Take a Bangkok Private Tour and Get More Bang for Your Buck

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand with a population of over 11 million inhabitants, by far it the biggest city.  Its high-rise buildings, traffic congestion, heat, and exclusive nightlife may give you the wrong impression don't let that mislead you. This city is awesome, so take a Bangkok Private Tour and get more bang for your buck. 

It is one of Asia's most exciting cities with magnificent palaces and temples, authentic canals, markets and a vibrant nightlife with something for everyone. 

For many years, it was a small trading post on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, until King Rama I, decided to turn it into the capital of Siam in 1782, after the burning of Ayutthaya by Burmese invaders but they did not take over Ayutthaya.

Since then, Bangkok has turned into a national treasure house and functions as Thailand's spiritual, cultural, political, commercial, educational and diplomatic centre.   Read More...

Bangkok Sightseeing Tour Is a Unique Experience

Take a Bangkok Private Tour and Get More Bang for Your Buck

Bangkok Thailand is a foodies dream destination; on a private Bangkok sightseeing tour you will be enjoying noodles or a local delicacy on the street with the sights and smells of this country, and nothing will ever taste the same again. 

The mix of flavours and spices (salt and sweet) makes this a unique experience.  While there are no pristine table clothes or waiters at the food stalls, the street food is the way to go in Bangkok. 

The city is diverse in its food culture with many mixes of alternative foods and cultures, take a guided Bangkok Private Tour around this dynamic city and check it out.  

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Bangkok Sightseeing Tours

The Grand Palace
1 On Private Tour visit the Grand Palace Bangkok, it took three years to build in the late 18th century by King Rama I and is the official residence of the current monarch (although he does not live there, it's used for ceremonies only). The temple of Wat Pra Kaeo, home to the famous Emerald Buddha this 15th-century icon whose robes are rotated 3 times a year by no less than the King of Thailand himself.
Wat Traimit (The Golden Buddha)
2 The main attraction at Wat Traimit is undoubtedly the striking solid-gold Buddha image, gleaming like gold and sculpted in the elegant Sukhothai style. The image was 'discovered' over 40 years ago when some decorated plaster dropped from by a crane while it was moved to a new building within the compound. It has been theorised that the covering was added to protect it from marauding hordes. This is a must see with a Private Tour .
Lumphini Park
3 Lumphini Park or Lumpini or Lumpinee, is a 142-acre park in Bangkok Thailand. The park offers rare open public space with playgrounds and trees and has an artificial lake where visitors can rent boats. Paths around the park are very popular for evening joggers and tourists to take a leisurely stroll. On a Private Tour of Bangkok see the impressive Statue of the King at the south-west entrance.
The Floating Market
4 With a Private Tour of Bangkok, head over to the famous and unique floating markets. Take off for a Half Day Tour and see the traders banter and barter with tourists and locals alike. While this may not be the best place in Bangkok for shopping per say you will be going for the experience of seeing how these amazing people pull this market off and of course the colourful photo ops and the food.
Jim Thompson House
5 Jim Thompson was a famous silk merchant who disappeared under very mysterious circumstances in the 1950’s. On a Bangkok Private Tour to his home, you will see a real work of art, and it is a real treat. He gained worldwide recognition for successfully rebuilding the silk industry in Thailand. Jim was so famous that is was said if you sent him a letter and only addressed it to Jim Thompson Bangkok he would receive it!!
6 The City of Ayuthaya discovered in the 1300’s located on the Chao Phraya River in Thailand. It was once the capital of the Thai Kingdom, Ayuthaya is sitting on an Island surrounded by 3 rivers. Take a Bangkok Private Tour and see what was once called the most magnificent city on earth. It had 3 Palaces and over 400 temple’s it’s a very popular tourist attraction in Thailand, and one of the top ten must-see places in the region.
Temple Hopping
7 Bangkok is filled with history, temples, and ruins; there are about ten major temples in this dynamic, beautiful City. On a Private Tour, you will see the influence of many designers and architects who worked on these magnificent structures. On a one day tour is it possible to see all these sites but if you have the time spread out your sightseeing do it to appreciate them all. If your time is short visit the Temple of Dawn for sure.
8 On a Private Tour of Chinatown take a walk among the beautiful lilies, birds of paradise, orchids and Klong Talad Pak in the flower market and absorb the atmosphere and beauty of this wonderful place. See the award-winning and new food stalls and grab a bite on the go from the vendors or sit down and relax with a hot tea and watch the local people get on with their day in this busy but exciting district.
Dusit Zoo
9 The first zoo in Thailand, built over 60 years ago, in the middle of the administrative centre of Bangkok, the Zoo is surrounded by famous buildings including the Chitralada Palace. It is a fully functional park with an animal hospital, training centre, and museum. With a Private Tour take the tourist train to the zoo and see more than 1,600 animals there, watch out for the albino barking deer and white Bengal tigers.
Vimanmek Mansion
10 On a Private Tour take in the splendour of the Vimanmek Mansion as you tour Bangkok - Built in 1900’s by King Rama V, this palace is the largest teak mansion in the world. Today it houses the Museum of National Heritage, Thailand, and also has beautiful gardens and canals to explore the terrain. Now it is filled with collections of antiques, old photographs, porcelain, and memories of the reign of many Kings.

Travel Tips for Bangkok

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