Amazing Live Volcanos and Deserted Beaches Private Tour of Indonesia

Indonesia has everything you want out of a holiday the place is fantastic, with a private tour of the live volcanoes and deserted beaches and the occasional monkey swinging from the trees; you won't get bored! 

The mix of cultures is amazing due to the fact it has the country has over 17,500 islands! 

Every place has its own culture and uniqueness and so many things to see and do maybe you need to take a month at least to soak up the magnificence of Indonesia. 

President Barrack Obama spent his childhood here, and Marco Polo was the first foreign person to set foot into the country in 1292   Read More...

Amazing Live Volcanos and Deserted Beaches Private Tour of Indonesia

The cultures are so diverse from very superstitious to the most spiritual, this is a holiday where you will learn so much about various people from different islands and extraordinary views, you will love it! Something that surprised me or should I say shocked me was the Sex Mountain ritual, that occurs every 35 days !

Yes, it's a Muslim country, but it's imperative they follow this faith. Obviously written by a man!!!  Anyway, everyone heads up the Gunung Kemukus and pray before giving themselves a wash in the springs before they engage fully with another partner. The rules are very simple you must not have intercourse with your wife or husband and not engage with the same sex! 

Why ? it brings them luck and wealth! and I am sure a lot more !!!

Top 10 Things to Do in Indonesia

Komodo National Park
1 A National Park established in 1980, declared one of the New Seven Wonders, includes Islands Komodo, Rinca and several adjacent ones. A private tour of the National Park will bring you to brilliant places to go snorkelling within the islands and trekking to spot dragons. There are great hiking destinations on Komodo over peaks or into deep valleys. Fabulous flora and fauna to see and learn about. It is an Idyllic Wonder.
Maura Jambi
2 An important Hindu-Buddhist site in Sumatra is Muara Jambi. Found here, are ruins scattered and partially restored temples. It is believed the temples were to mark the location of the ancient capital of the kingdom, Jambi, from 1000 years ago. There are eight temples known to date and as you walk around them on your guided tour, you can be walking on ancient pottery shards. Not surprising, some temples have jungles growing from them.
Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali
3 This is the equivalent of the famous Smithsonian in America, for Indonesia. Located in Bali and comprises of buildings and pavilions, many of which are examples of Balinese Architecture. There are traditional artefacts, prehistoric housing pieces, ritual objects, a rich display of textiles and the skeleton of a Barong, a mythical lion-dog creature and much more. A private tour will guide you to all the wonderful displays.
Gunung Sibayak
4 This is Indonesia's most accessible volcanoes with three ways to climb. It is not very often you would get an opportunity to climb a volcano so definitely take a private tour to this one. There is the easy climb which takes about 3 hours along a well-worn path. Or you can take a minibus part of the way, then walk for 2 hours but the trail is not great. Best and longest way for the adventurer is through the jungle.
Kebun Raya
5 There are fabulous botanical gardens at the heart of the city Bogor. Officially opened in 1817 with influences from Dutch and British botanists. You can see crops such as tea, tobacco, cinchona and cassava. There are many highlights to a private tour here, such as the footstool palm native tree, huge Agave, used to make tequila is my personal favourite. Not to forget the Orchid house or ponds and much more.
Gunung Kawi
6 This is one of Bali’s largest ancient monuments that lies at the bottom of a rich green valley. Gunung Kawi has ten awe inspiring shrines (candi) cut out of the rock face imitating original statues. You can wander between monuments, temples, streams and fountains learning all the history from your private tour guide; there is so much to absorb. Some of the areas are regarded very holy and must be respected as such.
Museum Nasional
7 The best National Museum in Indonesia is the Museum in Jakarta and a visit is essential. There is an open courtyard on your way into the museum that is like a museum itself, so be sure to spend time there while on a private tour. The museum building is vast with four floors filled top to bottom with every ancient bit of history ever found in Indonesia including Elephant sculptures, jewellery, gold, pottery, textiles and more.
House of Sampoerna
8 The best attraction in Surabaya is the House of Sampoerna which is home to a famous ‘Kretak’ Indonesian Cigarette manufacturer. Whether you are a smoker or not this museum and factory are fascinating, In the factory, you can see women hand roll and trim a certain brand of cigarettes banned in most countries for the strong tar content. A private tour explains all about the factory and the amazing history found in the museum.
Goa Gajah
9 This is a cave in Bedula carved into a rock face and you the entrance is the cavernous mouth of a demon. A private tour will bring you to the cave to see fragment remains of a lingam, the phallic symbol of the Shiva Hindu god, his female counterpart and a statue of his son who is the elephant-headed god Ganesha. Two square bathing pools are in front of the cave with six female figures holding the waterspout. Another fascinating tour.
Gunung Kerinci
10 A volcano dominating the northern end of the Kerinci Seblat National Park, it is the tallest volcano in Southeast Asia and one of the most active. Once you reach the summit, which is a trek, with your private tour, on a clear day, you can see the most spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. Botanists from worldwide come here for rare flora and fauna and don’t be surprised to see the odd tiger paw print!
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