Crystal Waters and Divers Paradise Island Guided Tours to Ko Phi Phi

Warm jade crystal waters and a diver's paradise island Ko Phi Phi has it all.  This idyllic island paradise in Thailand lives up to all expectations of an exotic getaway.  

It's pure beauty is, so breathtaking you will never want to leave.  Long stretches of perfect white sandy beaches stretch out before you beckoning you to stay a while longer.  Warm jade waters lap the shore calling you in to swim or explore the amazing coral reefs hidden below.

Dive down to swim the clear waters amongst the shoals of exotic fish their stunning colours an assault on your eyes. The more remote eastern coast of the Island remains underdeveloped and home to only the best resort hotels and some low key traditional bungalows. 

Set amongst the swaying palms and mangroves, these homes offer the chance to forget the outside world. Its untouched natural beaches shine bright white in the relentless sun, and its many smaller bays offer a secluded place to chill. 

Although in danger of becoming quickly overdeveloped due to its hedonistic partying ways there are still plenty of places to escape and enjoy paradise.

Let the activities begin!
Phi Phi Island Plankton Sunset Cruise
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Enjoy the highlights of the spots around Phi Phi Island. Snorkelling, Kayaking and an all you can eat buffet. After dinner, swim with the amazing phosphorescent plankton.

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6 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Ko Phi Phi
Feed the Sharks
1 The most exciting private tour you could take is the favoured trip to see the sharks. Starting from Ko Phi Phi early morning, we had breakfast onboard while watching the crystal waters below us; it was not long before we were surrounded by sharks. After initial nervousness, we were soon feeding a variety of leopard sharks. Returning we stopped to snorkel and had a bonus of seeing some black tipped reef sharks
King Cruiser shipwreck
2 The King Cruiser Shipwreck Private Tour is a thrilling tour of the passenger vessel that went down in 1997 which sits upright in 32 metres of warm clear water. A guided tour allows you to take this fantastic journey down and swim amongst the wreck lying on the anemone reef. The crystal clearness of the water allows you a unique view of shoals of Clownfish, barracuda, moray eels and tuna. 
Pirate Island
3 One for the kids become a pirate for a day at this state of the art attraction on a Private Tour of Ko Phi Phi. You instantly become a pirate as soon as you board and are greeted at the door by a talking skeleton inviting you on to the ship where another skeleton is driving the ship adds to the instant excitement. There is a shooting range in the galleons hold with lots of authentic items and a Haunted mine and cosmic coaster!
Phi Phi Market
4 A guided tour to the Phi Phi Market is always a good idea, and this local one will not disappoint. You are immediately struck by the array of fruit and veg, freshly picked and ready for eating. From juicy melons and pineapple to the more unusual, and slightly stinky, Dorian fruit here you can buy it all. An acquired taste but the Thai people love them. Don't forget to seek out the fantastic display fresh seafood too.
Sunset Kayakking
5 Plan a private tour deep sea kayaking out to Wang Lengthy Bay. The sunsets in this part of the world are all spectacularly mind blowing but probably the best way to see it is out at sea. Plan your trip to arrive on the island just before sunset or go early and take advantage of the rock climbing also available on the island first. Either way, you will not be disappointed by the site of the sun slowly setting over the bright horizon.
Bamboo Island
6 Head out to the crystal emerald waters around Bamboo Island just 8 kilometres off Ko Phi Phi. As one of the most beautiful Private Tours to the National Park Islands of Phuket, you can relax on the perfect white beaches or take a swim in the warm, clear waters. Sightseeing places to visits include Monkey Beach to check out the wild monkeys and Viking Cave where locals still collect the nests of swifts to make their world renowned soup
Rock diving at Hin Muang
7 Easily recognised by its many huge rocks breaking the surface of the sparkling crystal sea a trip out to this reef area is a must. On a Private Tour to Hin Muang also known as Purple Rock due to the rocky pinnacles being covered in a dense forest of lush purple coloured corals. We were able to swim our way through swaying coral and dense schools of tropical fish spotting exotic examples of the red-toothed triggerfish and barracudas. 
Thai cookery classes
8 In Tonsai Town Ko Phi Phi plan a custom tour and you will have many chances to take a cookery class to learn the fine Art of Thai cuisine. You can participate in this fabulous experience in short half hour courses or go full on with a 6 hour. Our instructor was knowledgeable and answered all our questions even on some of the Thai traditions. You get to make three dishes from scratch, and at the end, you can all sit around and eat.
Rock climbing
9 With a guided tour Ko Phi Phi is the perfect location to do a spot of rock climbing. Its high cliffs are a climbers paradise with some hard climbs as well as the more gentle slopes for beginners. A private tour motorboat will take you out to one of the islands many natural Limestone rock faces where you will find the ideal conditions for your climb. Tonsai Tower is very popular, and from the top, there are the most spectacular views.
10 Fascinating fire shows and traditional Thai boxing games are regularly performed at many of the beach pubs lining the shore. After an excursion or a lazy day on the beach what better way to end the day than with a wild night out. Some of the beach bars can become a bit raucous so if you are looking for a more relaxed evening head inland a bit where things are a bit more sedate. The beach parties are legendary and can go on until dawn

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