With Mystery, Murder, Pharaohs and Pyramids see Cairo on Private Tour

With Mystery, Murder, Pharaohs and Pyramids see Cairo on Private Tour. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Cairo with friendly personal guides who will give you a unique insight into the many magical sites.

As the capital of Egypt, Cairo is the biggest city in the Middle East, with a population of over 10 million. Known as the town of the thousand minarets, Cairo boasts some of the best Islamic structures in the world, particularly Al-Azhar Mosques and the Muhammed Ali Temple. 

Other main escorted tours to The Valley of the Kings, Giza and the many Ancient Egyptian Towns, the hottest things to do includes day trips to the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx and also to Saqqara Pyramids of Cairo.

No guided tour of Cairo is complete without a visit to the Egyptian Museum with its wide-ranging collection of antiquities and Mummies. Select a guided tour of Cairo and feel free to propose design your trip and tailor it to your holiday needs.   Read More...

No Private Tour of Cairo Is Complete Without a Visit to the Egyptian Museum With Its Wide-ranging Collection of Antiquities and Mummy's

With Mystery, Murder, Pharaohs and Pyramids see Cairo on Private Tour

Egyptian holidays are not complete without a Cairo Museum private tour.  Established in the 19th century, this was the first purpose built museum in the world.   

On your guided private tour around the 107 halls, you will see the most magnificent artefacts covering five thousands years of Egypt's colourful history and lasting culture.

Starting in chronological order through the collections and ending in the Tomb room see the famous Tutankhamun exhibition this tour is unreal.  Most tourısts can not waıt for thıs portıon of the tour and ıt ıs well worth the waıt!     

Cairo Best Sights to See and Places to Visit

The Great Pyramids of Giza
1 One of the eight wonders of the world the Pyramid at Giza is a masterpiece and was built with such precision that even with the technology of today, it can not be replicated.  Estimated that 2,300,000 stones weighing between 2-50 tonnes went into its construction, this is just something else and quite a site for you to see.  While you cannot enter the Pyramid on your guided tour your informative guide will tell you of the history of this fantastic place.   
Mosque of Muhammad Ali
2 Sitting on the peak of the Citadel is the Muhammad Ali Mosque. On your private our see the tomb of  Ali, regarded as the creator of modern Egypt, the white marble grave in the courtyard of the Mosque is beautiful. Constructed between 1848 and 1830, the Citadel of Saladin is the biggest mosque ever built and the most visited in Cairo. The massive building, built in Ottoman design using alabaster and limestone, stands 51 meters high and is spectacular.  
The Egyptian Museum
3 Egyptian holidays are not complete without a Cairo Museum private tour.  Established in the 19th century, this was the first purpose built museum in the world.  On your guided private tour around the 107 halls, you will see the most magnificent artefacts covering five thousands years of Egypt's colourful past.  Starting in chronological order through the collections and ending in the Tomb room this tour is unreal.     
The Hanging Church
4 Take a guided tour of The Hanging Church in Cairo. Its full name is Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church and is one of Egypt's oldest churches. There is history dating back to 3rd century AD related to this church. The reason it has the name The Hanging Church is because it is built on the southern gate of the Roman Fortress. The wooden roof in the shape of Noah’s Ark just adds to the uniqueness of this church.
The Khan El Khalili Market
5 The Khan El Khalili souk is the largest open air market in Cairo. When Emir Djaharks El Khalili assembled a large roadside inn on the site to host weary travellers.  The El Khalili dates from 1382 and is now the heart of Islam Cairo, discovered to the west of the Midan El Hussien square. Visitors can anticipate sellers hawking products like lamps, food, spices, gold, silver and copper goods and memorabilia. 
Al-Azhar Park
6 Al-Azhar Park was opened in 2005 and constructed on the site of the garbage dump, the Al-Azhar Park is peaceful is an antidote to pollution and the noise of central Cairo.  The verdant gardens, are designed along conventional geometric lines that were Islamic and contain multi-coloured stonework, waterways, fountains, palms, an orchard, a kid's playground and sunken attributes. 
Cairo Tower
7 For half a century, the Cairo Tower continues to be the tallest construction in Egypt with a height of 187 meters.  Situated near the river Nile flowing serenely around it on Gezira Island, the Tower is a famous attraction for tourists.  A ring-shaped, rotating observation deck has distinguished open latticework, said to mirror the lotus, and crows Naoum Chebib's design. Attempt to pick a bright day for to take a private tour of Cairo to visit the Cairo Tower. 
The Saladin Citadel
8 The Saladin Citadel, perched on the top of Muqattam Hill within the city centre of Cairo, is a well preserved middle aged fortification building with some museums and mosques. Constructed by Ayyubid ruler Saladin between 1183 and 1176, the Citadel remained as such until the 19th century and became the home of the Egyptian government.The Saladin Citadel is must see private tour. 
Roda Island
9 Integrated AD 861 Roda Island and Palace is a must see guided tour. Outside the palace,  roam around the lovely walkways and see some of the dilapidated mansion buildings picture perfect scenery.  The north end of the island holds the beautifully embellished Manyal Palace, constructed in 1805, in the time of Mohammed Ali.   Roda islands are the real highlight of the private tour of Cairo.  
The Saqqara Citedel
10 The Citadel. Saqqara, in southern Cairo, is utilised as a burial place for Memphis. It includes other smaller burial graves and numerous pyramids, including the famous step pyramid of Djoser; dating from the 27th century BC, has a foundation of six measures taking it to a peak of 62 meters.  After its building, it stayed the tallest structure of the world for forty years.  Saqqara Pyramid is must see a fifth place in your private tour of Cairo.

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