Come Forth to the Golden Forts of Jaisalmer on Private Tour

A holiday for the adventurous sun worshipper, historian, geologist or archaeologist then come forth to the forts of Jaisalmer.

Because of where Jaisalmer is located, in the Thar Desert, it is regarded as the guard to Rajasthan on the west side and India. It is a fascinating city for a holiday or to just come and see on a guided tour, full of ancient Forts and Havelis of

It is a fascinating city for a holiday or to just come and see on a guided tour, full of ancient Forts and Havelis of stunning architect.

The city has another name, Golden City because all the buildings are made from a Golden honey-colored sandstone and as you are approaching up to the city, from a distance, it looks like the best group of sand castles you have ever seen built on a beach with a bucket and spade.

It looks surreal but oh so beautiful. 

The most prominent landmark, to visit on a Private guided tour, is Jaisalmer Fort which is also called by another name, Golden Fort (Sonar Qila) again this is because of the coloured sandstone used to build it.

Another example of the extraordinary minds of architects and builders thousands of years ago who built monuments that still stand to this day.

Let the activities begin!
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Top 10 Things to Do in Jaisalmer

Fort Palace
1 A private tour to Jaisalmer has to include a tour of Fort Palace. This Fort was once the royal residence, built looking over the main square and partly on top of a fort gate called Hawa Pol. It has seven storeys and is full of sculptures and other artefacts that were donated to the ruler over the years of his reign. The highlights of the tour here is the mirrored and painted bedroom of the 18th-century ruler and the open view from the rooftop.
Jaisalmer Fort
2 A city tour to Jaisalmer is really a tour of just Jaisalmer Fort. It is so huge that there are at least 3,000 people living inside the walls of the fort. There are temples, houses, hotels, restaurants, markets, shops and lots lots more all found in the narrow winding lanes that are like a honeycomb. The tour is thoroughly fascinating and informative with loads of opportunities to pick up souvenirs and mingle with the welcoming local men, women and children.  
Gadisar Lake
3 As Jaisalmer is a city in the desert, a sightseeing tour to Gadisar Lake is a unique experience. It is a lake that was constructed in the middle of the desert so it may not be a natural wonder but fantastic all the same. On your trip here you get to take a boat ride through the green waters of the lake, to the little enclosures that look like they are floating in the water but are solidly built into the ground. It is a very serene and tranquil place to visit.  
Patwon Ki Haveli
4 For another example of Royal splendour, then take a private tour of Patwon Ki Haveli. It is comprised of not one haveli but five of them all in the same enormous complex. The stunning architecture alone is worth the visit, but then there are metallic carvings, lattice work done to such detail and stone sculptures to look upon in awe and wonder. The museum then tells you the history going back centuries with great displays of artefacts.        
Jain Temples
5 If you take a custom tour of the Temples of Jaisalmer, you are brought to seven golden sandstone Jain temples all found inside the walls of the Fort. They are all dating back to the 15th or 16th century and each one has something different to offer, but the architecture of all of them is fantastic. When entering any of the temples, you must remove your footwear and all items that are made of leather. Learn who they are dedicated to and why.  
Sam Sand Dunes
6 For the totally, unique private tour to go on in Jaisalmer, you have to go to see Sam Sand Dunes. It is a little way out of Jaisalmer city but easily got to along a road that is maintained by the Indian army. The dunes are spectacular and picturesque with the opportunity of short camel rides over the dunes available everywhere here. There is a party atmosphere from the afternoon till late at night and it is the most amazing place to see the sunset.  
Kuldhara Village
7 Take a guided tour to Kuldhara Village and you will find an abandoned village. The inhabitants left this village and about 80 other villages over 200 years ago. Legend has it; due to the kidnapping of a daughter in one of the villages, the looting of the properties and the tax they had to pay the people of all the villages left. They are supposed to have buried the treasures they couldn’t carry so this place is popular for treasure hunters. 
Thar Heritage Museum
8   This is a private museum where you can get a guided tour. It is a museum of intriguing, different artefacts and lots odd bits and pieces to learn about the Desert, the city and villages. There are displays on the customs of the people for giving birth, marriage, death and even opium. Ancient musical instruments, turbans, items from kitchens centuries ago all fascination. See the snakes and ladders game that is a Hinduism spiritual journey teaching guide.  
Desert National Park
9 Not the normal kind of place to have a national park but here it is, a Desert National Park. It is located about 60 km outside of Jaisalmer, covers an area of 3162 square meters and is among the largest national parks in India. It is a bird watchers paradise and the only place in India to see the Great Indian Bustard. There are fossils here that are dated back to Jurassic era. This park also offers the best view of the desert and the rarest variety of flora and fauna found.  
Akal Wood Fossil Park
10  180 million years ago during the Jurassic age, the area where this park is, was a healthy green forest that was submerged over time into the sea. It now has the most magnificent fossils to display. The largest fossil is that of a tree trunk 13 meters high and sea shells from over two centuries. The majority of the fossils are now protected by cages as they are so precious now. This is yet another once in a lifetime place to go.

For a Unique Private Tour Go to the Golden City and Jaisalmer Fort

Come Forth to the Golden Forts of Jaisalmer on Private Tour

There are a lot of things to go and see in Jaisalmer on a sightseeing trip apart from obviously the forts and Hovels.

There are the camels as they walk through the desert to different cities in a single line one after another or why not visit The Wood Fossil Park that is full of very interesting things and facts that you do not have to be a geologist to enjoy.

The food is superb in this city and you should always try a sample of their traditional food, it makes the local people very happy. Take a guided tour to ensure you don't miss anything!

For some history of Jaisalmer, in 1156 the heir to the throne of Rawal Of Deoraj was passed over and he left the kingdom.

He met a ‘Sage’ who told him that his prophecy was that he would make a new Kingdom. He built a mud fort and named it after himself, Rawal Jaisal, declared it his capital and hence the city of Jaisalmer was born.

Travel Tips for Jaisalmer