Guided Tour of Hoi An, a Stunningly Beautiful Ancient Heritage Town

 Guided Tour of Hoi An, a stunningly beautiful ancient heritage Town. This beautiful Ancient and Historical heritage town is a definite must visit with a Private tour while in Vietnam.  

Dating back to the 15th century, recognised the small streets are home to original Japanese homes and unique tea houses and temples.

 The setting by the river bank makes even more graceful, and the beautiful architecture makes it that more distinguished. 
It's a fabulous destination if you want away from the hustle and Bustle of the larger cities. 
Hoi An was recognised by UNESCO and made into a National Heritage site, not Surprising when you see how well the old town has been preserved.
A few more places to your bucket list would definitely be Hanoi a private tour around this city will peel away the layers of their once unsettled history as it emerges in all its glory.
Or something completely different would be a trip to the spectacular Ho Chi Minh City with a guided tour will take you a stroll through the temples with sights and smells that will make you feel you have actually arrived in Vietnam.    Read More...

Guided Tour of Hoi an, a Shoppers Paradise of Unique Custom Made Clothing!

Guided Tour of Hoi An, a Stunningly Beautiful Ancient Heritage Town

Hoi An is a shoppers dream! Known for the stunning array of clothing, both in the Vietnamese style with a quirky touch to it and western style. 

If you want something made to measure the town is full of tailor shops waiting to custom make you anything you want at reasonable prices. 

Accommodation is very reasonable with prices starting from just 7 dollars per night, and the restaurants are cafes are abundant and cheap. 

Many sightseeing tours are available to see this beautiful town. A guided Tour of Hoi an, a shoppers paradise of unique custom made clothing!

The top 10 places of Hoi An

Quan Cong Temple
1 This Stunningly Beautiful small temple was built in 1653. It was built in dedication to a Chinese general called Quan Cong; he has always been worshiped for his integrity. The statue is made of Paper Mache and gilded. When visitors arrive and make an offering to Quan Cong, the monk hits a bowl made of bronze. On arrival to the beautiful temple, please remove your footwear out of respect. It is worth a visit to see the temple.
Quan Thang
2 Quan Thang, nicknamed the Great Executioner is a character in the classical Chinese novel "Water Margin." At the same time, he was also a real character in Chinese history! A visit to his old Chinese home gives us a fantastic idea of how he lived, built in the late 17th century the architecture is what you would expect from an old house. The interior is very impressive and very well maintained, and the furniture is still inside.
Hoi An Ancient Town
3 The idyllic little old town is a must visit while in Hoi An!  This small ancient town must be entered by buying a ticket, so please do not forget to pay!  The views of the river are adorable, and at night the whole town is lit up with different colourful lanterns and lights. The streets are full of vendors selling their wares. You can get some great bargains in leather and custom made clothing.The food is also cheap and plentiful;
Japanese Covered Bridge in Hoi An
4 A visit to Hoi An isn't complete without a visit to the beautiful Covered Bridge;  it was built in the 18th century so the locals can get over the river to the cheese quarter.  It is a stunning example of Japanese architecture.  It has various characters such as dogs, and monkeys, carved into the woodwork, to coincide when the emperors were born. The bridge was restored to allow traffic and it is still as beautiful as when built.
Cua Dai Beach
5 This stunning beach with white sand and blue sea is a stunning 3 km long shore, and you must visit while in Hoi An. From the old town, it is hard to imagine such a beautiful beach exists in this town. The tropical waves are ideal for swimming or just relaxing and floating. The seafood restaurants are fabulous along the sea front, and very reasonable prices. There are changing huts dotted around the beach for your modesty.
Museum of Trade Ceramics
6 This is a beautiful ceramic museum and takes you a few steps back in time to see the various cultural artefacts from the Japanese and Chinese times, which have been unearthed as far back as the 8th century!  It is based in the old town and worth a visit to see all the colourful ceramics. All the signs are in the English language if you love archaeology, see you won't be disappointed. Guided tours available.
Thanh Ha Terracotta Park
7 If you fancy seeing yourself doing a bit of pottery making, then a definite tour to this museum is a must. The best way to go is to have a cycle up through the small village of Cong Ven. It shouldn't take you longer than an hour to get around the whole museum; staff are really helpful and informative, and there is a small cafe if you fancy a bite to eat.
Hoi An
8 What next, maybe a fantastic real life motorbike adventure along the Ho Chi Minh Trail with an overnight in an isolated hillside village. We booked a private tour as we were advised to have a guide along who not only knows the restricted areas but also speaks the ancient Vietnamese dialect of the village. We wove through tea plantations and rice paddies on a single track road in the most hair-raising adventure of our lives
Tra Que
9 Wanting to see the amazing food we had been eating for ourselves the Traditional Que market was the place to go and we were amazed at the array of simple organic produce displayed. While there we found you could partake in one of the many local farm tours where they also hold cooking classes. We booked a private tour for the next day and as well as learning basic Vietnamese dishes we got to eat them too. What a result
Tan Ky House
10 We were recommended to visit this house by our concierge and we were not disappointed. This lovingly preserved gem has been renovated as it passed through 7 generations and is heavily influenced by Chinese and Japanese architecture. A marvel of Vietnamese perfection my favourite parts were the intricate inlaid mother of pearl Chinese poems and at the back of the house the marks of the flood levels reached in various years.

Travel Tips for Hoi An

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