Have Marvellous, Satisfying, Amazing Times on a Marsa Alam Private Tour

To have marvellous, satisfying and amazing times go on a private tour of Marsa Alam, one of the newer and upcoming resorts in Egypt.

Situated on the southern Red Sea Riviera of Egypt, Marsa Alam is a small coastal town that only twenty odd years ago was just a tiny fishing village. However, once an international airport was built close to the town, everything changed here and it became a holiday destination very quickly.

It is not very surprising that it became a popular place for tourists, it had already been a secret diving paradise for the diving aficionados, but now the whole world knows about it.

It is in Marsa Alam that divers get to experience the diverse sea life which includes Dugong sea cows, sea turtles, dolphins and hundreds of other wonderful fish species, not to mention the amazing plant life here too. For those more experienced and adventurous divers, there are even shipwrecks and offshore reefs to discover and explore.  Read More...

On Private Tours of Marsa Alam Dive to Elphinstone Reef or Visit Marsa Mubarak

Have Marvellous, Satisfying, Amazing Times on a Marsa Alam Private Tour

Other reasons why Marsa Alam has become so popular is its remote location. When there is so much politics and troubles in the world today, this resort is like a safe haven, away from everything. This is very reassuring for those with families.

Its proximity to historical sites elsewhere in Egypt is another draw. There are many excellent sightseeing tours that will bring you to ancient Egyptian sites in style and comfort.

A holiday that will suit the adventurous and archaeologist. One day take a private tour and dive to Elphinstone Reef, the next go on a sightseeing tour to Valley of the Kings in Luxor, where the tomb of Tutankhamen is.

Top 10 Things to Do in Marsa Alam

Elphinstone Reef
1 When organising private tours in Marsa Alam, a great one to take for divers is the trip to Elphinstone Reef which is one of the most exciting diving places in the world. For the experienced divers, this reef is dangerous yet alluring with caves that are embedded in it. There are vibrant coral and fish species along with some terrifying barracuda, sharks and Dolphins. No shortage of thrills here!  
The Wadi El Gemal National Park
2 On a sightseeing tour, visit The Wadi El Gemal National Park. This is an extensive area of land and coastal water that lies to the south of Marsa Alam. When you are touring around the national park, there is a possibility to see many rare species such as the Hyrax and Nubian Ibex and also wild donkeys, gazelle and camels. Also on a safari see the Roman settlement of Sakit, Mons Smaragdus and Emerald Mountain.  
Marsa Abu Dabbab Bay
3 You will be amazed on a sightseeing tour to Marsa Abu Dabbab Bay. It is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with the dugong sea cow which are actually an endangered species. It is also a place that has the best sandy beaches; its shallow waters is an invaluable nesting site for sea turtles, look out for a few guitar shark swimming around and a Shipwreck to dive and explore.    
Luxor Excursions
4 There are many tours to take from Marsa Alam that are exceptional which will take you to see ancient Egyptian sites, but one of the best is a guided tour of the city of Luxor. It is in this city you get to see, what could be, the world's most impressive open air museum. It includes treasures and preserved remains of Egypt's pharaohs, Karnak Temple and the tomb of Tutankhamun. When you have seen the sights, enjoy some time shopping the local markets.  
Sataya Reef
5 On a private boat tour, visit Sataya Reef. The highlight of a tour to Sataya Reef are the Dolphins because it is here you can swim and have great fun with wild dolphins. Everyone seems to have life affirming moments when out swimming with them. Other attractions here is to go snorkelling or diving in the crystal clear waters to explore the reefs intact coral and the fascinating marine life.  
El Quseir
6 Take a guided tour to El Quseir which is the Red Sea’s oldest port. This port that dates back to the times of the Pharaohs is not far from Marsa Alam. There are bazaars all the way through from narrow side streets to the main street. Some of the traders can be a bit pushy, but others are good for a laugh.There is an impressive Ottoman castle to explore with muzzles from two canons ready to greet you at its entrance!
Sharm El Luli Beach
7 Take a sightseeing tour to Sharm El Luli Beach and you are spending time in a place that is described as an earthy paradise. Situated in the Wadi El Gemal National Park conservation area, it is undeveloped with virtually no pollution. It has a Caribbean-like beach and excellent swimming areas. The reefs are popular with sea turtles and have impressive colourful corals, so loads to see when snorkelling.  
Seascope Submarine Trip
8 For one reason or maybe another, there are those of us who never learned to swim and a guided tour to life underwater by Seascope Submarine is like a dream come true. This activity is great for families with young children too or if you are afraid of dangerous sea creatures. See the exotic and beautiful marine life of the colourful coral reefs and the variety of fish without having to get any feet wet.
A Tour to Aswan
9 Take a sightseeing tour another interesting city in Egypt, Aswan. It is a few hours from Marsa Alam, but with the very comfortable and air conditioned mode of transport, it is enjoyable and also a great opportunity to see the fabulous landscape on your travels. When in Aswan you will see a picturesque town, historic sites such as the Temple of Philae and Kom Ombo Temple and the High Dam. Then spend a little time in the market.
Marsa Alam Astronomy Center
10 Take a guided tour to the Marsa Alam Astronomy Center as there is no better way to appreciate the beauty of the desert than to stargaze. At the centre, your astronomer guides will help you to understand the fabulous mystery of the Universe. These night time tours are very exciting especially for young children; it is also very informative. The equipment in the centre is top class and you get the full stargaze experience.

Travel Tips for Marsa Alam

Let the activities begin!
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