Aswan Tours

Amazing sights to explore and memorable aswell why not take a Private Tour of Aswan. This unique city that sits at the foot of the Nile Valley to Lake Nasser’s north end, has been the strategic and commercial gateway for southern Egypt since antiquity.

Aswan is a very friendly and relaxed town, an excellent place to come when escaping the hustle and bustle of cities such as Luxor and Cairo.

Steeped in history and archaeological sites, the amateur archaeologists and historian in everyone will come out when on guided tours of sights in Aswan. You will be amazed at all the wonderful places to visit.

There are small islands dotted around the river that are all part of the city of Aswan. On these islands are mud-brick Nubian villages, that are picturesque, which are hemmed in by the West Banks huge sand dunes.

One of the perfect ways to get a good look at Aswan and the Islands from a different perspective is by a traditional sail boat, Felucca.

Let the activities begin!
2 Days 1 Night Travel Package to Aswan and Luxor
655 reviews

Egypt Travel package to Aswan & Luxor for 2 Days 1 Night visiting the top attractions that include the High Dam, Philae Temple, Abu Simbel, Luxor and Karnak Temples

From USD
6804 customer recommendations
2 days Scheduling Private Tour Cairo
8 Day Cairo & Luxor Tour Including 4 Night 5* Nile Cruise
399 reviews

8 Days and 7 Nights from Cairo to Luxor with 4 nights aboard a 5* all inclusive cruise ship sailing the amazing river Nile!

From USD
4226 customer recommendations
8 days Scheduling Shared Tour Cairo
7 Day Cairo Treasures & Nile River Cruise
375 reviews

4 Nights in 4* accommodation plus 3 nights onboard our luxury cruise boat on the River Nile! See The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World plus many more magnificent sights!

From USD
3826 customer recommendations
7 days Scheduling Semi-Private Tour Cairo
4 Day Nile Cruise from Cairo
300 reviews

Why not take a flight from Cairo to Aswan to enjoy a 4 day Cruise on the beautiful River Nile. Relax on board as you enjoy great food and sunbathing on the upper deck.

From USD
Price varies by dates and group size
3006 customer recommendations
4 days Scheduling Shared Tour Aswan
Private Guided Tour to High Dam, The Obelisk & Philae Temple by Motor Boat From Aswan
225 reviews

Explore three of Aswan's most popular and well known sites. Walk on the High Dam which separates Lake Nasser from the Nile, be astounded at the size of the Unfinished Obelisk.

From USD
Price varies by group size
2323 customer recommendations
4 to 5 hours Scheduling Private Tour Aswan
9 Day Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh Luxury Tour
198 reviews

3 Days exploring Cairo followed by 3 days aboard the Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor and 2 days at your own leisure to enjoy the amazing Sharm!

From USD
2096 customer recommendations
9 days Scheduling Shared Tour Aswan
11 Day Red Sea & Nile River Cruise
197 reviews

On this amazing 10-night itinerary not only will you cruise the Nile where you will see some amazing sights but also relax on the beaches of Hurghada.

From USD
1902 customer recommendations
11 days Scheduling Shared Tour Cairo
Luxor 5-Day & 4-Night 5-Star Cruise on the Nile to Aswan
190 reviews

Admire the antiquities along the Nile River on this memorable 5-day, 4-night cruise from Luxor to Aswan cruise. Sail by deluxe Nile river cruise ship and enjoy guided visits

Price varies by group size
2012 customer recommendations
5 days Scheduling Shared Tour Luxor
MS Amoura Dahabiya Nile Cruise 4 Days
186 reviews

Take a journey on the Nile on board the MS Amoura River Yacht. Each of the cabins comprises of Panoramic Window where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery as you glide along.

From USD
Price varies by dates and group size
1918 customer recommendations
4 days Scheduling Shared Tour Aswan
Nour El Nile Dahbaiya Cruises
186 reviews

Relax and enjoy the beauty of the Magical Nile on board the Nour El Nile Dahabiya Cruise. Explore the Ancient sites between Esna and Aswan as you sail in comfort.

From USD
1911 customer recommendations
6 days Scheduling Shared Tour Luxor
Merit Dahabeya Luxury Nile Cruise 8 Days
185 reviews

Enjoy a Nile Cruise in Egypt on board the Merit Dahabiya. Experience luxury, comfort and amazing personal service on board. Explore different cultures and private tours.

