With Scotland Private Guided Tours You Find More Than Kilts and Bagpipes

To many people, when they think of Scotland, they think of tartan kilts, the loch ness or bagpipes and while these are a major part of the Country, there is so much more to be seen with Scotland private guided tours.

Scotland is a country within the United Kingdom located at its northernmost land. It has stunningly beautiful landscapes which include glacial glens and valleys, the northwest highlands and Cairngorms, golden beaches and lochs.

History and Culture is a significant part of the Country and easily learned with many Scotland cultural tours available in most cities and Islands. Learn about Scotland’s Highland clans, games and dress, the Gaelic language, bagpipes, religion, food, drink and ceilidhs. It is worth noting that the Scottish people are very traditional and having being passing down traditions since the 12th century and the earliest days of clans.

While it is a fantastic place to visit for sightseeing tours Scotland is also a brilliant place for sport, cuisine and an entertaining nightlife.

Let the activities begin!
1 Visit the city of Edinburgh with Scotland private guided tours and you are visiting the Country’s capital city. A wonderful city that is a blend of old and new, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the world’s leading festival city and generally a great place to be. The range of attractions are vast and each as good as the other. The entertainment and festivals are exciting and get fun. Great shopping and lovely green spaces to relax too.  
2 Enjoy Scotland cultural tours in the beautiful exciting city of Glasgow. In the Scottish Western Lowlands, this port city is located on the River Clyde. It is a mix of stunning architecture, rich industrial heritage, a variety of museums and galleries, a flourishing music scene and home to the Scottish Opera, Ballet and National Theatre. Glasgow has been voted the friendliest city in the world and offers a fantastic nightlife.  
The Scottish Highlands
3 There are areas of the Scottish Highlands in the north of the country that have the honour of being named UK’s Outdoor Capital and where you will experience some of the best adventure tours Scotland offers. The attractions in the Highlands include Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the UK, Loch Ness!, Cairngorms National Park (UK’s largest national park), the Isle of Skye, historic castles, breathtaking landscapes and thrilling activities.
Isle of Skye
4 For the most iconic and magical landscapes and settings visit the Isle of Skye on sightseeing tours Scotland. This is the largest Isle of the Inner Hebrides and it will enchant you with captivating history, spectacular geological features, brooding castles and the most charming and welcoming restaurants, bars and pubs. There is a multitude of outdoor activities such as climbing and hiking and a wild range of wildlife to see.
5 Off the north of Scotland is Orkney, a group of islands that are well known for spectacular beaches, history and wildlife. The largest of the Islands is called ‘Mainland’ and here you find the Skara Brae, an ancient settlement older than the pyramids. On the Island of Rousay, there are over 150 archaeological sites. Within the group of islands, you find amazing wildlife, rugged cliffs, incredible sea stacks and lots of Viking history.
6 The city known as ‘Granite City’, is Aberdeen in the Northeast of Scotland. The reason for the nickname are the many grey-stone buildings and monuments. Some of these buildings such as Marshal College and His Majesty’s Theatre are embedded with crystals and shimmer beautifully in the sunlight. This Port city is steeped in history and charm with sandy beaches where you can see or do surfing or paddle boarding.
St. Andrews
7 The home of Golf is St. Andrews, a seaside town located on the East Coast of Scotland. It is among the finest towns in Europe with lots of history, culture, a fabulous coast and many golf courses. Enjoy Scotland private guided tours of the British Golf Museum to learn the history of golf in the UK, explore the medieval bottle dungeon in the ruins of St. Andrews Castle or amble your way along the towns medieval streets.
Cairngorms National Park
8 At the core of the Scottish Highlands is the largest National Park in the UK, Cairngorms National Park. This is a place to do adventure tours Scotland with activities such as wildlife safaris, watersports, high and low-level hiking, snowsports and much more. Visit the castles, see breathtaking scenery and venture for a tipple in the distilleries. This national park has been voted one of the world’s top 20 places to visit.
Loch Lomond
9 The first national park in Scotland is Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park which was established in 2002. It includes UK’s largest inland stretch water, Loch Lomond, other lochs, mountains, rivers, woodlands, historical sites and lots of activities to do on adventure tours Scotland. The park spreads from lowlands to highlands and there are excellent hiking, walking, cycling, horse riding, wildlife viewing and watersports.  
10 Ideally located Dundee is another city that is worth visiting on sightseeing tours Scotland. It is found along the Firth of Tay’s northern shore and has some of the most welcoming, friendliest and entertaining people. Take a city tour and see the Desperate Dan bronze figure monument who is famous for being a loved character in the cartoon comic Dandy published since 1937 in Dundee. Also, visit the museums and Discovery Point.

Travel Tips for Scotland