Escape the Throng With a Private Sightseeing Tour to Hai Phong

Sometimes known as ‘mini Hanoi’, this charming city is said to be like Vietnam’s capital city many years ago. It has the reputation of being a stop-over base when continuing to other north-eastern destinations. However; you will be surprised by how many attractions there are to be seen, and if you like to get away from the masses, you can escape the throng with a private sightseeing tour to Hai Phong.

Enjoy an Hai Phong walking tour around the city streets which are lined with flame flower trees: or take a cultural tour Hai Pong and visit the many temples, shrines, pagodas and mausoleums. If you are more energetic, see the city on two wheels and take a bike tour, Hai Phong.

On an Hai Phong boat tour, you can have an amazing cruise on Halong Bay and admire the stunning scenery with hundreds of limestone mountains in the background.

Hai Phong has something for everyone at a much slower pace than other major cities, so instead of passing through, stay for a few days and see for yourself exactly what the city has to offer.

Let the activities begin!