Get Your Fill of Windmills on a Private Guided Tour of the Netherlands

The Netherlands, well known for windmills, clogs and tulips is among the most beautiful Countries on Earth and full of excellent private sightseeing tours and guided tours.

Guided private tours of Amsterdam; a popular tourist attraction, with its brightly lit nights and populated streets, see how the real Netherlands has much more to see and do.

It is a country filled with historical landmarks, and most of its towns have a fascinating history. Take a customised guided private tour and walk atop old-fashioned cobblestone paths or visit the modern streets that are lined with coffee shops and marketplaces.

Visitors can stare at the breathtaking structures while imagining the days of old when visiting an antique windmill it's a great tour.

A nation full of historic cities, canals, gorgeous farmland, wind turbines, as well as pleasurable beaches. Spend some time discovering Holland, and then you’ll find out the country that will keep me returning each and evening by year.   Read More...

Get Your Fill of Windmills on a Private Guided Tour of the Netherlands

When most people think about taking a holiday in the Netherlands, they think about Amsterdam with its renowned red light district and coffee shops with unique cakes and desserts!!

But see why there is more to Amsterdam on private guided tour. With beautiful tree lined streets, markets and shops where you might find some lovely treasures.

The nightlife in Amsterdam is second to none with so many clubs and bars to choose from you will be assured a great night.

On a custom tour of Holland, you can take one of the many Amsterdam guided tour and see why this is the most popular destination in the Netherlands.


Netherlands Nice Things to See and Do

1 Check out Amsterdam on private tour, Holland's capital as well as the centre for tourism in Holland.  Amsterdam is a stunningly beautiful city, and even though it is known for one particular area the red light district,  there are many cultural areas to visit.  The canals, museums, food and shopping outlets will have you coming back for more. 
2 Rotterdam is among the-the most active shipping places all around the globe.  Amsterdam’s diligent rival, Rotterdam might not get as much recognition but it should.  This area is a superb place in the event you want to do some serious shopping or see fantastic structures (although many of the old structures were bombed in WW2) then this is the place for you.   
The Hague
3 Full of plenty of global court bodies akin to the Worldwide Criminal Court, this urban centre is a heart of international mind since it’s a core of European justice.  On a guided private tour yYou will see the Queen’s office right here and also go to the old castle not to mention palace. Furthermore, The Hague is situated right on the beach so relax and enjoy.
Kings Day Celebrations
4 Year to year on April 27th (April 26th if the 27th is a Sunday), the Dutch celebrate the special birthday of their Queen Juliana.  In 2013, Queen Beatrix passed on the throne to her son, Willem-Alexander, and also King’s Day started.  It’s a nationwide holiday vacation full of outside concert events, plenty of orange, lots of drinking, and then crazy festivals on the canals. 
Keukenhof (Flower Yards)
5 The Keukenhof is the biggest flower yard on the planet, on a guided private tour see the 32 hectares of breathtaking flower presentations. The garden is open between March and then May of each and every year whenever the tulips are in season. Whenever you imagine Holland, you think about flowers, and there is no better destination to see them in their glory.  
6 Visit Giethoorn "Venice of the North" is a slow paced captivating city with a lot of beautiful canals.  Without any cars permitted in the city centre, this quiet city is an excellent change of speed from the busyness of the Netherlands’ larger metropolitan areas. Rent a modest boat and also devote the day floating by captivating cottages.
7 Check out this compact town close to Amsterdam, and then see exactly where the Pilgrims stayed before they eventually left for America.  On a private tour see this Incredibly historic city full of beautiful 17th-century architectural structures and recreational areas. There’s one small museum in the location which has sporadic opening up hrs. Usually, the managers allow you to roam through even though it’s shut.
8 Take a guided private tour of Edam and see the picture-perfect city with wind turbines, farmland, and then quaint residences in which the famous Dutch cheese obtains its name from.  It’s one of Hollands premier areas a known as a perfect Dutch town.  Visit Edam for the fabulous food and spend some time with the lovely locals.   
Van Gogh Museum
9 Opened in 1973, this museum is host to over five hundred authentic works by Vincent Van Gogh, together with some works by many of his contemporaries and also much loved close friends. The displays chronicle his lifespan, demonstrating the advancement as well as the growth of his work, together with Gauguin, Monet, together with Toulouse-Lautrec.
A Famous Canal Trip
10 Whether you are in Amsterdam or any other canal city in Holland, book a private tour and see the canals that made these regions accessible. The Dutch developed canal-building and it has become such an important part of daily life here that you can’t thoroughly understand the nation unless you spend some time boating on the canals.
Let the activities begin!
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