Lovely Lively Liverpool With Private Sightseeing Scouser Tours

What comes to mind when you think of Liverpool maybe The famous Anfield Stadium, The fantastic Beatles or magical Merseyside; book a private sightseeing city tour and you will see how much more the city has to offer. Liverpool is lively and full of action with some sensational sightseeing tours and the most fabulous scouser guides in the region. Situated in the heart of Merseyside Liverpool city has a wealth of cultural and historical sights which are all accessible on private guided tour and course then there is the remarkable Abbey Road (The Beatles second home).

Liverpool has many parks, gardens, museums and historic buildings and some of the leading attractions are the Tate Gallery, Albert Dock, Walker Art Gallery and The Merseyside Museum. There is a vast and modern night scene and contemporary socializing life in Liverpool with many groups booking weekend breaks, tours and shopping trips every year. 

Let the activities begin!
The Beetles Tour
1 Many private guided tours to the sights where Strawberry Fields was recorded, and of course Penny Lane are very popular in Liverpool, the home of the most famous four-piece band in the history of the world "The Beatles." You can follow in the legendary four's footsteps and visit The great Beatles Story which is one of the most popular tourist's destinations in Liverpool and will take you on an epic journey. 
The Tate Gallery
2 Located at Albert Dock this highly acclaimed Gallery has four exhibition halls with some spectacular pieces on loan from the London branch and stunning contemporary pieces.  While there is a limited amount of exhibits and some visitors feel it is to be a little sparse what is on show is beautiful.  The Gallery pieces are unique, and the diversity of the exhibitions has made the Gallery very attractive on Liverpool City private guided tours.  
Albert Dock
3 The amazing Albert Dock was once famous as the busiest port in England; it is reported that the port docked ships filled with tobacco, sugar and cotton.  It was the first major structure to be built in the country only using iron and bricks, and it has stood the test of time. Now full of designer apartments, shops and cafes the museum is its most popular attraction and is always well reviewed by every tourist on Liverpool City private sightseeing tours. 
Merseyside Museum
4 Liverpool's Maritime Museum guided tours are very popular and have many fantastic exhibitions from model ships, artefacts from this famous seafaring city to fascinating exhibits on the Lusitania and the sad story of the Titanic. Both the Titanic and Lusitania had solid connections to Liverpool and the shipbuilding docks, and the stories of both of these magnificent vessels are depicted wonderfully with great humility and grace.  
Pier Head
5 Also known as the "Three Graces" The Pier Head in Liverpool is visited on most City Tours. The poignant Titanic Memorial to the Engine Room Crew on the Ship is located there with the Queen Victoria Monument and the copper-crowned statue of Minerva which sits proudly on the Georgian Town Hall. Stop off at the Three Graces and just take a little walk around and soak in the luxurious atmosphere.     
Croxteth Hall
6 Croxteth Hall is a lovely Edwardian mansion, and private guided tours are available from Liverpool City. Tours of the stunning mansion will take you around the numerous rooms with many of the original artefacts and decoration.  As you enter, take some time and marvel at the stunning staircase, when the tour of the house is complete take a walk around the lovely gardens and park.  
St Georges Hall
7 St Georges Hall is a stunning building adorned with many columns and decorated with some beautiful statues. The great hall is a huge draw for tourists on Liverpool City Tours as they can see and sometimes hear one of the larges Organs in the world. With many annual concerts and festivals St. Georges Hall is much loved by tourists and locals alike.    
Walker Art Gallery
8 Guided tours around The Walker Art Gallery are unique in that you will see works of art by French and Italian masters with 18th, 19th and 20th-century pieces by Hogarth, Moore and Gainsborough. There is an extensive collection of sculptures and a painting that is synonymous with The Walker Gallery John Lee's "Sweethearts & Wives."      
Liverpool Football Club Tour
9 A vast majority of football fans visit Liverpool to attend the Liverpool FC Tours which need to be booked in advance as they are booked up very quickly. You will be escorted around the grounds and some of the backrooms of the club. If you are lucky you might even see one of your football heroes, these tours are particularly popular with football fanatic children.  
Liverpool Cathedral
10 Construction on the Liverpool's Catholic Cathedral started in 1928 and was completed in 1967 for the large population of Catholics residing in the area.  There are daily tours available at the Cathedral, and it is a favorite stop for many of the Liverpool City Tours. The design and decoration of the Cathedral are beautiful, and the exterior design as you will see is quite unique .   

Travel Tips for Liverpool