The Stunning Paradise Island, a Private Tour of Ko Lipe, Is a Must!

Visit the stunning island paradise of Ko Lipe in sparkling turquoise waters see this stunning jewel and island paradise in the waters of the Andaman Sea. 

The most southern of the islands Ko Lipe is surrounded by over 50 islands and is part of one of the oldest marine parks in Thailand. The stunning paradise island, a private tour of Ko Lipe, is a must!

These tropical islands are surrounded by stunning coloured coral reefs, and the sea is teeming with life from fabulous bright fish to crabs and beautiful sea anemones. 

Spend hours on a Private Tour discovering what lays just beneath the surface or dive down to the reefs and see the barracuda and tuna and the urchins and snappers.  

Relax in a hammock under the cooling canopy of tropical palms fringing the white beaches.  While away many hours reading or sleeping, before heading out to one of the many trendy bars for dinner and a few beers or cocktails.  Everywhere you go, you will find a warm welcome and make some new friends as well as have a wonderful time…it is a hard life, but somebody has to do it!

Let the activities begin!
Snorkelling and diving
1 Clear, azure blue warm waters make this snorkelling Ko Lipe Private Tour a guaranteed success. By taking a little outing, you can freely dive amongst the beautiful coral reefs and seek out the amazing array of tropical fish found there. Snorkelling equipment is also available for those who want to stay in the shallower water. At Eight Mile Rock and Yong Hua, you will find the best underwater spectacles including a shipwreck and hidden treasures.
Batik Painting
2 At the fantastic Lipe, Vacation Resort take a Private Tour, and you can witness this ancient form of painting at first hand. Dating back to the 4th century and originating in Egypt this ancient art form uses a unique wax resistant fabric that makes this type of artwork so attractive. You can learn the history behind this form of artistry and from where this idea came from before you can spend a few pleasurable hours making your own masterpiece.
Island Hopping
3 From this superb tropical location, take a Private Tour of the Ko Lipe Island Hopping scene.  You can reach many of the smaller islands that lie just offshore as well as some of, the farther ones.  Normally the first or last stop on your Thailand holiday, it is a fantastic way to wind down or prepare for the next part of your holiday.  Small ferries make the journey to such exotic locations as Phuket, Malaysia, Park Bars and Phi and many offer the opportunity do some snorkelling on the way there.
Visit the National Park
4 Spend some time in the lush green forests of the National Park amongst the huge trees standing after hundreds of years. Listen to the chattering monkeys and the melodic bird song as you wander through the carpet of tropical flowers. Take one of the private tour day trips to see the stunning sunset or a leisurely trip with some snorkelling and diving thrown in or feast on tropical fruit lying on one of the perfect tropical beaches.
5 Get your boots on and get hiking in Ko Lipe with Private Tour.  Haven is an excellent location to take on some adventure into the magnificent forests that cover the whole area. There are different routes from a leisurely strolling to a more strenuous hike and everywhere you walk you come across unusual animals or insects and some truly stunning displays of exotic flowers. The route out to Cha Doa was a fantastic choice as we saw the most incredible views on the way.
Hantalay Buddhist Temple
6 Situated high on a hill amongst the dense jungle is this excellent example of a Buddhist Temple.  Situated off the road between Sunrise and Sunset Beaches it is well worth a stop off.  This unusual Temple differs from the other Golden wonders found in the areas as it is basically a wooden shack.  Brightly decorated with colourful artefacts a few Monks live here with their many cats and dogs.  An unusual, but interesting place off worship.
Ko Adang Tour
7 Take a private tour by motorboat to the neighbouring Mediterranean Island of Ko Adang.  This fun boat ride through the crystal clear waters allows you to relax with a beer or two while seeing some of the colourful sea life found around this shores.  Mainly uninhabited the island has stories from long ago of piracy and hidden booty along the Chado Cliff.  Hiking trails and picturesque waterfalls are hidden gems amongst the lush forest.
Yoga classes
9 Where else can you experience the relaxing calmness of yoga in the way it was meant to be taught. In the beautiful lush gardens of Mali Resort, you can take lessons every day at 10 and 3. In these fantastic surroundings, it is hard not to relax and feel the calming effects of the yoga and the melodic voice of the teacher. She was very professional and knowledgeable and made the lessons fun. You come away feeling totally revived.
Bar Hopping
10 No tourist coming here on holiday leaves without at least one night at the bars.  After spending most of the day sleeping or reading in your hammock under the swaying palms that fringe the beach you should be ready to party.  Of the many bars around this area, we found Jacks Jungle Bar to be popular, and it fast became one of our favourites along with Karma Bar.  Staff were pleasant, and lots of fun and you certainly won’t go thirsty at either.

Travel Tips for Ko Lipe