Koh Phangan Tours to Full Moon Party Dance Non-stop Until Dawn

Ko Phangan at the full moon party, dance non-stop until dawn.

As there is so much else to love and explore do not to come just for the party, stay and take tours around this beautiful island.

For one week per month, the Island sees around 30, 000 tourists arriving onshore to party all night, then leave on the next boat in the morning. 

Ko Pha Ngan has plenty for more than just the Party goers,  more clean cut, its peace and quiet make it a fantastic option for families. 

Koh Phangan escorted tour, full moon party dance non-stop until dawn is the best way to party!

Remote Hat Thong Nai Pan Noi, mainly feels like a mini version of Ko Samui with its individual fronted stalls and rows of cushion clad loungers, while easier to reach, the west shore has brought some of the new upscale resorts and some old areas revamped to make it a bit ritzier.

 Plenty of spectacular, secluded bays where you can watch the tide roll in and can swing in a hammock. Love it!

Let the activities begin!
Full Moon Party
1 Book a Private Tour of Ko Pha Ngan and go to The Full Moon Celebration is an immense Rave with a significant amount of drinking, grooving, as well as hanging out. The beach destination is busy with the locals offering alcoholic beverages dressed as flame dancers! This is a one off experience and one not to be missed! Street vendors selling many party pieces, such as glow in the dark face paint and glow sticks of every description!
Zip lining tour
2 If you like adventure, excitement and you have no issue with heights, this is a must. Before you travel book a Private Tour and try this fabulous zip lining course suitable for beginners to the more experienced thrill seekers. Go zooming down between the 22 meters high bridges! Not for the faint hearted, this will get your heart beating !! It takes around an hour with a drink at the end ! hopefully, an alcoholic one !!
Thai Tradition Center
3 The Thai Tradition Center provides many different courses book with a Private Tour that you can find discover more about the cultures and traditions of the locals of Ko Pha Ngan. Explore ways to relax and engage in cooking lessons in Thai by preparing local cuisine, get a couple of words and phrases in a language course, or strike a fresh pose in a yoga exercise course. There is a varied selection of tours to choose from!
Thong Sala night market
4 In Thailand's Thong Sala night market Private Tour, there is something so fantastic for you to experience. Wandering around the stalls and the lovely smells can tempt you along every street. The market at Ko Pha Ngan has mouthwatering food stalls with so many things to eat and try from the many friendly streets vendors. Prices are reasonable and give you a chance to sample various Thai cuisine.
Boat Trip Adventure
5 Grab your sunscreen, flip flops and hat, and away you go for a relaxing time? Wait did I say relax !! Well, you can start off by sunbathing on the boat, then once they stop you can either have a climb the mountain side to see the views and jump off into the clear blue sea. If that doesn't appeal try your hand at kayaking, plenty of fun but tiring, and end your day with a bit of snorkelling! Perfect day out.
Bottle Beach
6 Fancy getting away from the crowded beaches, then head with a Private Tour to Bottle Beach. This is a stunning beach peaceful and quiet and has some little bungalows dotted around the beach to rent for a few nights. There are restaurants as well and is an ideal secluded place for couples and newlyweds. The best way to go is to trek through the lush forests otherwise grab a taxi sit back and start to chill out!
Sadet Waterfall National Park
7 The Sadet Waterfall National Park is a stunning place, you will feel like your having the shower of a lifetime as the water is falling over you so gently and warm! You need to make your way to the top to enjoy the stunning scenery and views. If you want to relax after your dip, you can have a massage at one of the places around the waterfall. The clear water is so transparent it is like looking in a mirror. Wear hard shoes for climbing
Slip and Fly Park
8 A tour at the slip and fly park at Ko Pha Ngan is a great day out, coming down the extremely long slides can be scary! The kids will have a blast, and it is a very enjoyable day with plenty to do, and the kids had a chance to play volleyball or play in the pools. The staff in the park and restaurant were very helpful and friendly. The music and cocktails were a good mix !prices were reasonable for a great family day out.
Kite Boarding Class
9 Wow, what a fantastic opportunity to kite surf in Thailand! The instructors were amazing, and we learned the theory side first before we were allowed on the board. Oh, I loved it as the wind carried me over the waves as the wind blew me along, it was an experience of a lifetime. If you are in Koh Phangan, you have to do this class !!
Silver Workshop
10 A different experience to make a piece of creative and unique jewellery for yourself or a loved one. The teacher speaks English and is very patient in his teaching methods. There are 1 or 2-day courses, and you can choose what you wish to make or take a photo along to show the guy, and he will do his best to make your dream come true! A very different and enjoyable day out in Ko Pha Ngan.

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