Vietnam Private Tour Breathtaking, Unique, and Awe Inspiring

Vietnam Private Tour breathtaking, unique, and awe-inspiring.  The last few years has seen Vietnam being THE place to holiday in Southeast Asia.

Many travellers have already discovered Vietnam as a fantastic holiday destination and have soon become acquainted with the diversity of the country.

Vietnam Private Tour is a breathtaking adventure, unique, and very awe inspiring.

Explore the country of breathtaking natural beauty with an amazing unique heritage, where travel quickly becomes addictive in guided tours of Vietnam.   Read More...

Vietnam Private Tour Breathtaking, Unique, and Awe Inspiring

Vietnam stretches from north to south and is more than 2,500 kilometres long!!

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are both large cities that can be easily reached by most airlines and is accessible from most of Europe; you can reach both main cities very quickly from Bangkok.

Both areas have a very different climate. Northern Vietnam is cold from October to March, while South Vietnam is more than 30 degrees.

More favourite places to visit while in Vietnam are Nha Trang and Hoi An

In April and May temperatures can be as high as 40 degrees. Peak season in Vietnam Is from November to March..please remember this when booking through the Private tour!

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

1 Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, and according to many travellers a definite place to visit while in Vietnam when booked via private tour Hanoi has stunning architecture thanks to the French and has a typically French atmosphere. The unique colonial buildings and cobbled streets are an excellent example of this. This has to be a special visit while in Vietnam.
Ho Chi Minh City
2 Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, is a city with an entirely different character than Hanoi. It is located about 2,500 kilometres south of Hanoi and is characterised by a different climate. Ho Chi Minh City, also known as the Paris of Asia is one of the busiest and most impressive cities in Asia; you will find plenty of restaurants in
Halong Bay
3 An absolute highlight of visiting Vietnam Halong Bay has a large bay with several islands. Various communities are living on the water in and around the islands. Why not book a multi-day tour through Private Tours you can sleep on a boat; authentic white painted 'Junk.' There are hundreds of junks sailing in the area. Some parts of Halong Bay are very touristy.
4 Sapa is a popular destination within the highlands in the far north of Vietnam. It is often quite cold in the winter, and even sometimes they have snow! Sapa is ideal for beautiful hikes and treks. Sapa is best reached by overnight train from Hanoi. In the capital, you have hundreds of travel agencies offering guided tours to Sapa.
Hoi An
5 Hoi An is a cute and charming tourist resort in the central part of Vietnam. Especially good for exploring by bicycle, Hoi An is situated near the shore where you have an abundant of guesthouses to choose from. It's by far the best place in Vietnam to buy custom clothing. Tailors are lining up ready to make up anything and everything, you can describe or show a photograph of any piece of clothing.
Nha Trang
6 Nha Trang is a perfect sandy beach destination with Long stretches of beaches lined with several hotels, resorts, and guesthouses. And can be booked with a private tour. If you love to relax with beautiful views then this is the ideal place for you..while you are here, please visit the great Palm Island (Whale Island) where you can dive and snorkel and maybe also a fun day trip to Monkey Island.
Mekong Delta
7 The Mekong Delta is a beautiful wetland area around the border with Cambodia in the south of Vietnam. Here there are boat trips where you can visit authentic fishermen villages with beautiful floating day markets. Some places are quite touristy, but you can also visit traditional villages where many tourists do not travel and are lovely and quiet.The Mekong Delta is also available as a day tour via private tours.
8 Hue was from 1802 to 1945, Vietnam's imperial capital. The imperial government of Vietnam lived that period in the citadel, which is located in the northern part of the city. Hue is the former border between South and North Vietnam. both cities suffered during the struggle for independence during the Vietnam War. A definite visit to see the ruined buildings is a must whilst in Vietnam, please book via private tour.
My Son
9 My Son, book this via Private tour while visiting Vietnam, it is a traditional village approximately 1-hour drive east of Hoi An. The village is set in a serene valley, where the Cham people built a massive temple between the 4th to the 14th century. The French occupiers only discovered the temple in the 19th century. It was by then overgrown by the jungle, but otherwise in reasonably good condition.
Quang Binh
10 The gorgeous white sandy beaches with the caves just seemingly floating above the National park makes this one of THE most spectacular destinations in Vietnam. The beautiful sun sets low over the sand dunes and makes for a very romantic evening and is an ideal holiday destination for Honeymooners. Quang Binh has so many places to see it would be worthwhile booking a private tour !
Let the activities begin!
One Day Private Tour to Hoa Lu & Tam Coc from Hanoi
16 reviews

Hoa Lu, the first Vietnam Capital under the Dinh and Le Dynasties from 10th century between 968 and 1009 AD. Tam Coc is often referred to as Ha Long among the rice paddies.

From USD
366 customer recommendations
7 to 8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Hanoi
Ke Ga Light House Excursion
14 reviews

KeGa Light House located in Southern PhanThiet. A 110-year-old Light House on KheGa island with historical relics, unique architecture but also an attractive tourist site.

