The Mystic Dusty Chennai a Private Tour of This Fast Moving City!

A private tour the Chennai the capital of Tamil Nadu on the Bay of Bengal and formerly known as Madras is an unexpected but pleasant surprise with fabulous Tours of India! Chennai Is A City; Madras Is An Emotion, fantastic Tours of India. The Mystic Dusty Chennai a Private Tour of This Fast Moving City!

Often dismissed for being Indias old fashioned relation, this could not be further from the truth. 

Home to Fort St George it is proud of its roots as a British Military Garrison and trading post of the East India Company. 

A combination of small urban villages exists side by side with a myriad of more modern and up and coming towns and neighbourhoods. 

This has managed to safeguard most of its unique traditions and, although it is a fast moving city changing day by day, it still maintains its old world charms. 

From Bharatanatyam, its oldest classical dance to its stunning, colourful world-renowned silk saris it has so much to offer.

 The people here, however, are the real strength of this fantastic city.  Welcoming arms are everywhere and their enthusiasm to share their beloved city is infectious. 

It's blazing heat is not for the feint hearted, and its barmy traffic can take a bit of getting used to, but there is so much to see here if you just take the plunge. 

Seek out the museums and many exotic Temples or sample some of the authentic South Indian dishes you won’t be disappointed.

Let the activities begin!
Unforgettable 11 Day Guided Tour of India
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Unravel the secrets of the three most extraordinary cities in India - Delhi, Agra & Jaipur. Visit thrilling sights and learn about the wealthy colourful history and culture.

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11 days Scheduling Semi-Private Tour Agra
11 Day Guided Private Tour of India
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Unravel the secrets of the three most extraordinary cities in India - Delhi, Agra & Jaipur. Visit thrilling sights and learn about the wealthy colourful history and culture.

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11 days Scheduling Private Tour Agra
1 Once ruled by an ancient dynasty this port was well documented in Greek and Roman history. Today its intricate rock Temples remain as a reminder of this once great nation. On a private guided tour, you can hear the history behind the great Pallavas family and their influence on the area. Explore Sea Shore Temple and Tiger Cave before visiting a small farming village to learn more about traditional practices and customs still used today.
Kapaleeshwar Temple
2 Like an oasis in the desert Kapaleeshwar Temple is a sanctuary in the crazy midst of the city. Its colourful display of deities adorning the walls is a dash of brightness amongst the city. On entering you immediately feel the calmness envelope you and the spiritual aura surrounding it. Its intricate design is one of the best examples of carvings from that era and is popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Relax and feel the spirit.
Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
3 A visit here on a Thursday is considered especially important when worshippers and crowds fill the streets surrounding the Temples. Found amongst swaying trees, it is located on the beach and enjoys cooling breezes. The Golden roof of the Temple is quite spectacular and inside is a riot of gold and colour with pride of place taken by Shirdi Said Baba. A special place of worship where you can find peace and comfort for a short while.
San Thome Church
4 An excellent example of Neo-Gothic architecture this simple white Church rises in glory from the surrounding grey streets. A culture tour will take you inside to see its breathtaking high vaulted, timber ceilings and also a small museum containing relics from its past life. An important part of Indias Christian history it is said to be the resting place of St Thomas or ‘ Doubting Thomas’ whose tomb is found underneath the Basilica.
Madras Crocodile Bank
5 A place not to be missed especially for families with kids. A fantastic place to take a guided tour and see hundreds of crocodiles and snakes in a natural, safe environment. This Government run park is well maintained and dedicated to saving species of other reptiles too such as the Anaconda. Interesting shows of how poison is harvested from venomous snakes like the Cobra and Viper are amazing and a real, if not scary, eye opener.
Chennai Central Railway Station
6 Built by the British during their rule here the station is an excellent example of British architecture with its elegant clock tower so common in Britain. One of the grandest and oldest stations it is also the busiest junction on the southern railway line and is heaving with people day and night. From here you can reach most of South Indias cities, but it is also a place to get good local food at a reasonable price and just watch the world go by.
Vivekananda House
7 Old Colonial house on the beach where Swami Vivekanandas stayed while he was visiting Chennai. Also known as the Ice House as it was where ice was stored for many years the stunning architecture of the building remains today. Inside is a museum containing some rare photographs of his visit and a documentary about his life. On a custom tour, you see the room he visited and learn more about the history and philosophy of this great man.
Vadapalani Murugan Temple
8 A Fine example of an Indian Temple building at its best. Its colourful, intricately designed roof and entranceway are eye catching against the bright blue of the sky. Built 125 years ago this Temple is considered one of the most sacred places to be married in the city and holds over 7,000 wedding ceremonies each year. Set in a fabulous lush garden, it has a huge lake with a smaller Temple on an island in the centre.
The Anna Centenary Library
9 For lovers of books, this is a must and you can while away several hours, or serval days, at this library. You could easily lose yourself in the eight floored building, and at times its seems you are the only visitor. Popular wth students, it holds many reference books as well as fiction and non-fiction and an excellent children's section. Carries a huge selection of books both old and new for all needs.
T Nagar Ranganathen Street
10 A paradise for lovers of fashion and jewellery this area is a major stop for fashionistas. You can quickly be drawn in by the colourful material shops and their stunning saris, and you may even find yourself tempted to buy one. Always busy always crowded it was hard to make any headway along the street but well worth a visit just to look. You can find modern clothing shops alongside traditional shops selling Indian carved goods and souvenirs.

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