The Sun Drenched White Beaches Sightseeing Tour of Mombasa Kenya

A Private Tour of the sun-drenched white beaches of Mombasa Kenya on the Indian Ocean with the sun-drenched beaches and golden sand dunes is the top destination in Africa for beach holidays. 

No wonder, these beaches are straight out the bounty advert! A private tour of the Sun Drenched White Beaches of Mombasa Kenya has to be done on your holiday!

Palm trees swaying in the breeze and the beautiful white sand between your toes and a few hammocks dotted about between the trees; it would be hard to leave here after your two week holiday! 

Your holiday wouldn't be complete without trying some scuba diving in the clear blue waters; Mombasa is renowned for its 1st class diving due to the stunning coral reefs.

This holiday can be what you want it to be, a bustling hotel, a romantic villa in the ocean or a family bungalow at the beach, the choice is yours!

Let the activities begin!
1 Day Mombasa to Tsavo East Safari
1 Day Mombasa to Tsavo East Safari
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Tsavo East is one of the world greatest wildlife sanctuaries noted for its vast elephant herds and variety of game including, lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, buffalo etc.

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1 days Scheduling Semi-Private Tour Mombasa
Mombasa Town Tour
Mombasa Town Tour
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The colourful island town of Mombasa with its blend of ancient and modern buildings on the Indian Ocean is Kenya’s principal port and the country’s second largest city.

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4 hours Scheduling Semi-Private Tour Mombasa
Full-day Wasini Island Tour With Sea Food Lunch From Mombasa
Full-day Wasini Island Tour With Sea Food Lunch From Mombasa
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This excursion begins with a transfer from your hotel in Mombasa. Explore and swim in Wasini Island with dolphins. Discover Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Nation.

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8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Mombasa
Kenya & Tanzania Safari Adventure - 11 Days
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Kenya and Tanzania safari adventure which includes Amboseli, Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Naivasha / Hellsgate, Masai mara, Lake Natron And the Tanzania Northern circuit.

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11 days Scheduling Shared Tour Arusha
Haller Park
1 Want to feed a crocodile! Yes please, well you have come to the right place! Haller Park is a big zoo with animals of all descriptions, more famous because you get an opportunity to feed various animals such as the crocodiles, and giraffes, Such an awesome way to take a morning or afternoon with the children.  On your private tour get a guide as they can explain about all the animals and the history of the park, which used to be old mine.
Old Town
2 The old town is a fantastic place to take a stroll around the small windy streets and see the stunning architecture. It takes you back in time and shows you how they lived.  The streets are now full of little cafes and old men playing oke and drinking tea, which adds to the charm of this beautiful old town.  This is a great place to take photos of the scenery and the locals who still live there.
Fort Jesus Museum
3 A journey through time, this beautiful old relic stands tall and proud near the sea.  Fort Jesus Private Guided Tour guides are very knowledgeable and helpful, and they explain in great detail the fascinating story of this place.  This world heritage site must be on your bucket list while in Mombasa. Take a stroll through the old town on your way back and visit the many markets.
Dhow Dinner Cruise Mombasa
4 If you fancy something, a bit different this evening cruise is a good place to start, from after 6 in the evening you are met straight away by all the staff dressed in traditional colourful costumes. Once seated they begin to ply you with a local cocktail made from vodka lime and honey, similar to a mojito I would say! And very moreish !! With a legendary band playing traditional music as you sail down the canal past the old town.
Nairobi Tour Camping Safari
5 A fantastic opportunity to go on a safari and spend a few nights under the stars in the best nature reserves of Kenya. Seeing the magnificent animals in their own habitat and listening to them in the evening while setting up camp is a fabulous experience to be had. The private tour can last up to 5 days depending on your preference and prices vary.
Mamba Village Centre
6 If you fancy learning about the natural habitat of crocodiles, you will have to visit here, known locally as the crocodile farm you will see why once you arrive! There are over 8,000 crocodiles here !!Meet Big Daddy who cheekily has two wives !! He gets fed around 5 pm, and he eats a lot !! get a chance to hold a baby croc as well, this is a fun and enjoyable day out the kids will love it!
Marine National Park
7 A glass bottomed boat trip is the best way to see the beautiful fish and go snorkelling along the seabed. The variety of sea creatures is incredible, and I learned so much about coral reefs! Go swimming with your private guide, and you will have an unforgettable experience as the fish are swimming along beside you! 
Shimba Hills National Reserve
8 A visit to Samba hills is simply out of this world, the trek to the top is hard but worth it once you reach the top. How exhilarating to see the herd of elephants and buffalos. The nature walk is a must do while visiting Mombasa, it is always better for me to go in the early evenings as I love to watch the sunset down over the coastline while the baboons are swinging from the trees.The waterfalls are amazing to!
9 A great family fun day can be had at the go karts, and the Karts go fast, and I mean FAST! You can get printouts of your times if your racing against friends or family. Very exhilarating and a fabulous day. There is also paintballing and a rodeo ride and the tastiest pizza ever at the small cafe on site. You can spend the whole day here as so much to do!
Marikiti Market
10 This is a great place to have a wander through for an hour, see all the local vendors selling their wares. The variety of different vegetables is unreal and some I'd never seen or even heard of before! It's a fabulous place to listen to the banter of the locals. If you get thirsty, try the local sugarcane drink sold throughout the market, very sweet but delicious!

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