Swan Around Swansea for Perfect Private Sightseeing Tours

You can certainly swan around Swansea the second oldest town in Wales and find the perfect private sightseeing tours. A famous Welsh Poet once said that Swansea was "a lovely but ugly town" and while it may have been a little accurate at the time to him, it is now becoming one of the cultural hubs of Wales. There is a massive regeneration project ongoing in the region at present and will continue to transform this city into a more cosmopolitan attraction without losing its charm and heritage.

In recent years Swansea has become an important industry and trade center, the university town has become very popular and is slowly moving up the scale to be a big attraction in coming years. In Welsh, Swansea is "Abertawe" which loosely translated is the location of the city at the start of the Tawe river and its descent into the bay. Many visitors plan their private custom tours to Swansea to coincide with The Swansea Festival of Music & Arts held annually every October.Locals are always ready to give tourists and visitors a hearty welcome and a great time when you are visiting Swansea. 

Let the activities begin!
Glynn Vivian Art Gallery
1 Guided Tours at The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery has a fantastic collection of Swansea porcelain and pottery, as well as some Oriental and European ceramics and glass paperweights. There are works by some local and Welsh arts like Gwen John and Augustus as well as Masters like Monet. The Gallery is also affiliated with the much-celebrated and famed Tate Galleries which is a great boost for the city of Cardiff.
Gower Peninsula
2 The Gower Peninsula has excellent scenic beauty spots and is located near The Mumbles. The area has a gorgeous natural beauty and is only accessible by food as it is classed as a nature reserve. Local private Swansea tour guides are available and should be pre-booked to take you through the beautiful treks and walkways. Along the way you will see some superb sandy beaches and bays where many skilled surfers can be seen riding the waves.
Swansea Festival of Music & Art
3 Many visitors plan their private custom tours to Swansea to coincide with The Swansea Festival of Music & Arts held annually every October. The festival is held in many locations around the city like The Grand Theatre, The Mission Gallery and Brangwyn Hall to name but a few. There is everything from concerts by huge world-renowned orchestras to one man bands and local musicians, opera performances, and fantastic art exhibitions. 
Mumbles & Swansea Bay
4 While there are no private guided tours around The Mumbles or Swansea Bay, they are a great place to enjoy the scenery, unwind, relax and take a stroll on the lovely promenades.  With lovely cafes, restaurants and entertainment stores there is a lot to keep everyone happy. Above Mumbles is Oystermoth Castle and Gatehouse and there is the Mumbles Head Lighthouse which are both perfect photo op locations.
Clyne Gardens
5 On Swansea City Tours visit the Clyne Gardens they are famed for their colourful displays of azaleas and rhododendrons, and there are perfect photo opportunities there. The botanical gardens were once part of the old Swansea Castle and had 47 acres of lush gardens and green parklands. There are well over 2,000 species of plants in the gardens, a lovely gazebo, a bamboo-filled Japanese garden, and great artificial lake.
Waterfront Museum
6 Private guided tours around The National Waterfront Museum in Cardiff are a must-see when visiting Swansea. The Museum highlights the 300 years of innovation and industry in Wales; this fun museum uses hi-tech exhibitions, and displays showing how vital the Cardiff region was to the development of Britain. Highlights of the museum's themed galleries are old steam-powered engines and many maritime artefacts.
Oystermouth Castle
7 If you want to see stunning views overlooking Swansea Bay, then book a private sightseeing tour to Oystermouth Castle. You explore the castle and grounds and learn all about the history of the castle with a private tour guide. There is ancient art from the 14th century decorating the walls with hidden passageways, a grand glass bridge, and a majestic banqueting hall keeping visiting busy with things to see and do at the Castle.   
Dylan Thomas Centre
8 The Dylan Thomas Centre is a permanent running exhibition opened on the 100th birthday of the great writer. With many interactive displays and learning spaces available showing the life and works of this unique, forward-thinking Welsh Poet, you and your family can spend a pleasant few hours learning and listen to the works of Dylan Thomas. Private guided tours are available at the centre but they must be booked in advance.
Bracelet Bay
9 If you want to take a time out from Swansea sightseeing tours, then a couple of hours out in Bracelet Bay is what you need. Located near Mumbles head they Bay may have a rocky shoreline but its great for surfing, exploring or enjoying the scenery with an ice pop. With small water pools and nooks and crannies, this is a perfect location to have a little adventure climbing over and exploring the rocks and inlets of the bay.
Swansea Castle
10 Swansea Castle is located on a clifftop just below where the original Tawe River flowed it was intentionally positioned there for river access. Unfortunately, the Castle is now surrounded by buildings and roads which is a pity considering all the history surrounding this building. The original Castle was built sometime in the 1100's and was scripted in 1116 when it was bestowed to the 1st Earl of Warwick Henry de Beaumont. 

Travel Tips for Swansea