Thrilling Spectacular and Soaring Guided Tour of Ho Chi Minh City !

Thrilling spectacular and soaring guided tour of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) has the highest populated city in Vietnam.  This town has it all; it’s immersed in culture but also caters for the adventurous traveller with amusement parks, zoo’s, shopping malls and nightlife that is unique to the area. From quaint tea houses to skyscrapers this city will have you reeling with some much to see and do. 

With Private Tour will take you a stroll through the temples with sights and smells that will make you feel you have actually arrived in Vietnam

Taste the local street food ( a truly unique experience) while taking a walk down the vast alleyways in the city and see what little gems you can find or head to an upmarket restaurant and liven up your taste buds with the scents and flavours of the past. 

With so much to see and do in Ho Chi Minh your schedule will be full, this is the city of dreams the city of culture an exciting and magical city. 

Once you have visited this beautiful city take some down time and travel to the ancient heritage town of Hoi An, you won't be disappointed!   Read More...

Boutique Shopping in the Cultural City of Ho Chi Minh

Thrilling Spectacular and Soaring Guided Tour of Ho Chi Minh City !

Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam at its best, while the business district is hectic, a visit to the area will make you appreciate how diverse and driven these people are.  

A Private Tour of the city will move you to dizzying heights as you will see how Ho Chi Minh is split with its many districts ranging from business, culture and the boutique shopping that will entice you to spend a little but get a lot.  

Take your family on an escorted tour of Vietnam’s equivalent of Disney World with its water theme parks it will be a magical journey enjoyed by all the family.

Top 10 Things to See Ho Chi Minh City

The War Remnants Museum
1 Formally the Museum of American War Crimes was opened to the public in the 70’s. A stark reminder of the brutal Vietnam War the honesty of the photography on display is heartbreaking. A Private Tour will have you traveling back in time as you see the vast collection of American Military vehicles and equipment used in this vicious war. From rocket launchers to tanks there are many diverse types of war machinery on display.
Chu Chi Tunnels
2 Take a peek at the life of an underground Solider, on this site; there are more than 100km of tunnels. These tunnels were unparalleled in their design with trapdoors, kitchens, living areas, hospitals and command bunkers. These tunnels are deep and built so well that military vehicles could pass overhead with no impact on the residents below. Guided tours available very reasonable.
Emperor Jade Pagoda
3 Most commonly known as the “Tortoise Pagoda” one of the most sacred shrines the city of Ho Chi Minh. This Pagoda is used by the locals who pray, make offerings, joss sticks, and light candles. This dimly lit temple is a busy place with worshippers and tourists jostling around for space, the Kim Hua statue (the goddess of fertility) is a famous shrine as couples flock to the statue of the deity in hopes of being blessed with a child.
Cao Dai Temple
4 The magnificent Temple was completed in the 1950’s as a symbol of tolerance to all religions. Many deities are honored here Christ, Muhammad, Confucius and Buddha to name but a few. Its design is very similar to a Church or Cathedral with aisles, alters and a central nave unusual for this part of the world among the numerous shrines and temples. See the divine eye which symbolizes God and has the yin and yang design in its pupil.
Binh Tay Market
5 Built in the 1800’s this marketplace is located in the Chinatown district of Vietnam. As well as catering for the locals with fruit and vegetables this market sells textiles, handicrafts, and the famous lacquer ware. Come and see the banter between the traders and customers, try the Vietnamese – Chinese mix of street food have a goi cuon or a com tam, not only is the food unique but delicious!
Dam Sen Amusement Park.
6 Located in Ho Chi Minh Cities District 11 this park is vast and has no less that 30 areas to see. With the Folk Theater, Castle, Games Zone, restaurants, Swan Lake, sports and bowling areas this park has a monorail which will give you a fantastic scenic view of the park. Perfect for the family the adventure playgrounds host a slide yard, waterpark, and electric cars. Before you leave, see the water display that will blow you away.
Mariamman Hindu Temple
7 This temple is dedicated to Mariamman the rain goddess, built in the 19th century it is one of the most well-preserved temples in Ho Chi Minh. Being the only Hindu temple in the region wealth and luck is believed to be given to all visitors, people flock there in the hope of getting blessed with good luck by giving offerings of flowers and joss sticks. Take a Private Tour to this temple is will certainly be a highlight of your trip.
Suoi Tien Theme Park
8 Locally known as The Children’s Kingdom the Suoi Tien Theme Park in Ho Chi Minh City offers a wealth of entertainment facilities. The roller coaster, air bicycle and Mystery of the Forest games are said to be exciting and thrilling for all the family. The ball house and children’s train are a particular favorite with all children. In this theme park, you will not only have fun, but you will learn about history and legend of the people.
Notre Dame Cathedral
9 The Notre Dame Cathedral was built in Ho Chi Minh City in the late 1800’s it is a Neo-Romanesque Church and boasts of 40 meter high towers and iron spires. The cathedral named after the Holy Virgin Mary still holds Mass services to a full crowd every Sunday Morning. On your Private Tour, a guide will walk you around this iconic Cathedral pointing out the damaged but beautiful decorative features of this Vietnamese building.
Bitexco Financial Tower
10 Head up to the EON Heli Bar at the top of the Bitexco Financial Tower, have a drink and on a clear day if you are lucky you can watch the sunset. This building which is over 60 floors high and at a large 262 meters this buildings towers over the skyline. Take a Private Tour to the sky deck situated on the 48th floor showing magnificent views of Ho Chi Minh City. If you don’t have an issue with heights, this place is for you.

Travel Tips for Ho Chi Minh City

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