Take a Private Tour to El Gouna, the Most Luxurious and Enjoyable Sauna

Take a Private Tour to El Gouna, the most luxurious and enjoyable Sauna, a Town in Egypt like no other.

El Gouna is a self-contained beautiful town that spreads across islands and lagoons

This desert paradise started from one man’s wish to find the most beautiful place beside the sea to build a house and jetty for a small boat.

It was only twenty-five years ago that this search ended when businessman Samih Sawiris found this location that was ideally situated on the west coast of the Red Sea and close to the city of Hurghada which has an airport.

Once friends and family came to visit, they did not want to leave and before, bit by bit, El Gouna grew into what it is today.

It is completely understandable how all this happened because when you visit this superb town, you will not want to leave. The shimmering, inviting azure waters and the backdrop of dramatic mountains, magnificent!

Let the activities begin!
Safari El Gouna
1 Take a private tour by Jeep or Quad Safari when in El Gouna. These exciting tours vary from racing through the vast desert on a quad bike, climbing the slopes of Red Mountain by Jeep and then spending quality time with the lovely Bedouin families in the villages you are brought to. These tours are excellent and for the most time thrilling and exhilarating. It is a fantastic way to see the outskirts of El Gouna.
Catamaran Sailing Cruises
2 For an awesome day out, why not go on a sightseeing tour of the coast and reefs with Catamaran Sailing Cruises. These cruises are out of this world and especially the catamaran which has part of the deck in glass and you get to look directly into the sea. Excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities around coral reefs or swimming with the Dolphins are only examples of things to do on these cruises. 
Sliders Cable Park
3 While many people are interested in sightseeing tours there are adrenaline junkies who want much more and here at Slider Cable Park; they get just that. Think of skateboarding on water without the wheels and you get Wakeboarding. This park is one of the largest in the world wake parks and the first one to be built in Egypt. There is a swimming pool, beach volleyball area and excellent restaurant and bar for after the activities.
Kitesurfing in El Gouna
4 El Gouna is a place of paradise and the opportunities for kitesurfing here are of the highest quality. With a private tour group, go to a kite centre and have the time of your life. It does not matter if you have never do anything like kite surfing before, there are excellent training staff to help you get started. If you are an experienced kite surfer, they will make sure you are pushed to your adrenaline limit!
Diving in the Red Sea
5 In the waters surrounding El Gouna, there are heated pools and calm reefs which are the ideal conditions for divers to explore the underwater. Organise for a group of friends to go out on a private tour and you will all have a memorable time. The diving centres are of the highest standard and your safety is their priority so be assured you will be looked after whether you are a beginner or a professional.
The Monastery of St. Paul
6 Take a sightseeing tour to The Monastery of St Paul which is located a few hours from El Gouna. This monastery is dated back to the fifth century and was established in memory of the greatest saints and anchorites who lived in a cave above the site where the monastery was built. See the impressive tower and fortified wall that surrounds the monastery. It is a fascinating tour and definitely one for the archaeologists.
Monastery of Saint Anthony
7 On a sightseeing tour of the Monastery of Saint Paul, visit the Monastery of Saint Anthony which is located nearby. This is a Coptic Orthodox monastery that stands in the Eastern Desert like an oasis. It is hidden deep in the Red Sea Mountains. This Monastery is the oldest monastery in the world that is still active. It is believed to have been founded in 356 AD. There are interesting artefacts to see here too.
8 It is possible to go on full day sightseeing tours to Egypt’s capital, Cairo, from El Gouna. Go by luxury coach or plane, either way, you get to see and experience this amazing city. Visit the wonderful Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx and Egyptian museum before spending a few hours in the traditional Kan El Khalili Bazaar shopping. It is a long day but the conditions you travel in are first class and you have fun when travelling.
9 Another city to take a day long or overnight sightseeing tour is Luxor. It is the ideal way to explore the East and West banks of the Nile. There are tours to the Valley of the Kings, Memnon Colossi, Karnak Temple, Ramses Temple and the Alabaster Workshop. It is possible to fly on a private tour directly to Luxor, but with the first class luxury coaches, you get to see more of the country of Egypt.
Dine Around Gouna
10 El Gouna has the right attitude when it comes to tourists and food cuisine. The majority of hotels and restaurants in El Gouna are part of the Dine Around Gouna program which allows guests to sample the wide variety of cuisines on offer in their premises. So if you are staying in one hotel, you can get a  voucher to sample the food in another hotel or restaurant. No longer when you travel all inclusive are you limited to where you eat. 

Travel Tips for El Gouna