Shake the Sand off From the Sphinx at Sharm El-sheikh on Private Tour

Shake the sand off from the Sphinx at Sharm El Sheikh on Private Tour. A deep clear sea encircles the beautiful city of Sharm El Sheikh, and the desert stretches along the Sinai Peninsula giving way to the exceptionally excellent views of the Red Sea.

On a custom tour of Sharm El Sheikh, you will see why it sticks out as the holiday haven of Egypt. Sharm El Sheikh unique place not only for a relaxing beach holiday, but it is also excellent for diving and watersports.

On a Sharm El Sheikh private tour see the perfect port, beautiful beaches, experience the magic of the Red Sea and the Egyptian culture.

The historic regions in proximity to Sharm El Sheikh, particularly Mount Sinai, add a different type of wealth to the city. Also known as Sharm this rapidly developed city used to be referred to as a port city until relatively lately.

Naama Beach has a lot to offer not only to sunbathe but for excellent shopping and dining. It's possible for you to attempt virtually every type of water sport at the shore, as well as horse riding. Ras Um Sid, found west of Naama, is the most famous spot for snorkeling. See the stunning coral reefs and bath on the shore of the Red sea a perfect private tour holiday.

Let the activities begin!
8 Day Pyramid Tour & Beaches in Sharm El Sheikh
199 reviews

Experience Cairo and see the ancient pyramids! Visit Sharm El Sheikh and relax in luxury on this 8-day tour of Egypt. Unforgettable!

From USD
1934 customer recommendations
8 days Scheduling Shared Tour Cairo
9 Day Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh Luxury Tour
198 reviews

3 Days exploring Cairo followed by 3 days aboard the Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor and 2 days at your own leisure to enjoy the amazing Sharm!

From USD
2096 customer recommendations
9 days Scheduling Shared Tour Aswan
Private Half Day Tour of Medinet Habu , City Monastery and Tombs of Nobles From Luxor
137 reviews

Head to the West Bank and explore the ancient city of Thebes including the largest Temple of the West Bank - Medinet Habu plus City Monastery and Valley of Nobles.

From USD
Price varies by group size
1400 customer recommendations
5 hours Scheduling Private Tour Luxor
Luxor Private Tour: Valley of the Queens, Howard Carter House, Temple of Seti I and Ramesseum Temple
131 reviews

Explore the ancient history of the Valley of the Queens where the Tomb of Queen Nefertari lies. Visit the Temple of Ramses II and the Home of the famous Howard Carter.

From USD
Price varies by group size
1317 customer recommendations
5 hours Scheduling Private Tour Luxor
Karnak & Luxor Temples Private Half Day Tour From Luxor
85 reviews

Come and enjoy a private tour and explore Luxor East Bank,the beauty of Karnak and Luxor temples and walk in the footsteps of ages past along the amazing avenue of the Sphinx.

From USD
Price varies by group size
824 customer recommendations
5 hours Scheduling Private Tour Luxor
West Bank Private Tour - Valley of Kings, Hatshepsut and Memnon
84 reviews

Explore the famous sites in Luxor West Bank like Valley of Kings, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon on this private tour from Luxor.

From USD
Price varies by group size
810 customer recommendations
6 hours Scheduling Private Tour Luxor
Luxor Private Full Day Tour
80 reviews

Take a private day trip to discover the highlights of the east and west banks of Luxor. Visit the Valley of Kings, Hatshepsut temple, Luxor temple, and Karnak temples.

From USD
Price varies by group size
721 customer recommendations
8 to 10 hours Scheduling Private Tour Luxor
Karnak Sound & Light Show From Luxor
75 reviews

Enjoy an evening of Egyptian entertainment and discover the beauty of the Temples of Karnak in all its glory and enjoy the fantastic show.

From USD
Price varies by group size
726 customer recommendations
1 hours Luxor
2 Days 1 Night Private Tour To Saint-Catherine From Cairo
74 reviews

Drive from Cairo to St. Catherine, arriving in the afternoon

From USD
732 customer recommendations
2 days Scheduling Private Tour Cairo
Luxor Private Full Day Tour: Valley of Kings & Queens, Hatchepsut Temple, Medinet Habu, Tombs of Nobles and Colossi of Memnon
64 reviews

Take a Private Full Day Tour of the West Bank. Visit the amazing Valley of the Kings, Queens, the Queen Hatchepsut Temple, the Colossi of Memnon and Medinet Habu.

From USD
Price varies by group size
683 customer recommendations
10 hours Scheduling Private Tour Luxor
Luxor Museum & Mummification Museum Private Tour By Horse & Carriage or A/C Vehicle
63 reviews

On this fabulous Tour you will visit the Luxor Museum by Horse and Carriage or A/C Vehicle. Then will visit the Mummification Museum which shows the process of mummification.

From USD
Price varies by group size
619 customer recommendations
5 hours Scheduling Private Tour Luxor
Na'ama Bay
1 The beach resort in Na'ama Bay is amazing; it has it all shopping, beautiful dining, amazing watersports and horse riding.  It is the must see place for snorkling, the coral reefs are clear and beautiful, this area has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  There are lovely little coves and quiet places to see on your private tour.
Shark and Jolands Reefs
2 On a custom private tour get the best of both on a trip to Ras Mohammed. Dive in the Red Sea, its famous among the top diving destinations in the world. Go on a thrill-filled dive with the high currents and see the beautiful coral wall and reefs. Swimming through the schools of fish you will see the remains of Jolanda the freighter from Cyprus sunk in 1980.    
St Catherine Monastery
3 The 6th Century high-walled monastery building at the foot of Mount Sinai is a must see.  As you walk around this well-preserved building on a guided private tour, the connection to a higher power may or may not touch you, but the incredible heritage and cultural draw will not fail to impress you.     
Mount Sinai
4 Know as Jebel Musa, or Mount Moses see Mount Sinai on a guided private tour and be ready for an exciting trek or camel ride to its peak along the path of Moses.  Famous as the holy place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God you will find yourself enthralled at the sheer size and beauty of this location.     
Quad Adventure
5 Book a quad adventure with private tour and head out for a couple of hours on an adventure.  Drive across the sandy dunes and valleys. After a little break, you can go on a camel ride through the desert sand. As the evening draws in, have a shisha pipe and let the locals entertain you.  
Sharm Old Market
6 When on a sightseeing tour of Sharm el-Sheikh, stop off at the Sharm Old Market which is also known as Sharm al-Maya. This market is there from sunrise till after sunset and has many great things to offer any tourist. There are Arabic lamps, traditional shiva pipes or engraved woodwork that would make great souvenirs for family and friends. There is a great atmosphere when going around and the traders are so cheery.

Travel Tips for Sharm el-Sheikh