Bali Sightseeing Tour of a Stunningly Beautiful and Cultural Island

Do you Fancy a holiday where you can live in luxury and be treated like a Queen! Yes Please!!, Where do I sign up!! A private tour to Bali, a stunningly beautiful and cultural Island, 1 in 17,000 islands of Indonesia that has so much to see and do you will need to keep coming back for more! 

The breathtaking, stunning long white beaches and the deep blue sea with the hammocks swaying in the breeze, who doesn't want to visit here!   Read More...

Spectacular Guided Tour of Bali an Island of Peace and Harmony, Relax and Unwind

Bali Sightseeing Tour of a Stunningly Beautiful and Cultural Island

However there is so much more to do than just sunbathing in Bali, the place is a haven for cultural and heritage sites and religious festivals so jump off your hammock and explore this serene and peaceful Island and enjoy the Balinese hospitality!

The cuisine is second to none in Bali with many top chefs cooking up a storm for all the tourists visiting the island, or on guided tours. So many options to choose from, do you fancy eating at the head of a live volcano? Well, it can be done here!

You can even have a meal for two in the lion's den at the National safari park you are on a private tour of!

So many quirky options and places to eat you'll be lost for choice, and you won't get hungry in Bali that's for sure !!

Top 10 Things to Do in Bali

Tanah Lot
1 This is a Temple that sits upon a small rock formation. Take a private tour in Bali to this Temple and you will be brought to a busy souvenir market before coming to the bottom of the temple which is said to be protected by venomous snakes and finally reaching the temple. The chief god of this Temple is Dewa Baruna, the sea god. From the Temple, there are stunning water vistas. The view from the temple at sunset is spectacular.
Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
2 This is really an incredible place to take a private tour in Bali. It is a Hindu Temple complex set in the jungle, home to the famous macaque monkeys. Good and all as the Temple is, the monkeys steal all the attention. They have no fear of people and if you have bananas, they will follow you until you give it to them. The monkeys like to pickpocket so be careful, but there is staff to help you get anything back from them.
Bali Safari and Marine Park
3 For a fun day out, take a private tour to Bali Safari and Marine Park. It is one of the islands largest theme parks and most visited. With 40 hectares of land, it is home to around 60 species that roam free in large enclosures, the same as their natural habitats. Ride the safari bus to see the large elephants doing tricks, the small animals dodging you or go to the extra large aquarium to see baby sharks and so much more.
Neka Art Museum
4 A guided tour in Bali of this Art museum is educational and enjoyable. It is a great place to learn about Indonesian and Balinese art, styles and traditions. The building itself is not state of the art, but the work held inside certainly is; it is a collection of fine art inspired by people, culture and natural beauty. Time in this museum is said to have a profound effect on your appreciation of other Indonesian art.
Uluwatu Temple
5 With the most amazing and stunning ocean views, this is an ancient Hindu temple perched on a cliff. One of the most panoramic places to take a private tour. The Temple is one of six key Temples of Bali’s spiritual pillars and offers a traditional dance show when you visit, but it really is overshadowed by its location. The views and crystal clear water are much more inviting. There is the possibility of an odd monkey running around.
Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali
6 Located in Bali, this museum is made up of a few buildings and pavilions, many of which are examples of Balinese Architecture. The type of things to look and learn here on a private tour are prehistoric housing pieces, ritual objects, display of rich textiles, traditional artefacts and the skeleton of a mythical lion- dog creature known as a Barong. This museum is the equivalent in Bali of Americas Smithsonian.
Goa Gajah
7 This cave on rock face of a mountain, on the road to Bedula, is Goa Gajah. A private tour of this cave is exciting and nerve wrecking, as you enter the cave through the carved mouth of a demon. Inside the T-shaped cave are the phallic symbol of the Hindu god Shiva, his female opposite and a statue of an elephant god Ganesha, Shiva's son. In front of the cave are two bathing pools with figures of six girls holding the waterspouts.
Gunung Kawi
8 One of Bali’s largest ancient monuments which lies at the bottom of a rich green vegetated valley, Gunung Kawi is spectacular. It has ten awe inspiring shrines cut out of the rock face which imitates the original statues. A private tour brings you leisurely through the monuments, temples, fountains and streams. There are sacred and holy areas, so you need to be respectful and dressed appropriately.
Mount Batur
9 Bali is well known for its fabulous sandy beaches but, for something completely different, why not take a private tour to this active volcano. The trek takes about 2 hours and is steep at times but so worth it for the fantastic views. Ideally, the best time to go is early in the morning on a clear day and as you walk around the crater, you can see for miles. Careful though on the trek down, it is a bit slippy on the volcanic sand!
Garuda Wisnu Kenyan Cultural Park
10 A beautiful cultural park to take a private tour of is Garuda Wisnu Kenyan. It has the largest artistic masterpiece and the most amazing work of arts ever created in Indonesia. In this park, the main attraction is a massive statue of Garuda Wisnu which when assembled to its pedestal will be 120 meters high and 64 meters wide. The grounds have been stunningly kept and with lots to see in the exhibitions, a very enjoyable day to be had.

Travel Tips for Bali

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