From USD
Price varies by group size
1903 customer recommendations
8 days Scheduling Private Tour Luxor
Abu Simbel Temples - Private Day Tour from Aswan
179 reviews

Enjoy a Private guided tour to visit the two temples of Abu Simbel. Private day tour to Abu Simbel temples from Aswan, travel by air-conditioned transport.

From USD
Price varies by group size
1988 customer recommendations
9 to 10 hours Scheduling Private Tour Aswan
4 Days Nile Cruise from Hurghada
167 reviews

Take a Cruise on the beautiful River Nile from Hurghada to Aswan and onto Luxor. Visit famous Egyptian sites, all while you relax onboard this brilliant Nile Cruise.

From USD
Price varies by dates and group size
1768 customer recommendations
4 days Scheduling Shared Tour Aswan
Day Excursion to Edfu & Kom Ombo Temples from Marsa Alam
150 reviews

Spend a day on tour to visit the fabulous Kom Ombo Temple which overlooks the magical River Nile. Then onto Edfu Temple which is the best preserved temple in Egypt.

From USD
Price varies by group size
1707 customer recommendations
1 days Scheduling Private Tour Marsa Alam
4 Day Nile Cruise from Marsa Alam
143 reviews

Enjoy visiting Philae Temple, Kom Ombo and Edfu before visiting beautiful Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, Hatchepsut Temple and Karnak and Luxor Temples.

From USD
Price varies by dates and group size
1561 customer recommendations
4 days Scheduling Shared Tour Aswan
Day Trip to Aswan from Marsa Alam
142 reviews

Why not take a drive to visit Aswan by the Nile. Enjoy seeing the beautiful Philae Temple, the ancient Unfinished Obelisk and the amazing High Dam all in a brilliant one day.

From USD
Price varies by group size
1430 customer recommendations
1 days Scheduling Private Tour Aswan
11 Days 10 Nights Egypt Holiday Travel Package to Cairo Aswan Luxor & Hurghada
141 reviews

Enjoy a fantastic experience on this 11 day tour of Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada. Visit many temples, see the Pyramids and cruise on the Nile

From USD
1587 customer recommendations
11 days Scheduling Shared Tour Cairo
Two Day Tour to Abu Simbel and Aswan from Marsa Alam
140 reviews

Take a relaxing and safe drive from Marsa Alam to Aswan for an incredible 2 day tour. Visit Philae Temple, High Dam, the unfinished Obelisk and Abu Simbel Temples.

From USD
Price varies by group size
1519 customer recommendations
2 days Scheduling Private Tour Aswan
Private Half Day Tour of Medinet Habu , City Monastery and Tombs of Nobles From Luxor
137 reviews

Head to the West Bank and explore the ancient city of Thebes including the largest Temple of the West Bank - Medinet Habu plus City Monastery and Valley of Nobles.

From USD
Price varies by group size
1400 customer recommendations
5 hours Scheduling Private Tour Luxor
Private 8 Days Historical Tour of Pyramids, Karnak Temple and Cruise by Flight
134 reviews

Private 8 Days Historical Tour of Pyramids, Karnak Temple and Nile Cruise sailing from Luxor to Aswan 4 nights by internal flights.

