Adventure Awaits & the Spectacular Maasai Warriors on Kenya Private Tour

Why Kenya for a holiday? Why not, Adventure awaits and the spectacular Maasai Warriors on Kenya Private Tour.

With a vast array of Safari’s Kenya also plays host to fantastic fun in the sun beach holidays.  

One of Africa’s most exciting places you will not be disappointed if you decide Kenya is for you.

Private Tours of the area are second to none, come and enjoy the delights this place has to offer, head up Mount Kenya, see the Maasai Warriors in their native habitat and teach you about their culture, traditions, and way of life.

See the beauty that is Nairobi the capital of Kenya with its business hub and the beauty of a national park within its city.  

Make Kenya the adventure where you can discover yourself and try the local cuisine of Nyama Choma or have a glass of wine while sailing on the waters of the Indian Ocean. 

The Adventure Awaits You, See the Spectacular Maasai Warriors Kenya!   Read More...

Adventure Awaits & the Spectacular Maasai Warriors on Kenya Private Tour

Eat some name come with the locals, or sip some wine aboard a sailing show on the in the calm Indian Ocean.  

Whatever you're interested in, you will be spoiled with choices in Kenya.  

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya with its unique national park, is the only city in the world to have game reserve within its boundaries. 

With a Private Tour, why not try hot air ballooning, hiking, water skiing, scuba diving and of course choose from the vast amount of Safaris.  

Kenya offers so much head to the top of the mountain ranges or swims into the depths of the Indian Ocean.

With a fabulous selection of sightseeing tours, you will not be disappointed!

Top Places to See in Kenya

Maasai Mara National Reserve
1 Maasai Mara National Reserve is internationally known for its high population of African Leopards, Cheetah, Zebra, and Maasai Lions. The famous great migration of the wild beasts on the Serengeti is a fantastic Private Tour, the migration happens from July to October annually and is quite the sight to behold. This famous National Reserve was named after the Maasai People in honour of their unwavering need to keep their traditions alive.
2 Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya with its unique National Gaming Park, situated in the city, the only one of its kind. The literal translation for Nairobi is Cool Water very aptly named has cool written all over it. There is so much to see and do in Nairobi take a Private Tour of its many museums and cultural centres or head to the Diamond Plaza and shop till you drop with its fabulous boutiques.
Mombasa Island
3 Mombasa! With its spectacular white sandy beaches is linked to the mainland by the Nyali Bridge. Mainly populated by the Swahili and Mijikenda people this region is best known for its historical heritage and its unique culture. The history of this city is a must see on your holiday to Kenya, take a Private Tour and explore the Mamba Village where you will see the largest Crocodile farm in Africa !! 
4 Enjoy the perfect view of Kisumu City at the Kisumu Beach Resort see the Hippos do their thing while you sip on a cocktail or enjoy some delightful cuisine. Take a Private Tour of the city and see how the locals recant their claim to fame that President Barack Obama’s grandmother is a resident in the region of Kisumu. Watch as the locals take their vehicles to the river for a wash !!
Amboseli National Park
5 If you wish to get close and personal to an elephant, then Amboseli National Park in Kenya is the place for you. Watch the untamed views of Mount Kilimanjaro or why not take a Private Tour to visit the Maasai People in their native habitat. Situated on top of volcanic rock Amboseli has a unique water supply which is filtered through this stone. You can spend hours just taking in the sheer mass of this area and touring from dawn to dusk.
Mount Kenya National Park
6 Mount Kenya National Park is the second biggest mountain range in Kenya; the park is located right on top of the extinct volcano. With lakes, mineral springs, glaciers and bright wilderness this Park is a must do. A Private Tour to observe the wildlife up close and try to spot the many species of birds that call this place home. The diverse weather conditions are unique to this area so be prepared for all types of weather and altitude.
7 Approaching Lamu from the water is the only way to appreciate this amazing city. The salt winds coming from the water has painted the buildings and shop fronts making it a unique visual experience. In the streets, you can see the local women donned in their head to foot bui-bui dresses living in the oldest town in Africa take a Private Tour and admire the houses with their curved stone and coral shutters, beautiful!
Maasai Village
8 If you want to see how high these warriors can jump or hear the women sing in beautiful harmonies, then a Maasai village trip is a must. See how these unique people live with their huts positioned in a circular shape to keep the predators away. On a Private Tour see the villagers wearing and painting their bodies red (this is believed to be a colour lions shy away from) these people have not changed their way of life in centuries.
Samburu National Reserve
9 A desert park the Samburu National Reserve is a park that has kept is natural and serene qualities as the area was inaccessible for a long time. The game reserve has a wealth of wildlife this park is a haven for any bird lover and home to the Nile Crocodile. With a Private Tour, you can see the many delights this park has to offer. One of the areas in which the Adamson’s raised their Lioness Elsa made famous by the movie Born Free!!
Diani Beach (Dhow Safari)
10 Dhow Safaris is the ultimate diving experience, Diani Beach is the place for you. This location is primarily suited to the water enthusiast with Snorkelling, night diving, and dolphin spotting but this is a divers paradise. After the safari, have a little R&R and lounge on the beach or take part in some watersports, Diani Beach Kenya has it all. A Private Tour boat will take you to see the mysteries of the sea.
Let the activities begin!
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