Private Tour of Hanoi the Vibrant Quirky Capital of Vietnam!

A private tour of Hanoi the vibrant, quirky capital of Vietnam, which was once shut away from the outside world and lost to the tourism trade for many years slowly emerges from the ravages of war and is on catch-up. 

A Private Tour Of The Vibrant Quirky Capital Of Hanoi Vietnam is the way to see this city.

These proud people welcome travellers to their vibrant capital with open arms and are proud of their French Colonial past and Chinese occupation. 

A private tour around this city will peel away the layers of their once unsettled history as it emerges in all its glory. Whether flying around the town on one of the many motorbikes that team down every street or taking a leisurely stroll around Old Hanoi a private tour can offer you….

There are so many places to visit while in Vietnam, and we have chosen the best for you to see...

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Sensational Private Tours of Hanoi's Amazing Architecture and History

Private Tour of Hanoi the Vibrant Quirky Capital of Vietnam!

 The fascinating command centre bunker of the Imperial Citadel still in its original layout

Make a wish and ask for your blessing at the Perfume Pagoda

Return to a golden age of entertainment at the sumptuous Opera House

Take a pilgrimage to the final resting place of the last President and pay your respects

Become a kid again by going on a tour to a performance of the world-famous Water Puppet Theatre

Top 10 Things to See in Hanoi

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long
1 Apart from the Princess Pagoda and Flag Tower it was quite disappointing that most of the original historical buildings have long been destroyed however the area still has its feet firmly in its rich past and we could see excavations still ongoing. The one true treasure for me is the concrete bunker and tunnel used as the headquarters and command centre of Vietnams Peoples Army, it was just like going back in time.
The Perfume Pagoda
2 Immediately when entering this network of Buddhist Temples I could feel the calming and spiritual energy it holds. Built into the limestone cliffs you could hear the sound of tinkling streams and the smell of its tropical plants. Pilgrims trek to The Perfume Pagoda to get a blessing from the many stalactites and stalagmites in the cave believing each one can offer the visitor their wishes. Im still waiting for mine
Hanoi Opera House
3 Although we never got to see any operas or ballets shown here, it was still well worth a guided tour just to see the spectacular beauty of this neo-classical French building. Its many shuttered windows, pillars and balconies were simply stunning, but it is the inside that truly took our breath away. Built in 1911 it is still as glorious today as it was then and gives a brief nostalgic view of the opulence of that era
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
4 It is hard to comprehend how this cold block of marble became the final resting place of the great leader Ho Chi Minh who actually wanted to be cremated. Now lying in state. However, we found the never ending mass pilgrimage to this sacred place quite poignant. For me, I found the spectacular yellow Presidential Palace and stilt house more fascinating in its show of memorabilia and haunting historica
Water Puppet Theatre
5 Not just for the children of the group we all enjoyed this unique North Vietnamese Water Puppet Show that can trace its roots back to the 11th century. It was interesting to learn of its origins in the flooded paddy fields where villagers made their own entertainment. Stories take the audience back to an ancient village life with their dances, mythical creatures and harvests accompanied by traditional musicians.
Hanoi Old Quarter
6 We took a private tour of Hanoi Old Quarter near to the lake and home to Hanoi’s commercial district. If you have seen on TV the bustling streets of thousands of motorbikes teaming in every direction then this is probably that area. The long narrow old fashioned shop fronts still sell cotton and herbs amongst more modern products for todays life. We enjoyed browsing the art galleries and boutique shops here too.
Temple of Literature
7 Originally only the elite and Royal members were accepted as students but we chanced our arm and paid a visit on this private tour. Originally a University this stunning building is an excellent example of Vietnamese traditional style architecture and has seen many graduates, especially, Doctors, pass through its halls. It has ancient areas such as the Lake of Literature as well as Well of Heavenly Clarity.
Ba Vi National Park
8 For a relaxing break we took a private tour to the National Park and its resort where we were able to partake of the hot springs and mud baths. In the French Colonial era it was built as a hill station offering great hiking and walking opportunities and is a continuous source of plants for medicinal purposes. We made the somewhat tiring trek to the temple at the top but it was worth it for the amazing panoramic view.
Dong Xuan Market
9 No break is complete without a spot of shopping so we ventured out to Hanoi’s largest indoor market to feast our eyes on the most amazing variety of seafood, fresh flowers and even pets. Interesting as it was we then headed upstairs to the packed stalls selling handbags, clothing and handicrafts. Several purchases later we stopped for some freshly cooked bun cha before moving on to smaller shops surrounding the market
Hoan Siem Lake
10 Our last day we decided to take a peaceful guided tour out to Hoan Siem Lake. On Jade Island sits probably the most famous place of Hanoi city the Pagoda and its enormous towers richly decorated in Chinese scripture. We took the captivating crimson painted bridge built in the classic Vietnamese style to the island pagoda where we saw many deities along with other ancient artifact and a huge 250kg preserved turtle .

Travel Tips for Hanoi

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