Adventure Will Be Your Mantra With Private North Sumatra Tours

There is adventure, culture and sightseeing with private North Sumatra Tours, an area on the Island of Sumatra in Indonesia.

The many North Sumatra adventure tours include swimming in the world's largest volcanic lake or meeting the Orangutans in the Jungle. There is excitement and thrills in abundance here.

Cultural tours North Sumatra will take you to meet the indigenous people who are very friendly and welcoming. Learn their daily lifestyle which thankfully no longer involves beheading and devouring visitors!

The stunning and incredible landscape and scenery are a delight for professional or amateur photographers when on North Sumatra sightseeing tours. This island is truly blessed with spectacular natural beauty.

The highlight activities include the walking tours North Sumatra offers of the active volcanoes, admittedly these are sometimes more like treks than walking tours but enjoyable and exhilarating all the same.

A visit to North Sumatra will not be boring for any tourist with all the fantastic activities to do and amazing places to visit.

Let the activities begin!
3 Days Medan - Bukit Lawang Orangutans Tour
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This 3 day Medan to Bukit Lawang tour includes city tours of Medan, Visiting Rubber Plantations and treks through the rainforest to see Orangutangs and much more

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3 days Scheduling Shared Tour North Sumatra
Private 4 Days Tour in Bukit Lawang
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Discover the best deals for a Four-days and Three–nights exclusive tour experiencing the natural world of Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra - Indonesia.

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4 days Scheduling Private Tour North Sumatra
Private Day Trip to Bukit Lawang & Jungle Trekking
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Discover Bukit Lawang in a short day tour by jungle trekking to see the Orangutan in the wild and other flora and fauna with a local professional guide.

10 hours Scheduling Private Tour North Sumatra