Take a Tour to Phuket and Put a Tick on Your Bucket List

Take a tour to Phuket and put a tick on your bucket list by visiting the largest destination for tourism in Thailand. It is also the biggest Island in Thailand with the most fantastic beaches to sit back and relax on. 

The city of Patong is regarded as Phuket’s sin city where all the sizzling nightlife is held. It is a fun holiday destination!

There is spectacular scenery to be seen, and the stunning tropical sunset makes you feel you are in paradise. The fabulous sandy beaches lined with palm trees and the warm blue sea is picture perfect. 

Take a Guided Private Tour of this island to get the full experience as there is so much to do and see. Take a sightseeing cruise along the bay, visit temples, go on a bike trail to the mountains, go snorkelling and diving, the list is endless.

As Phuket is the busiest island for tourism, Patong beach can be quite crowded but don’t despair there are other beaches not as well known but just as good, always ask a private tour guide.

Let the activities begin!
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7 Nights At The Sunset Beach Resort In Phuket From Johannesburg
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Similan Island Starting From Phuket, Sarasin Bridge
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HOT NEW ! Now you can leave with speedboat from Phuket (Sarasin Bridge) A great new way to leave Phuket without having to have to go to Tap Lamu at Khao Lak.

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Phang Nga Bay
1 A private tour cruise of the Phang Nga Bay is a must. See the sheer limestone karats, jutting out vertically from the emerald green water, visit the famous landmark ‘Koh Ta-pu’ but known better as ‘James Bond Island’ after the movie ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’ which showed off the spectacular signature rocky pinnacles and made everyone want to visit. Gliding along the water on a private tour looking at such beauty feels amazing.
Wat Chalong
2 Take a Private Tour to see the largest temple in Phuket, Wat Chalong. This stunning looking temple is the most famous temple of the 29 temples in Phuket for Buddhists. There are a few buildings within the compound but the biggest is the Temple, and its architecture is fabulous. There is an air of peace and happiness when you get there. You need to dress appropriately when going into the temple. And be respectful.
Khao Phra Thaeo National Park
3 This National Park is the last significant virgin rain forest found in the northern part of the Island. There are treks to go on with a private tour that brings you through the majestic tropical forest. Although the Wildlife tends to stay out of sight, if you stay still long enough, you might catch a glimpse. A Botanist or any plant/flower lover will be in their element with the fabulous flora, and fauna found growing wild.
Coral Island and Racha Island
4 Take a Phuket guided private tour on a speedboat for the full experience to the Coral Island and Racha Island. These are the idyllic tropical islands that you see in pictures and never thought you would see in real life. The islands are ringed with white sandy beaches and the best place to go snorkelling among the beautiful corals and to get up close and personal with the local aquatic life in clear turquoise waters. 
You feel spoilt here!
Phuket Gibbon Rehabilitation Project
5 Found in the Khao Phra Taew National Park, this place deserves its own private tour and not be part of the national park tour because you will want to spend more time here. This project is run on donations, and it adopts Gibbons that have been kept in cages, and the hope is that the Gibbons can be reintroduced to the wild. Poaching for Gibbons is a big problem in Phuket, and then they are paraded around tourist bars for money.

Thalang National Museum
6 A private tour of Thalang National Museum is excellent and chronicles Phuket's history. You will learn about the prehistoric Andaman inhabitants, the tin-mining era, see national costumes and artefacts from the bygone era. Hear the legend of ‘two heroines’ who drove off the Burmese invasion in the 18th century convincing the women of the island to dress as men. Its prize artefact is a 2.3 meter tall stone statue of Vishnu from the 9th century
Bangla Road Phuket
7 This area of Phuket is mild and quiet during the day, but it has to be seen to be believed at night, the road closes to traffic, and the real Soi Bangla Road opens its doors for business. While there are daytime guided tours around this part of Phuket, you will not find them at night and this area is not for the more conservative tourist. The street is loaded with bars and Thai ladies willing and ready to show anyone a perfect time!  
Big Buddha
8 Northwest of Chalong circle, on top pf the Nakkerd Hills sits a 45-meter Big Buddha grandly looking over Phuket's beautiful views.  A private tour to see The Big Buddha will bring you up to the hills to see this monument and to pay your respects in the golden shrine which is visible from half of the island.  When you step up to the Buddhas plateau, you look down upon the perfects bays and shimmering seas. Breathtaking!
Masjid Mukaram Bang Thao
9 For a change from sandy beaches and beautiful seas, a private tour to Masjid Mukaram Bang Thao is completely different. This is a busy mosque, in Phuket, 4% of its population are Muslims, and this is where they come to pray. It has a bright white front facade and mosaic domes of sea green that look fantastic against the backdrop of the jungle hills and blue skies. The people there are friendly and welcoming.
Shrine of Serene Light
10 To add colour to Phuket, there are a few Chinese Temples to see by a private tour, and one of these is the Shrine of Serene Light. This shrine has been restored to its former glory and is tucked away up a valley. It has stunning Taoist etchings on the walls and ceilings that are vaulted and stained from incense plumes. On the altar, there are fresh flowers and candles burning all the time. Like its name, it is a very serene place to visit.

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