Journey to Jersey on Private Island Tours and Learn Some Jèrriais

Jersey, one of the biggest islands in the U.K. and extends five miles from north to south and nine miles from east to west.  This beautiful island offers plenty of incredible scenery, especially on the north coast with many rocky inlets, high cliffs, caves to explore. On Jersey Private Island Tours you can learn some of the local language Jèrriais from your guide. For hikers, the southwest provides excellent hiking trails, and private guided sightseeing tours to Hohlgangsanlange 8 a must-see tourist attraction on the island of Jersey.

Jersey is an island-shaped by the sea where some of the most amazing tides in the world circle around the coast. An island might be small in size, but it is huge with personality, country lanes open to cliff top walks and views with the sea never being more than ten minutes away.

Let the activities begin!
Elizabeth Castle
1 Elizabeth Castle is great to spend a day exploring with private guided tours and learning about Jersey's epic history. Climb up the battlements which back to the 1590’s, when Sir Walter Raleigh was Governor and explore the grounds. Uncover the re-fortified bunkers which were used to command the sea approaches to Jersey during World War II, take part in Living History demonstrations and experience what life was like for soldiers.
Maratime Museum
2 Jersey has a unique seafaring history, and private guided tours to the Maritime Museum are a must on any visits to the Island. The exhibitions at the museum are interactive, so you can literally see, touch, smell and hear all the sounds and sights of the sea. Located at the St. Helier harbour, the museum is very popular on all Jersey Island sightseeing tours as it brings the history of relationship the Island has with the sea to life.    
Jersey Zoo
3 Jersey Zoo is famous for being the first Zoo to be completely conservation-themed, private guided tours around the zoo are available every day. The Zoo has been opened for over 50 years and was the brainchild of Mr Gerald Durrell and continues to be going strong. For a fun day out this 32-acre zoo has so much to see and do with rare animals, woodland walks and treks so spend a few enjoyable hours at this top attraction.
Hohlgangsanlage 8
4 Hohlgangsanlage 8 is a massive cavern in a complex of tunnels dug into the Jersey countryside during World War II during the German Occupation. The tunnels had many roles from munitions stations, equipment and troop shelters, hospitals, storage, interrogation rooms and much more. Ho 8 or Hohlgangsanlage 8 was built initially as Artillery Quarters, private guided tours are available daily with super interactive exhibitions and displays.  
Vintage House at 16 New Street
5 16 New Street was originally built in the 1730's and was restored to its original splendour and is open to the public with private Jersey city tours daily. Classed as a museum the House will give a glimpse of how Georgian Life was on the Island with interactive displays and exhibitions with complete rooms that will take you back in time. There is also a shop in the house that specialises in authentic jersey products and gifts.  
Motor Museum
6 Don Pallot started the Jersey Motor Museum to preserve the heritage of the Island's mechanical machinery.  Guided Tours of the Museum are a great way to spend a few hours with many vintage vehicles from classic cars, steam engines, military machines, toys, bicycles, farm machinery and much more on display. There are also some beautiful antique and vintage photographs on display with super interactive exhibitions.
Military Museum
7 The Military Museum is housed in a German bunker which once formed part of Hitlers Atlantic Wall defences and has daily guided sightseeing tours. Sitting right on the sea wall the bunker dominates the surrounding landscape. Within the shelter, there are rooms full of artefacts both military and civilian which help tell the story of the five long years of German Occupation with hundreds of interesting things to see from that time.
Grosnez Castle
8 Visiting the 14th-century ruins of Grosnez Castle is on all tourists wish lists when they visit the Island of Jersey, private guided tours are available. From the old entrance ruins, you can see the other Channel Islands on a bright day as the Castle was ideally situated to get first sight of any intruders or invaders to the island. During the war, many locals and farmers would use the Castle as a refuge against any invaders.
German Underground Hospital
9 The German Underground Hospital private guided tours should be number one on your list while you are visiting Jersey. The huge hospital bunker has been reconstructed following accurate descriptions of the area from both survivors and film/photographic evidence found. The hospital displays one of the biggest collections of war memorabilia on the island and the film footage is amazing and was shot under very difficult circumstances a must-see tour.
Howard Davis Park
10 The Howard Davis Park is a little piece of heaven located on Jersey and is a stop on all sightseeing guided tours. TB Frederick Davis donated the estate to the city after he demolished the building and had the area redesigned to be the most stunning garden on the Island. As a boy TB had a frightfully bad experience at the house and promised the owner, he would buy and demolish it when he was an older rich man, and he thankfully did.

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