Buckingham Palace Private Tours for Perfect Royal Pomp and Ceremony

London's Buckingham Palace is the residence and administrative headquarters of the monarch of the United Kingdom and Buckingham Palace Private Tours for Perfect Royal Pomp and Ceremony and enjoyed by thousands of tourists every year. Located in the quiet City of Westminster, the palace is frequently at the centre of state affairs and shows of royal hospitality at it's best.

It has been a prime focus for the British people at times of national jubilation and mourning. Buckingham Palace private tours will take you inside to see some of the 775 grand rooms. These include 19 Staterooms, 52 Royal and guest bedchambers, 188 personnel bedrooms, 92 office suites and 78 washrooms.   Read More...

Explore the grand and iconic London residence of Her Majesty the Queen is an absolute must-see on a Buckingham Palace private tours.

Buckingham Palace Private Tours for Perfect Royal Pomp and Ceremony

Established in the heart of London and surrounded by two royal parks, a Sightseeing tours to Buckingham Palace are a treat for any visitor to London during the summer months.

During August and September, the Queen makes her annual visit to Scotland enabling the palace to open up these lavish rooms to the general public take Palace guided tours. When considering a summer opening Buckingham Palace private tour, you will have access to the stunning State Rooms.

The rooms are awash with sparkling candelabra, marble columns, beautiful carpets, damask wallpaper, beautiful furniture, sculpture and works of art.

Open to visitors for just eight weeks a year, to witness the Staterooms is an opportunity not to be missed! Buckingham Palace's Grand Staircase is also a pinnacle of the tour. The splendid bronze staircase was designed by the architect John Nash, and the stunning double features an elaborate pattern of acanthus, oak and laurel leaves and represents some of the world's most exceptional bronze casting work. The stairs are illuminated by an etched glass dome suspended from the ceiling.

Buckingham Palace custom tours to the majestic Throne Room are also a crowd-pleaser for tourists. It accommodates the thrones that are used for Royal appointments and formal receptions. You may possibly recognise the Throne Room as the backdrop for historical royal wedding snapshots including Princess Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh in 1947 and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently in 2011. Your tour will end at the serene Garden Cafe on the West Terrace.

Let the activities begin!