From USD
329 customer recommendations
4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Phan Thiet
Nha Trang Diving Tour at Mun Island With Joining Boat
13 reviews

Nha Trang is becoming increasingly popular in recent years because of its pristine beaches and has the best scuba diving centre of Vietnam. This is a beginners course.

From USD
280 customer recommendations
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Nha Trang
Da Lat Canyoning Adventure Group Tour
13 reviews

For trekking and mountain biking, you need strong legs. For rock climbing, you need strong arms but in canyoning, you only need a strong mind to win!

From USD
298 customer recommendations
6 to 8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Da Lat
The Ionah Art Show
8 reviews

The Ionah show is a magical performance, depicting a whirlwind love story through the power of music, dance and spectacular effects.

From USD
184 customer recommendations
Dam Sen Theme Park Ticket With Transfer
7 reviews

Dam Sen Water Park is harmoniously located in a fresh Oriental landscape garden. The park is built up of Dam Sen Park, Dam Sen Plaza and Dam Sen Sports Club.

From USD
169 customer recommendations
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Ho Chi Minh City
Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Ticket With Roundtrip Transfer
6 reviews

Phu Quoc is a beautiful land, with unique attrations, attracts tourists thanks to extremely enjoyable tourist experiences. A wonderful trip, one to remember.

From USD
130 customer recommendations
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Phu Quoc
Half Day Discovery at Hoian Ancient Town
5 reviews

Hoian will definitely be a hightlight on your stay in Vietnam. Explore quaint streets, ancient shrines with our knowledgeable and hospitable guide.

From USD
119 customer recommendations
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Hoi An
Can Gio Ecologic Area Tour - Monkey Island from Ho Chi Minh
4 reviews

On this day tour, you'll enjoy a visit to Forest Park (Monkey Island), Can Gio Museum & Mangrove Forest Park. See the vast range of fauna from crocodiles and wild monkeys

From USD
102 customer recommendations
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh By Night Tour - with Show & Dinner on Cruise
4 reviews

Take a quick look at a busy economic city on the way to a water puppet show and cruise, traditional culture and quintessence art meeting through daily activities of Vietnam

From USD
96 customer recommendations
5 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Ho Chi Minh City
Cham Culture Traces - My Son Joining Tour
4 reviews

On this tour, explore the Cham culture in My Son holy land. Discover the rich and long history of Champa Kingdom and indulge in the unforgettable and beautiful landscape!

From USD
81 customer recommendations
6 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Hoi An
One Day in Mekong Delta
4 reviews

Even if you have limited time in Mekong Delta this 1-day tour is perfect for you. See the beautiful landscape and interact with the locals along the Mekong river!

From USD
98 customer recommendations
9 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Mekong Delta
Vung Tau - Cap Saint Jacques from Ho Chi Minh City
3 reviews

Take a private tour from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau to enjoy the coastal climate. Visit the Worldwide Arm Museum with over 2000 items from the 17th - 20th centuries.

From USD
71 customer recommendations
8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Ho Chi Minh City
Eco Rafting Adventure Tour
3 reviews

Quadbike ride is one of the most fascinating tours of Nha Trang. Explore a very special part of the planet as well as experience recreational outdoor activities!

From USD
66 customer recommendations
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Nha Trang
Speedboat and Snorkeling Small Group Tour
2 reviews

Enjoy snorkeling at a Marine Protected Area. Have lunch with many dishes of Vietnamese foods. Relax on the beach. Suitable for Small Group Tour.

From USD
42 customer recommendations
7 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Nha Trang
Private Full Day Authentic Mekong Delta Ben Tre from Ho Chi Minh City
2 reviews

You will get to explore the natural landscapes and discover its local life, beautiful canals and traditional activities. An authentic and relaxing experience!

From USD
45 customer recommendations
8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Ho Chi Minh City
Hoian Basket Boat & Bike Half Day Tour
2 reviews

Starting with a bike tour to Cam Thanh, travel from bike to our unique basket boats and cruise down the Thu Bon river includes lunch beside the tranquil coconut palms!

From USD
41 customer recommendations
5 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Hoi An
Half Day Hoian City Tour by Bike
2 reviews

Hoian was recognised in 1999 by UNESCO as being one of the worlds heritage sites. Take a walk downtown, visit the famous temples and shop in Old town.

From USD
45 customer recommendations
4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Hoi An
Vinpearl Land Nha Trang Ticket With Roundtrip Transfer
2 reviews

Vinpearl Land - the world-class recreational paradise is located by one of the 29 most beautiful sea gulfs in the world. An amazing day out and fun for all the family!

From USD
50 customer recommendations
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Nha Trang
Da Lat Rafting Group Tour
2 reviews

Whitewater rafting is one of the great challenges! It’s the thrill of going into a wall of powerful water and pushing through it straight into the next exhilarating rapid!

From USD
55 customer recommendations
5 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Da Lat