Don't Be Nervous at the Nature Reserve in Nairobi on Private Tour

Don't be nervous at the nature reserve in Nairobi on Private Tour.  A Private Tour of "Cool Water" The Nature Reserve Nairobi, capital of Kenya Nairobi is the only city in the world that hosts a national game reserve within its boundaries, a truly unique sightseers paradise. The reserve is home to many unique animals including Giraffes, Black Rhinos, and Lions which can be seen roaming around their natural habitat. A Private Tour of " Cool Water "  the Nature Reserve Nairobi, Kenya has to be on your bucket list! The literal English translation for Nairobi is Cool Water, very apt as this capital has cool written all over it with some many great sights to see and trips to do. 

Take a Private Tour of Nairobi’s National Museum and see the selection of artefacts showing Kenya's history. The Uhuru Gardens is home to the national monument of Kenya and is the first place in which the Kenyan flag was raised after independence. Homo Erectus Turkana Boy believed to be the oldest complete set of human remains on the planet was uncovered here. Take a trip to the Diamond Plaza and shop away your worries with the fabulous boutiques, jewellery stores and fantastic eateries available.  Read More...

Safari or Ice Skating? Yes the Possibilities Are Endless on a Nairobi Private Tour

Don't Be Nervous at the Nature Reserve in Nairobi on Private Tour

Nairobi may be known as the safari capital of the world, but incidentally, it also is the home to the biggest ice rink in Africa at the Panari Hotel's Sky Centre and is quickly becoming a multicultural and cosmopolitan hot spot. Within the city, there are some Mosques, Churches, and temples.  

These places of worship include the Cathedral Basilica, Jamia Mosque, and the All Saints Cathedral. Visit the Casino’s or Village Markets with Private Tours and experience the Shopping Centers which include cinemas, coffee shops, restaurants and bars where you can captivate your taste buds with the delights of Nairobi.

Top 10 Things to Do in Nairobi

Nairobi National Park
1 The oldest of all of Kenya’s National Park, Nairobi National Park is best known for its Black Rhino Sanctuary, and even though it borders the city, this Park seems to run in unison with the City. It is home to Hyenas, lions, leopards, buffalo and a variety of many other Kenyan animals. Get all the excitement of a safari with a Private Tour without travelling out to the wild and stay in the comfort of your hotel.
Uhuru Gardens
2 Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi is the home to the largest memorial garden in Kenya and is the first place in which the Kenyan flag, was officially flown after its independence. Take a guided tour of these gardens which are loved and cared for with significant detail as it is widely known to be a great place of importance for the Kenyan People. Natives flock to the gardens as a sign of respect for the countries long fought the battle for independence.
The Karen Blixen Museum
3 Located just outside Nairobi The Karen Blixen Museum is the former home of the famous author who published the book Out Of Africa which records her life and love affair with Africa. The Museum is open daily so take a guided tour as it is full of the delightful props that were used in the movie adaptation of her famous book. The grounds of the Museum are frequently rented out for weddings and other events for its unusual beauty.
Maasai Mara Safari
4 Heading from Nairobi through its large suburbs going on the Maasai Mara Safari is one of the most famous safari’s out of the city, known the host the most varied and highest concentration of wild animals that any other region in Kenya. With this Private Tour see the Savannah plains with its tree studded views and spectacular wild game it’s a one stop destination for any avid photographer as this area gives a lot more than it gets.
The Nairobi Giraffe Centre
5 The Nairobi Giraffe Centre is a truly significant place to visit. Started as a rehab project to rescue the Rothschild Giraffe the centre has come on from strength to strength. Located around 20 kilometres from Nairobi you can get up close and personal with the giraffe’s petting them or maybe even getting a kiss. On a Private Tour, you can head out on a small nature walk and see the vast area of birds and plant life growing
Nairobi Railway Museum
6 Situated in the west end of Nairobi the Railway Museum can be seen from the main line at the Uhuru Highway. Established in the 1970’s this museum houses records and relics of the East African Railway. Their collection of steam trains is impressive with a larger display of model trains and exhibits a real family fun tour. Relax and enjoy a treat in the little coffee shop or take a spin on a working steam train.
Snake Park
7 Set on the grounds of the National Museum, the Snake Park has some important snake species. The infamous Black Mamba, the puff adder, the African rock python and the rare Gaboon viper with the longest fangs in the world measuring at a staggering 4cm long. With a Private Tour at the Park, you can see turtles, lizards and a lot of fish species. Unique of all are the somewhat sad looking crocodiles that reside there.
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
8 One family’s passion for Kenya and its unbridled wildlife has snowballed into one of the largest wildlife trusts in Kenya today. The orphan elephant and rhinos rescue and rehab programs practised at the David Sheldrick Trust has pioneered the way in which these animals are cared for and adopted. With a Private Tour, visit this great team who has to date successfully hand-raised and reintegrated over 150 infants.
Splash Water world
9 Splash water world is a family fun day with lots of children’s watersports. For both the young and the more experienced traveller this waterpark is packed with activities. The waterslides and swimming pools are fully equipped for both novice and experienced swimmers. With lifeguards, you can relax and know that your children are safe and well. If you want out of the water why not take a Private Tour and go quad biking.
The Ngong Hills
10 Made famous by being mentioned in the opening paragraph of the book Out Of Africa these great ridges and peaks of the Great Rift Valley are something close to spectacular. Overlooking the Nairobi National Park, these peaks are shadowing Maasai Villages below. The breathtaking views will set you back to simpler times and a Private Tour through the trails at the top of the Ngong Hills will take your breath away.

Travel Tips for Nairobi

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