There Is No Hurry When on Adventures With a Private Tour of Hurghada

There is no reason to hurry when on great adventures with a private tour of Hurghada, as you will not want to leave this exciting resort town.

When you come to visit Hurghada, you are visiting the oldest and most famous resort in Egypt. What really brought this little city to the attention of the world is the colourful and bizarre Red Sea and its world of coral and fish life.

There are so many private tour activities on offer here that are to do with the sea; you will be impressed. The main thing being the scuba diving or snorkelling which is fantastic. There are many different areas all with their unique attractions that include Egypt's Straits of Gubal.

Other water activities include such things as Sindbad Submarine where you get to see the wonderful sea life without getting your feet wet, Wakeboarding, water skiing, a private tour by speedboat and swimming with the dolphins.

Bored in the beautiful city of Hurghada? Hardly! 

On Land Do Your Sightseeing Tours by Desert Jeep, in the Sea Do It With Sindbad Sub.

There Is No Hurry When on Adventures With a Private Tour of Hurghada

The resort is a lot different from the old fishing town it was. Now a very popular tourist resort, especially during the winter months for Northern Europeans, due to the weather, sandy beaches and blue skies that are in abundance pretty much all year round.

There are many things to do and see in Hurghada that are not all sea orientated. For instance, an excellent and exciting way to tour the desert world is by Desert Jeep. Quad bike or dune buggy. You will have the thrill of your life on any of these or all!

The social aspect to Hurghada is not shy either. There are mouthwatering restaurants and entertaining bars and nightclubs that will keep you up till the early morning.

Top 10 Things to Do in Hurghada

Giftan Islands
1 Take a leisurely private tour by boat to Giftan Islands. Soak up the sun on the long white sandy beach or relax under the shelter of the palm-frond and feel like you are on a deserted island. Enjoy activities like scuba diving on the coral reefs that are accessed easily or snorkelling closer to the shore. There is a lot of different fish to be seen flitting through the crystal clear waters found around the Giftan Islands.
Marine Biology Museum
2 Why not take a fantastic guided tour of the Marine Biology Museum in Hurghada. This is a museum that concentrates on the aquatic life found in the Red Sea. See the amazing indigenous flora and fauna and also there are ancient relics on display that were found in the Red Sea too. It is a mesmerising, fascinating tour to take and you get to really appreciate the amount of life there is underwater.
Anfish Mountain
3 To do something different than spending your time beside the sea or in the city, take a sightseeing tour of the Anfish Mountains. These mountains are not far from Hurghada and are a serene getaway from the city. Spend a few hours or a full day, on the mountains and take in the great views it provides. The mountain is not too steep, so a great place to do a bit of hiking. A very enjoyable tour to take.
Roman Mons Porphyrites
4 On a guided tour, take the short trip to Mons Porphyrites. The rare porphyry found in Egypt was highly valued by the ancient Romans and you see here the former Roman quarries which were mined for the crystalline white and purple stone. See what is left of the former quarry town which had workshops, houses and temples or the relics of the activity that was done which includes dragging for miles the precious stone to the Nile
Shadwan Island
5 Take a private tour to Shadwan Island, a barren rocky island, and visit just one of the most important places for turtle nesting in Egypt. If you are lucky, you will see some dolphins in the surrounding waters, or you may decide to do a bit of scuba diving and see the coral reefs which are characterised by its diversity and high density to the northern islands. There is always the option of just relaxing on the beautiful beaches.
Sand City Hurghada
6 There is one place in Hurghada that you must see on a guided tour and that is to Sand City. It is here you will see the most spectacular sand sculptures you have ever seen in your life. It will astound you to see such magnificent statues made of sand. There are some 22 sculptures in the historical sections that represent legends, famous military leaders, gods and goddesses.  See the Disney characters in the Wonderland art area.
Straits of Gubal
7 Take a private tour by boat to the Straits of Gubal which is a narrow strip of water that is squeezed between the Red Sea Coast and the Sinai Peninsula. It is one of the best diving destinations in Egypt. There are vast coral pinnacles in the strait that have caused trouble for seafarers throughout the years and this is maybe why it is a very well known place for wreck diving. The most famous wreck is The Thistlegorm
See the Red Sea with Sindbad Submarine
8 An excellent way to explore the sea life of the Red Sea is by a private tour on the Sindbad Submarine. This tourist submarine takes you down 22 meters under the water where you get to see the abundant fish and coral life. The tour is an hour long and ideal for people who cannot swim and who otherwise would never get to have the experience of seeing life underwater except for on TV. Best part you never get a toe wet!
Hurghada by Desert Jeep & Quad bike
9 One of the best ever ways to explore the desert is by guided tours on a Desert Jeep, Quad Bike or Dune buggy. It is a fabulous way to travel and discover the acacia tree studded valleys (wadis) that are sandwiched between the red-tinged mountains. There are guides driving you, but they do the most to make sure your tour is adventurous and full of excitements and thrills. You maybe covered head to toe in sand but you will love it.
Traditional Bedouin Dinner Tours
10 For something to do at night time that might be a bit different is, by private tour, going for a Bedouin dinner. It is an excellent way to experience wholesome Egyptian dishes you will never find on a restaurant menu. When you reach the Bedouin settlement, you are greeted to flavorful cooking while relaxing on huge colourful cushions that are traditional in Bedouin tent setting. A wonderful night to experience.

Travel Tips for Hurghada

Let the activities begin!
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