Private Tour of Chiang Mai in Thailand Will Recharge Your Batteries

On a Private Tour of Chiang Mai, Thailand you will recharge your batteries and relax in this stunningly beautiful yet magical medieval City.  Thailand's northern capital Chiang Mai is a fabulous escape from the busy and sometimes hectic city life that is  Bangkok.

The beautiful lush forest surrounding the area with Monasteries and Temples nestled around the hills is a breathtaking backdrop with some of the temples now been converted into little hotels you can book your Sightseeing Tour of Chiang Mai.
The town is overflowing with tradition, friendly natives, international cuisine markets, a significant number of stunning temples with a soothing, relaxed vibe and the lovely landscapes time will just melt away.  It is a beautiful little place and worth a visit while you are exploring the region.

The original traditions of the town and its people have not changed, and you will love your time here.  Join one of our Private Tours and discover why Chiang Mai is Thailand's “Rose of the North."

Let the activities begin!
Rafting and Lisu Lodge Adventure Tour
2 reviews

Rafting on the Mae Tang River is exciting and lots of fun with great rapids. Scenic evergreen forest surrounds the river. Then visit Hill Tribe Village 'Lisu'.

From USD
Price varies by dates and group size
5 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Chiang Mai
Adventure by ATV and Mokfah Waterfall
1 reviews

Chiang Mai is a cultural and historical city in northern Thailand. Enjoy riding ATV in a beautiful Nature, seeing the true local village.

From USD
Price varies by group size
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Chiang Mai
Private Doi Inthanon National Park Tour from Chiang Mai
5 reviews

Visit Wachiratharn waterfall, The highest spot in Thailand, The King and the Queen pagodas, Hmong market, Visit the Karen village , try some fresh local coffee from the tribe

From USD
9 hours Scheduling Private Tour Chiang Mai
Private Day Tour of Doi Suthep Temple, Wat Phalad, Wat U Mong in Chiang Mai
7 reviews

Visiting Doi Suthep temple, Wat Phalad,Wat U Mong, Lunch at the local restaurant,Warorot market ( local shopping and flower market)

From USD
9 hours Scheduling Private Tour Chiang Mai
Private Day Tour of Wat Prathat Doi Kham, Wat Phalad, Wat U Mong in Chiang Mai
0 reviews

Visiting Wat Prathat Doi Kham, Wat Phalad, Wat U Mong, Lunch at the local restaurant, Warorot market (local shopping and flower market!)

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9 hours Scheduling Private Tour Chiang Mai
Explore the Bua Tong Waterfall
15 reviews

Bua Tong Water located in a natural rainforest with amazing views. Swim and relax before having lunch and then visit temples and streets in town.

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Price varies by group size
4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Chiang Mai
Stunning National Park Trekking With Royal Temple Visit and Local Markets
2 reviews

Heading Southwest of Chiangmai, stop at Pha That Sri JomThong Temple, the charming royal temple. Then further to Ob Luang, which is one of the seven wonders of Thailand.

From USD
Price varies by group size
6 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Chiang Mai
Visit the Charming Little Village of Mae Kham Pong
9 reviews

Visit this place outside Chiangmai city. Mae Kham Pong is a little village enveloped by green, green forest. It's cool/cold all year round and rich in natural resources.

From USD
Price varies by group size
7 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Chiang Mai
Cycling Tour to Grand Canyon Chiang Mai
1 reviews

Start your trip with some trekking followed by cycling the local roads to a bamboo house where we will have lunch before heading to the Grand Canyon.

From USD
Price varies by group size
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Chiang Mai
Wat Chedi Luang Worawihan
1 Take a Private Tour of Wat Chedi Luang Worawihan Temple, this grand temple has a wide selection of golden Buddha's and see the beautiful decorative zodiac signs everywhere. You can make a small donation and a wish according to your birth sign! At the monk chat corner, you can sit for as long as you want and have a great conversation with the Monks. The price for entry is extremely low and has many great photograph opportunities.
Phra Singh Temple
2 A fabulous Phra Singh Temple is a must see Private Tour, see where the monks and their carers still live in its compound which is classed as a Royal Temple! The massive golden tower is just stunning! You can sit and talk to the monks, and they will wrap a small white bracelet around your wrist in gratitude for your attendance and any donations you would like to make. If you wish you can join in the prayer session around 5 pm.
Wat Doi Suthep
3 The Wat Doi Suthep temple is busy all through the year with tourists and Buddhist pilgrims from across the world. It provides visitors a fantastic insight into the traditional ways of the surrounding area. Every evening, seven days a week at 6 pm you will hear and see the temple monks chant as this glorious chorus sends shivers down your spine! On a Private Tour climb the 304 steps to reach this beautiful temple.
Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls
4 On a Private Guided Tour of the Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls, you will take on a bit of an adventure, pack your backpack and bring your picnic and visit these incredible waterfalls. The unique sticky residue on the mountain at the waterfalls makes it a safe for climbers or all levels. Once you are at the top take a rest and look at the beautiful scenery, enjoy your picnic and decide if, you want to take the jump.
Night Time Bazaar
5 Chiang Mai is the handicraft central of Thailand; the night-time bazaar/market is the biggest one of its kind offering fantastic types of various crafts famous in the Chiang Mai area. The local people like nothing better than to haggle with you and have some banter, so you get you the best bargain!! The small and windy streets with their unique charm are lovely to see day or night!
Doi Suthep - Pui National Park
6 A Private Tour of The Doi Suthep-Pui National Park is an ideal place to trek up the mountain and see the many temples or enjoy the amazing forests and the view from the top. The Park is 2200 meters above the city and has some breathtaking views. If you do not fancy a trek hire a Private Tour jeep to take you to the top, you will pass many beautiful places and waterfalls; it is so serene and peaceful you will love it.
Art in Paradise, Chiang Mai 3D Art Museum
7 A fun and interactive museum in Chiang Mai is a family favourite with plenty of photo opportunities. Wear shoes you can just slip off as you will have them off more than on!! while you get down and dirty between the exhibits. It's full of optical illusions; you can visit Egypt or see the dinosaur's roaming around at this museum. Price's are reasonable and worth is for this unique experience in Thailand.
Chiang Mai Night Safari
8 Do a safari tour with a difference; the Chiang Mai Night Safari might be just for you. On your guided tour see the wild animals up close and personal you will feel like you are in Jurassic Park hurling through the forest taking in the wild beasts!! You can take some bananas and carrots, and you might get the chance to feed the giraffes and zebra. It's an incredible experience made better because it is in the night !!
Chiang Mai Zoo
9 In the 1950's Harold Mason Young, a child of United States missionaries began rescuing and taking care of injured and orphaned animals. His passion for helping animals grew and The Chiang Mai Zoo grew from strength to strength and now spans over 24 acres and has various incredible animals housed there. With it's two large aquariums this Zoo is a fun family day out.
Elephant Nature Recreation Park
10 Positioned outside Chiang Mai; the Elephant Nature Recreation Park rescues orphaned and wounded elephants from around the country. With a Private Tour of Chiang Mai see this unique shelter which also houses cats and dogs. You could come to visit, or if you love elephants, you can actually spend a one-week stay and volunteer to look after the animals. What a great opportunity to learn about the park and the great work this Park does.

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