turkey are on every trip to the Black Sea.  Founded by Greek traders in the 8th century BC, Trabzon was once a crucial stop on the Silk Road for merchants and traders.  Situated between the soaring peaks of the Pontic Mountains the views are spectacular and well worth visiting.  

Trabzon remains to be the Black Sea's busiest port today when it is not the largest city in the region; it is undoubtedly the most visited and sophisticated.  

There are many medieval Churchs which have been converted into Mosques and Museums, escorted tours of Trabzon are a must do to see all the delights of this city and the heaps of history in its past.  The central square, bazaar, Ataturk Pavillion are some of the sightseeing opportunities in the city.

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Sumela Monastery
1 The Sumela Monastery or as it is better known The Monastery of the Virgin Mary is the most popular guided tour in Trabzon. Precariously situated on a cliff edge, it has a history that dates back to the Byzantine era.  The vibrant frescoes in the main chapel are intact by sadly damaged, and the warren of rooms and additional chapels make up the rest of this lovely complex.  
Hagia Sophia, Trabzon
2 The Hagia Sophia of Trabzon is one of four in Turkey, while it is smaller than its counterparts and it does not have majestic pieces of art, but it has lots of charm.  Tours of this 13th-century building will show you how it has some lovely decorative features inside.  It has a dome structure and beautifully tended gardens outside.    
Trabzon Museum
3 The Trabzon Museum is one of Turkey's most loved museums, the building alone is worth a visit with it's beautiful painted ceilings, ornate rooms, carved wooden doors and original furnishings.  The exhibitions displays of great Ottoman and ethnographic artifacts like a flattened bronze statue of Hermes, unearthed at Tabakhane in 1997, plus icons, jewelry, and coins from the Byzantine, Roman, and Comnenos periods.
Yeni Cuma Camii (New Friday Mosque)
4 New Friday Mosque was previously used as a church, take a city custom tour and see how it has been restored and transformed into a beautiful monument.  Located at the popular new Friday area of Trabzon the museum/monument is open to the public however a fee must be paid before entry for the upkeep costs.      
Atatürk Pavilion
5 This magnificent house and Pavilion was gifted to Atatürk by the people of Trabzon.  He reportedly stayed in the property on only three occasions but lovingly donated the house and grounds to the people of Trabzon after his death.  Now open to the public as a museum guided tours are available daily where you can see some memorabilia and all the original furnishings. 
St. Anne's Church, Trabzon
6 St. Anne's Church, Trabzon is one of the oldest churches in the city.  It is traditional three-nave plan basilica.  Sightseeing guided tours of the Church will take you to the crypt located on the ground.  There is a Byzantine relief at the entrance gate and frescoes from a later period inside the church.  Many tourists visit the Church on Trabzon city tours. 
Cal Magarasi
7 Guided tours of Cal Magarasi Caves are unique as this is thought to be the longest discovered cave on earth.  As you access the cave, you will notice that the ceiling heights are uneven that is due to fractures occurring in the cave.  The small lake located inside the cave is picture perfect; please see with your guide as the entrance splits into two sections and it is easy to get lost.    
Zagnos Vadisi
8 Zagnos Vadisi (Valley) is one of the most beautiful green areas in Trabzon.  This lovely place in the city center is quite easy to reach just ask you private tour guide.  You can have a picnic as many locals do and just admire the beautiful scenery and time with friends and family.  There is a shopping center nearby should you wish to partake in some retail therapy.  
Altindere Vadisi National Park
9 Altindere Vadisi National Park private tours are very popular in the Black Sea Area of Trabzon.  The entrance of the national park is via the church down a long staircase and consists of water canals, kitchen, and a holy water pool.  Once you reach the outside the scent from the many trees including chestnut and black pine is overwhelming. Watch out for wild goats, boar, bears, foxes and deer as you explore.   
Gulbahar Hatun Cami & Tomb
10 Gulbahar Hatun Cami & Tomb was built in 1514 by Sultan Selim I to Honour and remember his mother.  This Mosque was constructed in the center of town near the grand bazaar.  The tea garden and granary nearby are lovely to sit and admire the beautiful building.  Guided city tours will take you around the area all the way to Zaǧnos Bridge with nice photo opportunities along the way.   

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