'Holiday' With a Guided Tour of Pattaya and Sunbathe on the 'bayas'

Have a brilliant "Holiday" in Pattaya and sunbathe on the "Bayas", with the growing number of social and action packed exciting places to visit in Pattaya as the city tries to steer its reputation as a sex capital to something more appealing.

This town is built around a wide crescent shaped bay which was one of the first ever beach resorts in Thailand after the American GIs came, in the 1960’s, for some rest and recuperation. 

North Pattaya is regarded as the upmarket part of the city with the South being the nightlife hub.

A Pattaya Private Tour has many different trips to offer any tourist; there are temples to investigate, daily fishing trips, botanic gardens, museums with the city’s history, floating marketplace, mountain trekking, forest trails and even to see some elephants. 

Of course, there are the beautiful sandy white beaches just to relax, and sunbathe if you are not interested in trekking around while on holiday.

One of the best beach destinations to add to your itinerary take a tour to Phuket and put a tick on your bucket list by visiting the largest destination for tourism in Thailand. It is also the biggest Island in Thailand with the most fantastic beaches to sit back and relax on. 
Let the activities begin!
Sanctuary of Truth
1 On a Private Tour see the Sanctuary of Truth this cultural monument made entirely of wood with no metal nail used in its build. It has a commanding view of the sea and has been described as a visionary environment. There are four wings to this monument dedicated to Thai, Khmer, Chineses and Indian religions. The architecture is superb, and it has wood carved sculptures all over the inside and outside. 
Tiffany Cabaret Show
2 Book a private tour to Tiffany's Cabaret Show, and you will go to the grand theatre Pattaya. The theatre with its faux marble lobby is as spectacular as the dazzling costumes in the show. The show itself is bright and colourful with upbeat music.  The dancers play homage to the Chinese Imperial past, Korean traditional fan dance, Indian Rai and the history of Siam told through graceful Thai dance. All the cast of this extravaganza are ladyboys.
Nong Nooch Tropical Garden
3 Do a Private Tour of Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens and see the most amazing flowers, stunning displays and beautiful landscaped gardens in all of Thailand. It is not surprising to learn that the team behind this garden has won international awards. It includes a recreation of Stonehenge, creative Topiary displays and gardens purposely created for cacti and bonsai. You can see an Elephant talent show and Thai dancing on a private tour.
Pattaya Floating Market
4 This market has four regions that float with each section representing and selling items from that region. A private guided tour of Pattaya Market is highly recommended as they can organise for you to be brought around the market on a boat. The buildings that house the markets are like houses built in the water. It is a unique experience that is for sure, with lots of places to buy your souvenirs, taste traditional food and have a laugh.
Coral Island
5 Beyond the hustle and bustle of Pattaya, you will come upon Coral Island a little piece of paradise. It is exactly how you would want paradise to be like.  This is an ideal place to go if you are jaded with the fast pace of life because as soon as you reach here you immediately start to unwind and relax and the views from the brilliant say beaches are to die for.  A guided private tour is the best way to arrange a trip to this beautiful Island.     
Art in Paradise
6 Art in Paradise is a place where Art is brought to life, and visitors become part of it through optical illusions. It is the total opposite of what you expect an art gallery to be. If you stand in a particular spot and take a picture fro the right angle, it looks like you are on a flying carpet in a desert or crossing a rickety bridge in the jungle, swimming in the sea with dolphins and much much more.  A fabulous place for the family to visit.
Ripleys Believe it or Not!
7 This is a museum of sorts that houses over 300 exhibits that will just boggle the mind. It is where you learn about true stories that are totally unbelievable and stranger than fiction. There are several fun rides there, 12d moving theatre, a waxwork museum and a very popular Sky rider which is a hot air balloon that will offer unique views of the city to you. Another private tour to take your family on.
Big Buddha
8 The biggest Buddha in the region is 18 meters in height and positioned nearly 100 meters above sea level.  From where is it situated on the hill it watches over Pattaya and Jomtien Beaches.  This giant bright golden Buddha can be seen from a long way off, and the complex itself is very touristy but a private tour to see this Big Buddha is still well worth the visit. There is also a shrine to pay your respects while on this tour.
Pattaya Beach
8 The beaches here are some of the best in Ko Lipe Thailand with gleaming white sands perfect for relaxing and unwinding.  As the warm crystal waters lap the shore enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this palm-fringed paradise.  The most well known and popular beach here, you can easily see why by the happy faces of the reclining people enjoying their day.  Small bars and cafes line the beach, and the sunsets here are spectacular and free of charge.
Underwater World
9 In Pattaya's Under Water World, you will find the areas largest Aquarium. It is stunningly built and houses all the best and rare tropical fish. It has all modern up to date viewing rooms and hallways. As you walk from room to room, you can see the fish overhead through the glass ceiling. The are pools where it is safe to touch some fish and help at Koi feeding session. A very cool place to spend an afternoon on this private tour.
Walking Street Tour
10 A guided private tour is an ideal way to visit the city of Pattaya and learn all the best places to go when you are out again without a guide. You will be brought to all the best places to eat and drink, shown where all the best entertainment can be had.  You can meet the locals at their stalls in the all night markets, go down side streets that you probably wouldn’t do if you didn’t have a guide with you and could have missed out on.

Travel Tips for Pattaya