Live It Up in Lively London on Practically Perfect Private City Tours

London is one of the world's top-rated and most visited tourist destinations, attracting millions of visitors each year. Lively London has many perfect private city tours to choose from including visits to Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. With a massive mix of diverse attractions and sights such as Cathedrals, Castles, Royal Palaces, Museums and Art Galleries that will keep you interested and busy on any of the many London City Tours.

There is a vibrant arts scene in London, take an open top bus tour around the city, and you stop off at famous and most influential art scene in the city "The West End."

A visit to lovely London would not be complete without seeing a show at the West End and of course a sightseeing tour on The Amazing London Eye which has to be seen to be believed. The views on a bright day of the city are fantastic, and as you are towering over the Themes River, you will see why tourists come back again and again to London.   Read More...

See the City at Its Best on a Sightseeing Tour on "The London Eye"

Live It Up in Lively London on Practically Perfect Private City Tours

The London Eye has attracted a multitude of visitors who want unique views of the spectacular city.

The enormous Ferris Wheel is one of the most significant sights in Europe and offers people tours and sightseeing opportunities from the second-highest vantage point in lovely London. 

Visitors enter oval glass capsules in groups unless you pay for an exclusive capsule and the Ferris wheel starts to rotate slowly.

On a bright day and at its highest point, you will be in a position to see spectacular panoramic views of the whole city of London. 

Top 12 Things to See and Do in London

Westminister Abbey
1 Westminster Abbey was the venue for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) and has an extensive and long history. The Abbey is known for its Gothic architecture and is popular with tourists on London city guided Tours.  Around 3,000 famous people have been buried at the Abbey including Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens.
The Tower of London
2 This Tower of London is the home of the ‘Crown Jewels’ and is probably the most visited and famous fortress on London City Tours. The Tower has been standing tall for nearly 1,000 years and was first built as a prison housing some famous Royals. If you pre-book a tour, you will be escorted by a Beefeater where you can experience the history and see the ‘Ceremony of the Keys’ which happens daily.
Big Ben
3 Big Ben is another sight teeming with history, this giant clock tower which is ideally located next to the Houses of Parliament is beautiful and a stop on all London sightseeing tours. It is a picturesque sight and one of the most iconic and loved sights in London, if not the whole of the UK.  If you are on a night tour of London, you can't miss the stunning illuminated Big Ben.      
St Pauls Cathedral
4 The beautiful St Pauls Cathedral is steeped in history in the 1980's the Cathedral was pushed into the world spotlight as it was host to the spectacular wedding service of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles. The famous dome of the Cathedral is accessible by climbing the 250 steps to the top, but the view is worth it. A stop on all London city tours The Cathedral is popular with all visiting tourists.      
The London Eye
5 The London Eye attracts millions of visitors who want unique views of the spectacular city of London. The sight is a massive Ferris wheel and offers the second-highest vantage point of London. Visitors enter capsules with groups (unless you pay for an exclusive capsule) where the Ferris wheel starts to rotate slowly. At its highest point, you will see stunning views of the whole city.
Buckingham Palace
6 Currently in her 90's the Queen of England is one of the oldest monarchs to hold a throne, so millions flock to her place of residence, Buckingham Palace and take guided tours, every year. The palace was built in 1837 and has housed royalty ever since the first monarch in residence at the Palace was Queen Victoria. If you possible try to witness the ‘Changing of the Guard’ which takes place before lunchtime every day.
The West End
7 London’s famous theatre district "The West End" started in the 1600s and had slowly developed over time to be world-renowned. There are many different and eclectic shows playing in the theatres from musicals to Shakespear, and the area is a stop on all London city tours. A walk around the area at night is magical as you will see all the theatres lights and excitement.  
The Houses of Parliament
8 The Houses of Parliament is perhaps one of the most picturesque sights along the river bank and the true iconic embodiment of London City. Located along the river Thames the building is full of history and a must-see for all visitors and tourists to the city. Tours of the Houses are limited and not accessible every day, so you need to check availability and book in advance.  
Warner Bros Studio London
9 The Harry Potter tour at the London Warner Bros Studio is based on the series of books and films that have become an international phenomenon. The release of the first book in 1997 which has gone on to sell 107 million copies has taken the story of the boy that lived and made a great theme park for all the family to enjoy. Book your tickets in advance as this tour is very busy and you do not want to be disappointed.       
The British Museum
10 The British Museum is home to a collection of the oldest relics known to man, with detailed exhibitions and interactive displays there is plenty to see and do for all the family.  Guided Tours of the museum will take you to see The Rosetta Stone dating back to 196BC, and you will see Ancient Egyptian Mummies.    
Madam Tussaud Museum
11 Marie Tussaud created her first ever waxwork in 1777 of Voltaire and eventually found herself in Baker Street where she opened her first museum ‘Madam Tussaud’s.', and we have lost the apostrophe, but many great waxworks are still held within the museum. Madame Tussauds is now home to some of the best waxworks in the world including those of famous historical figures, politicians, musicians and sportspeople.
The National Gallery
12 The first location in private tours of London is based in the famous Trafalgar Square - which is a brilliant day out in itself - and houses some of the most famous works of art in the last 800 years. Some of the pieces date back as far as the 13th Century, and you will see works by Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Renoir, Stubbs, Botticelli, and more and The National Gallery is free to enter!

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