From USD
Price varies by group size
1437 customer recommendations
8 days Scheduling Private Tour Cairo
Elephantine Island
1 Take a private tour by Felucca to Elephantine Island and see one both the major highlights of Aswan. This island is the biggest in the group of islands of Aswan and has many ancient archaeology sites to be explored. Take a tour of the picturesque Nubian villages and the colourful mud brick buildings. Meet the very friendly locals, happy to welcome you. The oldest ruins still standing area granite step pyramid from the third dynasty.
Philae Temple
2 On a guided tour of Philae Temple, you will be impressed with this beguiling monument and fabulous symmetry of its architecture. This Temple is also known as the sacred Temple of Isis and was saved from Lake Nasser’s rising waters by UNESCO. Their rescue project team moved the Temple in its entirety from its original home on Philae Island to safer grounds on Agilika Island. The stunning artistry on the exterior stonework is amazing.
Unfinished Obelisk
3 On a sightseeing tour of ruins in Aswan, visit the Unfinished Obelisk in the Northern Quarry. It is the biggest known ancient obelisk and had it been completed; it would have been the heaviest obelisk cut in ancient Egypt. It is thought that it was abandoned when cracks appeared in the rock during the construction during the times reigned by Queen Hatshepsut, in the 18th dynasty. It is another fascinating tale of ancient times.
Nubian Museum
4 When you take a guided tour of the Nubian Museum, you learn about wonderful and interesting history and culture of ancient and modern Nubia. It also documents the wealth of culture washed away with the creation of Lake Nasser and the building of Aswan Dam. See the impressive collection of artefacts from Ancient Nubia’s Kingdom of Kush and the collection of photographs of the huge range of monuments lost under the lakes waters.
Kom Ombo Temple
5 On the outskirts of Aswan and well worth a visit by guided tour, is Kom Ombo Temple. It is dramatically set on the bank of the Nile and is a magnificent sight, especially if you arrive from the river. The stunning intricate detailed carvings in the stonework is so impressive and you can only imagine the long hours and dedication to took to do. As you stroll through the temple's inner chambers, you are greeted to more stone carvings.
Sehel Island
6 For a day of peace and tranquillity take a private tour by boat to Sehel Island, 4 kilometres from Aswan on the Nile. There is a nostalgic feeling on this island and it has a way of reminding you that there was a time when technology was not everywhere and we survived. There are scenic views to enjoy but also take the short trek to see the rock inscriptions that are dedicated to the goddess Anukis and her consort Khnum.
Monastery of St. Simeon
7 Visit the Monastery of St. Simeon on a sightseeing tour and you will see a gloriously photogenic building sitting between sand dunes on the West Bank of the Nile. It is believed to be the largest and best preserved Coptic monasteries in Egypt that was founded the 7th century and abandoned in the 13th century due to lack of water. See the courtyard, an aisled Basilica and the wide nave that was once covered by domes.
Tombs of Nobles
8 Take a guided tour to the Tombs of Nobles, a series of rock tombs that were chiselled out of the West Bank’s cliffs. During the Old Kingdoms and Middle Kingdoms, it was here that Elephantine Islands governors, priests and other grandees were buried. These can be accessed by a series of steep staircases where you see where the 6th dynasty governors were buried in Tombs 25 & 26 and the artistry in both is simple and roughly worked.
Old Cataract Hotel
9 When on a private tour by boat, stop at the Old Cataract Hotel. With its ornate facade and fabulous gardens, this hotel is a major landmark on the river bank. For the film buffs visiting here, they will probably recognise the hotel from the Agatha Christie movie ‘Death on the Nile’ which was filmed here. It also happens to be the place where Agatha Christie wrote the novel when staying here. Enjoy views, tea and scones from the terrace.
Sharia al-Souq
10 The downtown Aswan district, Sharia al-Souq is a fantastic place to spend a few hours. It is here you are in a paradise for souvenir collectors. There are also stars that are brimming with spices and perfumes, long traditional robes called galebeyas, colourful scarves, varied silverware and basketry. Very popular is the Nubian jewellery and needlework. The amazing atmosphere as you walk around this district is something else.  

Travel Tips for Aswan

Aswan is absolutely worth visiting! Whether you stay primarily in town, or take day trips to Abu Simbel, the Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser, or even use Aswan as a starting point for a Felucca journey, you'll quickly be glad you made the journey to Aswan, almost immediately after you arrive there.

2 full days should be enough to see most of what Aswan has to offer.

It's all incredibly photogenic, particularly at sunset, when hundreds of lateen-sailed feluccas take to the water, and the river shimmers in the setting sun. For keen photographers, Aswan is one of the best places to visit in Egypt for capturing classic Nile scenery.

Visitors to Aswan, Egypt have a number of options for getting around, which include by car, train, bus, taxi, and boat. A personal vehicle is the most convenient form of transportation available in Aswan, as it allows the greatest freedom and flexibility in travel.

In general, Aswan is considered a safe place in Egypt to visit for tourism. Street theft and pickpocketing are not common in Aswan, Nevertheless, travelers are advised to exercise the same caution as when visiting other foreign cities. Some tips to ensure safety in Aswan include: Be vigilant in crowded areas.

There are 2 direct trains per day and 14 trains per week that depart from Cairo and arrive at Aswan. The trip takes approximately 12 hours and tickets cost from 3 USD. There are 120 direct flights per day and 840 flights per week from Cairo to Aswan.