Stunning Untouched Beauty, and Wildlife on Kisumu Private Tours

Kisumu, stunning Untouched Beauty and Wildlife on Kisumu Private Tour. The source of the mighty River Nile, Lake Victoria remains untouched and spectacularly natural. 

Hugging the shore of the great lake is Kisumu standing as if stuck in time with its slow pace and stunning scenery. 

The swishing off dried grass and the never ending sound of the wildlife all around make this a haven for nature lovers and anyone in search of peace. 

From the sight of monkeys playing by the side of the road to the brightly coloured clothing of the locals selling their veg at the edge of the road this secluded part of Kenya remains lost in time and a truly awe-inspiring place to visit.

From trekking or biking the local villages and wetlands or witnessing the hippos wallowing in their natural environment to the incredible history of the local tribes and their mud villages private tour of this area are a must

Let the activities begin!
Kisimu Museum
1 A small local museum and, although not fancy, we found it absorbing and informative and a great way to while away a few hours. The Lao homestead with its mud huts fascinated the kids, and they really enjoyed the staff that popped up in their traditional tribal costumes to give a history of their life 100 years ago. The aquarium was a bit sparse but did hold specimens of fish, turtles and even a crocodile from nearby Lake Victoria.
Impala Sanctuary
2 On the quiet shores of the largest freshwater lake in Africa, Lake Victoria, we went on guided tour and found this Sanctuary a welcome break. Impalas, Giraffes and Zebras roam freely, and it was easy for us to get up close and take some fantastic once in a lifetime photos. Other animals such as lions, cheetahs and leopards are in secure pens, but you can go in accompanied to get closer, we declined and had a loved picnic in one of the areas provided.
Thimlich Odinga Pre-history Site
3 Standing for over 500 years despite the occasional tremor and weather erosion is this fantastic Lao compound still inhabited as late as 1924. Its structures made of dry stone and high walls are remarkable, and our private tour guide was very enthusiastic in his narration of its history. Some parts have been excavated, but it remains mainly as it was when the last residents left. A fantastic view into the life of the Lao.
Ndere Island National Park
4 Leaving the kids behind we joined an adults only private tour out to the island. The 1K trek up the hill was quite strenuous, but the spectacular views from the top made it well worth it. The peaceful scenery remains untouched and undisturbed and is alive with flowers, whispering natural grasses, monkeys and butterflies. At the end of the day, we were able to camp overnight by the lake with our very own campfire a magical experience.
Kiboko Bay
5 Idyllic Kiboko Bay is a perfect getaway spot to recharge your batteries and relax amongst the mangrove forests. On the banks of Lake Victoria it was once a rock quarry gathering sandy soil and rock from the shoreline. Now this fishing village found amongst the wetlands offers the weary traveller the opportunity to witness some of the many dazzling varieties of birdlife and the most stunning sunsets over the lake.
Maasai Craft Market
6 This small market with its shanty style stalls didn’t look much at first but, amongst the usual souvenirs, we found some really unique and unusual items. Watch as craftsman lovingly make their goods especially the soapstone products from the nearby mine of Kisii. Also, we found a wide selection of carved wooden plates and many unique items made from dried pumpkins and squash. Although touristy many are just locals trying to make a buck.
St Theresa Cathedral
7 Standing in all its magnificent glory is the red brick St Theresa Cathedral dominating the Kisumu skyline. Originally built by Dutch Catholic Missionaries coming from Uganda to try to convert the Kenyan people. Take a guided tour to this glorious building that shines with the love these ancient missionaries felt for their congregation. Its traditional design, intricate religious and floral interior and peaceful feeling are remarkable and cleansing to the soul.
Hippo Point
8 On Lake Victoria near the village of Dunga lies this 600-acre area known as Hippo Point. A bit elusive the main attraction, however, wasn’t playing ball, and we had to take the private tour, boat ride out to the deeper water. That was incredible to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, and it was easy to see why they earned their name as the ‘river horse’. On our journey back we witnessed the most breathtaking sunset over the lake perfect.
Bike Adventures
9 The ideal way to see some of the beautiful nature and also get some exercise is by hiring one of the many available bikes. Cheap and easy to ride we took off heading out to the lake. Stopping at various intervals, we came across some unusual flowers and many many magnificent birds. Once at the fishing village we watched the fisherman show us their haul for the day and how they prepared them. Of course, we had to eat them then.. it is a hard life!
Lake Kanyaboli National Reserve
10 The sound of tweeting birds and the odd vehicle are the only sounds to be heard here at Lake Kanyaboli. Its breathtaking natural beauty and stunning views make this a perfect place to visit and have some chill out time. Unusual rock formations make this a surreal landscape with many piled up on top of each other precariously. The main form of transport here is still by donkey, or the occasional bike and cars are a rare sight.

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