Amble in the Footsteps of Our Ancestors on Stonehenge Private Tours

Stonehenge is Britain's most iconic archaeological site. This captivating ring of mythical stones has been attracting a congregation of travellers, poets and theorizers for the past 5000 years and is still a symbolic, exquisite place – a haunting reflection from a forgotten past, and a reminder of those who once walked the ceremonial paths across Salisbury plain.

Amble in the footsteps of neolithic ancestors on Stonehenge private tours, an awarded UNESCO world heritage site and top of the list of the world's most perplexing tourist attractions, Stonehenge draws up to 1.3 million visitors every year.   Read More...

Amble in the Footsteps of Our Ancestors on Stonehenge Private Tours

Although it's original purpose remains unknown, onlookers gather to admire the 3,500-year-old structure and ponder the stellar, spiritual, or even occult meaning, hear about the legendary tales of this momentous rock formation on a private guided tour of Stonehenge. Take a sightseeing tour to Stonehenge and explore an area that has fascinated millions for generations.

This prehistoric monument that took Neolithic builders an estimated 1,500 years to erect, using primitive tools they dug a massive circular ditch and bank, or henge, on Salisbury Plain.

The first stage was said to be achieved by Neolithic agrarians who were likely indigenous to the British Isles. Later, it is believed, groups with advanced tools and a more communal way of life left their stamp on the site. Some have suggested that they were from the European continent, but many scientists think they were native Britons descended from the original builders. Explore the mysteries of the mythological stone circle of Stonehenge on a private guided private tour.

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