Experience an Oasis of Fun and Pleasure on a Private Tour of Faiyum

To experience an oasis of great fun and pleasurable times take a private tour of Faiyum, the oldest city in the history of Egypt.

Egyptian governates are the top tier of the country’s jurisdiction hierarchy and there are twenty-seven in the County. Faiyum is the capital city of the Faiyum Governorate.

Located in the middle of Egypt, Faiyum is found in the Faiyum Oasis which is not too far from Egypt’s capital Cairo.

It was originally called Shedet during the times of Ancient Egypt, the Greeks called it Krocodilopolis because of the worshipping of a sacred crocodile in the local temple. It was then called Arsinoe after the wife of Ptolemy II Philadelphus.

There are a number of archaeological sites in and around Faiyum such as palaces built by Pharaohs and temples built by the Greeks.

Within the city, you will find lots of large bazaars, baths, mosques and a very popular weekly market. Bahr Youssef is the name of the canal that runs tour the city.

Let the activities begin!
Day Tour from Cairo to Fayoum Oasis
1189 reviews

Take a private tour to Fayoum Oasis and visit Karanis where 2 Temples were built and contain the incredible House of the Crocodile. Then visit Qarun Lake and Wadi El Rayan.

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Price varies by group size
12449 customer recommendations
1 days Scheduling Private Tour Faiyum
Bird Watching Tour to El Fayoum from Cairo
475 reviews

Enjoy a unique experience by taking a Bird Watching Tour to El Fayoum. See the amazing array of Birds that migrate to this protected area, also view the stunning Waterfalls.

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Price varies by group size
4783 customer recommendations
1 days Scheduling Shared Tour Faiyum
Fayoum Natural Lakes - Wadi Hitan & Wadi El Rayyan Private Overnights Stay
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Private two-day tour to Discover Fayoum with its stunning natural Lakes and Egyptian ruins from the Pharaonic times along with skeletons of the Whales in Wadi Hitan

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Price varies by group size
4148 customer recommendations
2 days Scheduling Private Tour Faiyum
Private Full Day Fayoum Pyramids Tour from Cairo
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Take a private tour and visit Fayoum to see the Hawara and Meidum Pyramids. These unbelievable Pyramids are even older than the Great Pyramids of Giza.

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Price varies by group size
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1 days Scheduling Private Tour Faiyum
Full Day Private Tour To El Fayoum from Cairo
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Take a private tour and visit the impressive sites in El Fayoum. All the sites are in Wadi El Ryan, a protected area where you can see the amazing Waterfalls and Wadi Hitan.

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Price varies by group size
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1 days Scheduling Private Tour Faiyum
Hanging Mosque
1 Take a sightseeing tour of a noteworthy Islamic monument in Faiyum, the Hanging Mosque. This mosque is built atop five archways that once housed artists. It was constructed by Prince Soliman Ibn Mouhamed in 1375 and leading to the main door has a double flight of stairs. This mosque is said to resemble the Mamluqi Mosques and its ceilings are rich with decorations and inscriptions from the Ottoman era.
Lahun Pyramid
2 Take a guided tour to the southernmost pyramid structure in Egypt, the Lahun Pyramids. It is made of mud brick but the there are stone walls in the core. The entrance is to the south where all other pyramids have their entrances to the east of the temple. From the entrance, there are several corridors that surround the burial room that were built purposely to confuse thieves.This pyramid is one of the best from the twelfth century.
Wadi El Rayan
3 Take a sightseeing tour of Wadi El Rayan which is a unique nature protectorate in Faiyum. Wadi El Rayan is home to 2 lakes and the only waterfalls in Egypt. Take the time to call into the visitors centre and learn all about the lakes, on how it happened they were formed, the waterfalls and also learn about the wonderful wildlife found here which includes the endangered slender horn gazelle whose sole population in the world is here.
4 On a sightseeing tour, you will see Hawara, an archaeological site of Ancient Egypt. It is located south of the site of Krocodilopolis at the entrance to the Faiyum oasis depression. It is said the first excavation on this site was in 1843 by Karl Lepsius. There were many artefacts found in the pyramid on this site that dates back to the 12th Dynasty. They include 146 portraits on coffins dating to the Roman period.
Qaitbey Mosque
5 Take a city tour of Faiyum and see the Qaitbey Mosque. It is a mosque that was built by the wife of Sultan Qaitbey and sister of Sultan al-Zahir Qansouh, Lady Khawand Aslbay. It was completed by her son. The majority of the mosque was built on the bridge El wadaa bridge but due to flooding the building cracked and fell to the place it is now. On the door of the mosque, there is a panel of marble inscribed with the name of the builder.
Qasr Qarun
6 On a sightseeing tour see the only remains of the ancient settlement, a Ptolemaic temple, known as Qasr Qarun. It was built in 4 BC and dedicated to Sobek the crocodile - headed god of Al- Fayoum. The temple is built of yellow limestone blocks and unusual for Egypt, there are no inscriptions except for at the entrance.There is an amazing maze of chambers, tunnels and stairways that are well worth the adventurous exploration.  
7 When on a guided tour of Faiyum, see the Waterwheels. There are more than 200 waterwheels found in the governorate and are prominent symbols of the town and oasis. It was the Greeks who invented the waterwheel and the first designs of them are seen in Ptolemaic Egyptian sources. It is thought that since the Pharaoh's, theses wheels have kept the town irrigated. The most popular one is the rickety version in the centre of town.
Medinet Madi
8 Take a guided tour to Medinet Madi, an ancient isolated city in Faiyum. It is a place that many have disregarded, but it is a welcome sight to see ruins not crowded. When yo are there with a small group, you think you are the alone with the heads of the stone sphinxes. These ruins are well preserved for a Middle Kingdom temple as few have survived. Excavated in early 20th century, they found an archive of Greek texts. 
9 On sightseeing tours of the Faiyum Oasis, you will come across the ruins of ancient Karanis on the edge of the oasis depression. Karanis was founded by Ptolemy II’s mercenaries in the 3rd century BC. The ancient city is no longer very well intact except for a few walls, but there are two well preserved Graeco -Roman Temples. When here, it is hard to believe it was once a mud brick settlement with thousands of people living here.
Lake Qarun
10 An excellent place to relax and take it easy is on the lake edge of Lake Qaran. This popular spot is dotted with cafes and wedding pavilions. Even though it is not a big swimming location, the sight of the late on the edge of the desert is refreshing enough. It is possible to take private tours by boat out onto the lake and from there see the shoreline wildlife and birds that include a colony of flamingos, spoonbills and much more.

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