Nha Trang Tour, the High Energy Fast Paced Party Town of Vietnam!!

Nha Trang tour, The high energy fast paced party town of Vietnam!!  The leading Party Town Of Vietnam, Party Till Dawn with a Private Tour as we love to party as much as you do !!Nha Trang is surrounded by beautiful hills, and the stunning turquoise bay has 19 little islands dotted around the Gulf. At night while dancing on the beach, you will see the Nha Trang looking beautiful all lit up.

It is a very cosmopolitan town full of lovely little restaurants and charming boutiques. If you want to go somewhere quieter, there is still plenty of areas to visit that allows you to chill out.

There are numerous gardens full of sculptures, and quiet parks have all recently been upgraded and are worth the visit.

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Vietnam if you think where to travel next make these areas a must do for your bucket list 

A guided tour of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and a private tour of the vibrant, quirky capital of Hanoi is the way to see this city.   Read More...

Nha Trang Tour of the Unique Vegetarian Religious Festival

Nha Trang Tour, the High Energy Fast Paced Party Town of Vietnam!!

Nha Trang Vegetarian religious festival private tour is a yearly experience and attracts vegetarians from all over the world.

Everyone has to be dressed in white for the daily ceremonies, and everyone eats the JAY food which is completely vegan. It is an experience to visit during the festival.

They believe if you are a vegetarian you are a very spiritual being! There goes my pork sandwich then! There are many tours and sightseeing trips available shop around for the best deal.

To Do and See In Nha Trang

1 Fancy getting away from Vietnam for a few days ? then try the island of Hon Tre, the island which used to be a jail is now a beautiful landscaped amusement and water park! It can be reached by motor boat or cable car from Nha Trang. There is also a 5-star hotel if you wish to stay a few days. The stunning view from the island is magical. The amusement games area requires no tokens as the games are free to use! Worth a visit.
Po Nagar
2 Po Nagar is around 10 minutes out the city and is a small Hindu temple which was built in the 8th century. The Cham temple is architecturally beautiful. If you go at the right time, they have a prayer service. The beautiful Bonsai trees in the gardens are well maintained, and the view from the top of the temple over the city is peaceful and serene. Plenty of small souvenir shops dotted around to buy a trinket or two!
Thap Baa Hot Springs
3 Had such a fabulous holiday in Vietnam but need time to relax and unwind? Well, you have come to the right place, the Thao Ba hot spring spa is a fabulous way to chill out, choose from a mud bath a massage or even a hot mineral bath ! so much to choose from, and refreshing waterfalls and caves give this place an overall cool and relaxing feel. Very reasonably priced tour it is an excellent way to end your holiday to Vietnam.
Long Son Pagoda
4 Long Son, Pagoda is a must see while in Nha Trang, this place has such a sad history while setting in such serene setting. A 10-minute climb the top is worthwhile to see the beautiful, great white Buddha at the top. You can also have a lovely vegetarian meal at the top and relax and see the beautiful views over Nha Trang. Entry is free, but they do accept donations. It is sad to hear the history but a definite worthwhile visit.
Nhà thờ Chánh tòa Kitô Vua
5 Nhà thờ Chánh tòa Kitô Vua, which means the Cathedral of Christ the King is a stunning piece of architecture it was built around 110 years ago and is very gothic looking. It was built to compliment the Pagoda and serve as a church. The best time to visit would be weekdays as it is less busy. Regardless of your religion, it is worth going to see the Gothic arches inside the church. Guided tours available.
Nha Trang Water Puppet Theatre
6 Wow, what an impressive 45-minute water show! Watch while over 400 puppets are luring you into a Vietnam story with amazing sword fights by very skilled puppeteers. You and the kids will love the games and spiritual dances which are suitable for all age groups. There is a total of 15 various water scenes, which will leave you enthralled and wanting more! A very different tour with a difference.Nha Trang Puppet Theatre is a must see.
Cooking Classes
7 While in Nha Trang you must try out a cooking class and learn more about this excellent cuisine. You can book yourself in for a half day or full day class, and it normally starts with a visit to the local market to learn about the great vegetables, then back into class to make a spicy wok dish or two. Ideal if you love to cook this is a must do whilst in Vietnam, and the prices are very reasonable as well.
Hon Khoi Salt Fields
8 More of a cultural Tour, a visit to the salt fields, is a lovely way to see the Vietnamese people at work. The Salt fields are around an hour away from Nha Trang and can be a full day tour combined with visits to other cultural places. You will see they all appear to be older women carrying the salt laden baskets across the fields. Their day starts at 4 am and finishes around 9 am. Great photo opportunities to take of the salt mountains
Suoi Do Pagoda
9 This stunning temple is always busy around the 15th day of the lunar months, and all visitors get a vegetarian meal free of charge. It is built on top of a mountain, and it took over 200 steps to reach it, unfortunately, no wheelchair access so anyone with any disabilities would find it a struggle. Always cover yourself for visiting the Temple as the monks may be praying when you visit.The temple can be hard to find so ask a locals!!
Bicycle tours
10 What a fabulous way to see around Nha Trang but by bike, its a cheaper alternative to getting around the coastal town.You can choose a half day or full day tour. You can get a chance to ride around the many historical sites in and around Nha Trang. There are many cycle tour operators in Nha Trang that provide everything including your clothing, British guide, and plenty of water! It is a popular tour with all tourists.

Travel Tips for Nha Trang

Let the activities begin!
2 Hour Nha Trang Pedicab Tour and Visit to Cho Dam Market
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Your tour begins with a motorcoach short drive to Tran Phu Street on Front Beach, the most scenic street in Nha Trang where you will find your Pedicab. Next is Cho Dam Market

From USD
3 hours Nha Trang
Nha Trang Snorkeling Private Tour
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Enjoy snorkeling at a Marine Protected Area. Have lunch with many dishes of Vietnamese foods. Relax on the beach. Suitable for Small Group Tour.

From USD
7 hours Nha Trang
Half-Day Nha Trang City Tour
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The itinerary for cruise ship visitors to discovery Nha Trang Historical sightseeing. Let us arrangement for you unforgettable memories.

From USD
5 hours Nha Trang
Half Day Biking Countryside Tour & Cooking Class in Nha Trang
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Nha Trang is very famous for nature landscapes & agriculture since a long ago. Enjoy a half-day countryside bike tour with our team and then join a traditional cooking class

From USD
6 hours Nha Trang