City of Soul and Traditions the Historical Yogyakarta Guided Tour

The City of Soul and Traditions the amazing historical Yogyakarta or Jogja as it's affectionately called and easier to pronounce, is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. The fantastic world heritage sites and temples are sure to astound you with their beauty and history.

If you love history, you have come to the right place; Jogja is filled to the brim of it !!

The city is run by the Sultan Hamengkubuwono, try saying that with a drink on you !!

This city is all soul, and you will fall in love their culture and traditional life.

Although on first look this city is very modern, with shopping centers galore, Fancy hotels and restaurants, it is still fiercely clutching at its faith and traditions.

So many attractions to see you won't be disappointed in Jogja.

Let the activities begin!
Borobudur Sunrise 5 Hour Private Tour from Yogyakarta
3 reviews

Borobudur is best seen at dawn, when the air is fresh and full of birdsong. As the mist begins to lift, the sun scales the surrounding volcanoes and terraced fields.

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68 customer recommendations
6 hours Scheduling Private Tour Yogyakarta
Horse Carriage Village Tours in Borobudur, Yogyakarta
1 reviews

Candirejo is said to be a symbol of Javanese culture where visitors can experience and participate in a variety of cultural attractions and activities.

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35 customer recommendations
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Yogyakarta
Jomblang Cave - Pindul Cave and Oyo River Tubing Tours Yogyakarta
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Jomblang cave is 40 meters deep, Grubug Cave has a 90 metres deep shaft, Pindul Cave which becomes part of seven caves and Oyyo River Tubing all in one tour.

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5 to 10 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Yogyakarta
Borobudur Sunrise Private Tour from Yogyakarta
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Visit Borobudur temple for the awesome sunrise continue to Pawond and Mendut Temple, afterward transfer back to your hotel in Jogjakarta.

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Price varies by group size
6 hours Scheduling Private Tour Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta Dinner with Ramayana Ballet Performance at Prambanan Temple
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Watch the spectacular Ramayana show in Prambanan Temple after a buffet dinner in the temple ground. Prambanan is the largest temple compound dedicated to Shiva in Indonesia.

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Price varies by group size
4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Yogyakarta
Hiking to Mt. Merapi Slopes from Yogyakarta
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Hiking the world famous volcano Mt. Merapi surely is a great choice. There will be a guide for this soft hike, and later on you will be able served the signature local cuisine

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Price varies by group size
7 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Yogyakarta
Indulgent Yogyakarta Private City Tour
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Visit the Sultan’s Palace, also known as ‘Kraton’ – Tamansari Royal Bathing Place – Beringharjo Traditional Market or Kota Gede.

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Price varies by group size
7 hours Scheduling Private Tour Yogyakarta
Prambanan Temple
1 A phenomenal place to visit, even as you get closer, you are in awe at the size of these temples ! how they built them is fantastic. The private tour guide was excellent and explained a great deal about the Hindu religion, and it is just oozing centuries of history! Should you go in the evening, you will see the stunning sunset and there is also a ballet show on, which sounds fabulous to see among the ruins.
Borobudur Temple
2 A private tour here is a must while in Indonesia, this huge Budda is the biggest temple in the world dates back to 800AD! This historical site lay abandoned for centuries and was eventually uncovered under a tonne of volcanic ash! It is believed to have taken over 80 years to build this magnificent temple! Surrounded by lush vegetation and palm trees no wonder this is a world heritage site! There is a modest train that takes you around.
Merapi Volcano
3 Fancy a hot tour? Well get ready for a bumpy but fun ride up to the Active volcano of Merapi, you will have a fantastic time, and it is ideal for all the family! The views are breathtaking, and you pass by an abandoned vision village your private tour guide will give you the history. The lava running down the volcano has created faces and looks a bit alien like ! spooky but great to see !!
The Water Castle
4 This beautiful bathing complex and pools is a lovely way to relax during your holiday, the stunning landscape and man-made lake is an excellent spot for a picnic. The underground mosque is beautiful, and the place, in general, is a great place for photography. Entry fee is cheap but book a private guide so you learn the history behind it, otherwise, you will miss out.
Taman Pelangi Adventure Park
5 A perfect nighttime tour of this park is a must if you have children, the park is all lit up, as are the attractions, with lanterns swinging in the trees, the kids will love it! Don't forget your camera as its beautiful at night! Entry fee is cheap, and there is a free train that takes you around the park. Great night out for the whole family.
Yogyakarta Monument
6 This iconic monument of Yogyakarta can be found very easily, and it is best to go in the evening to get your selfie !! One, it's quieter in the evening and two, it is lit up. It is situated on a busy road, so late night when the traffic is not so busy would be an ideal time to visit. It is obviously free to view and a great spot for photographs.
Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan
7 Wow, what a backdrop to view a ballet! The Prambanan temple was a stunning place to see this entertaining concert. We went in the evening and you are given a leaflet detailing each part of the ballet ( in most languages) so you can understand it fully. We loved the experience and it was reasonable prices for entry.
Ullen Sentalu
8 A fascinating and enjoyable museum where you can learn about the Royal family and all the cultures of Indonesia. The place itself is breathtaking, and the private tour guide was knowledgeable and happy to answer all my questions! The interior paintings are breathtakingly beautiful and it explains how well they lived back in those centuries. A worthwhile visit we all enjoyed.
Jomblang Cave
9 The climb to the top takes a bit of an effort and often very muddy so wear the right footwear, the private tour guides help you along the way. Once you reach the top, the views on a clear day are awesome! You are not allowed to abseil on your own but help is given by the porters down the 60 meters drop. It was a great experience and not at all scary! It was a bit expensive but worth it to get a photo of me abseiling !!
Ratu Boko Temple
10 This temple was not on my bucket list, but I am so glad I visited it. The private tour was well organised and it was huge! I was not expecting that at all ! the views in the evening of the sun setting down over Prambanan was stunning. The peacefulness and the quiet was the highlight for me as it is not one of the most popular temples which is a shame as it's full of history.

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