A Private Tour to Historical and Stunning Khajuraho Is So Worth a Go

A Private Tour to Historical and Stunning Khajuraho Is So Worth a Go, why?it is a city with the most amazing temples in India. So much so that in 1986 it was declared as a world heritage site.

In the Madhya Pradesh region, Khajuraho is a very popular tourist destination, drawing in thousands of people each year.

Thanks to where this city was located, which was off the main thoroughfare, back in ancient times it was missed by the hordes of ancient tribes that destroyed and mutilated many other villages and towns in this region, hence why there are still so many temples left standing here.

Originally there we eighty-five temples built from the 10th century to the 12th century and of those, twenty-two remain. The temples are magnificent and the erotic rock carvings are fascinating.

Khajuraho is right up with the likes of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, as one of Indias must visit destinations. Due to this the once humble village as gradually grown into a major tourist resort.

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Unravel the secrets of the three most extraordinary cities in India - Delhi, Agra & Jaipur. Visit thrilling sights and learn about the wealthy colourful history and culture.

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11 Day Guided Private Tour of India
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Unravel the secrets of the three most extraordinary cities in India - Delhi, Agra & Jaipur. Visit thrilling sights and learn about the wealthy colourful history and culture.

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11 days Scheduling Private Tour Agra
Lakshmana Temple
1 This temple took twenty years to build and finally finished in AD 954. The fact that is the best preserved Temple in Khajuraho it was well worth the time it took to erect. The carved sculptures everywhere around this temple are amazing with some described as ‘orgiastic’. On a private tour, you are taken to two small shrines at each end of the  Temple with even more carvings made of sandstone.
Chitragupta Temple
2   Take a private tour to this temple which is unique among all the other temples in Khajuraho as it is dedicated to Surya, the sun god. The condition of this temple may not be as good as the other temples; you can still see some great carvings. There are sculptures of two heavenly nymphs ‘apsaras’ and ‘surasundaris’, hunting scenes and even elephants fighting. Inside, you can just about make out the carving of the chariot of Surya being pulled by seven horses.
Raneh Falls
3 For a break from looking at temples take a private tour to Raneh Falls. In a canyon 30 meters deep and carved out by the Ken river you will see not just one waterfall but a few of them. This is a brilliant excursion to take to see the water tumbling over the rocks. Even better just after torrential rain when the force of the water is loud and powerful smashing against the rocks as it pours down.
Vishvanath Temple
4 A private tour to this Hindu temple is superb and informative. Dedicated to Shiva, this temple is of excellent Chandela architecture and has hundreds if not thousands of exceptional carved figures. There are heavenly nymphs writing letters, looking in mirrors, cuddling their babies and even scratching their backs. Other sculptures are of warriors, dancers, camels, horses and much more. There is also a statue of Shiva’s bull chariot, Nandi, facing the temple.    
Parsvanath Temple
5 This temple is not as big as the other temples, but what it does not have in its size it makes up for in beauty and how well it was built. A private tour of this temple will show you some of the best preserved famous images in Khajuraho. One of the images being a woman removing a thorn from her foot another is of a woman putting on makeup. When built it was dedicated to Adinath, but later an image of Parsvanath was substituted.    
Archaeological Museum
6 A private tour to the Archaeological Museum is worthwhile and very educating. This new purpose built building for this museum opened in 2016 and contains a great collection of sculptures from Khajuraho. From the very beginning, you see an 11th-century statue of the elephant-headed god, Ganesh dancing in the entrance hall. The information on the Chandela history and art is very educational.    
Kandariya-Mahadev Temple
7 The largest temple of the western group is the Kandariya- Mahadev Temple. It is the highpoint of Chandela architecture and certainly seems to be when you look at it. It has the most female carvings and sculptures in any one Khajuraho temple. The 31-meter high temple spire is a phallic Shiva symbol and Hindus looking for deliverance from the reincarnation cycle worship it. On a private tour, your guide will point out the most photographed sculpture!   
Panna National Park
8 For a change of pace take a private tour  to the Panna National Park. This is a very popular tiger reserve and home to the rarest wildlife species. The best way to get around the reserve is with a guide by jeep safari. There is also a boat trip available to see the aquatic animals. The type of animals you will see are tigers, leopards, wolf, hyena, sloth bears and sambas. For the enthusiastic bird watcher this is a great tour.  
Devi Jagadamba Temple
9 This temple was first dedicated to Vishnu and then Parvati and finally Kali. The superb carvings on this temples include mythical beasts that are a part lion and another part human that are accompanying Vishnu; there are heavenly nymphs ’surasundaris’ and intimate pairs of men and women playing. The fact that these carvings were done by hand centuries ago makes it so much more interesting and you can only look in wonder at them.      
Old Village
10 For another break from looking at all the temples, take a private guided tour of an Old Village in Khajuraho. It is very humbling to walk around this village and have the children coming up to you asking for pens and pencils, then the way they are absolutely ecstatic when you give them something. The lanes of the villages have small shrines dotted around. Some of the people in the village are still working from the old wells.    

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