Jakarta Tropical Paradise, Private Tour This Captivating Capital

Jakarta tropical paradise, private tour this captivating capital with over 13,000 beautiful palm-fringed islands and the melting pot of over 300 ethnic groups. 

Jakarta Indonesia its captivating seaport capital is a blend of so many things traditional and modern standing side by side in a reminder to its motto ‘Unity in Diversity’. 

Once the centre of the spice trade and a major transport route it is now home to millions of people from all around the world and is a real mixture of cultures and languages each one leaving their mark on this cosmopolitan capital.  

Jakarta also has the reputation of having the best nightlife of the whole of Asia and the buzzing bars and trendy nightclubs are alive with partygoers well into the wee hours.

Let the activities begin!
South Bandung Tour From Jakarta
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Pick up service at your hotel in Jakarta then depart to south of Bandung to enjoy a full day in the city of Paris van Java.

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Price varies by group size
12 hours Scheduling Private Tour Jakarta
The Antiques Time Traveller Private Tour From Jakarta
The Antiques Time Traveller Private Tour From Jakarta
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National Museum - Antiquities in Surabaya Street - Dapur Babah Peranakan Lunch - Buddhist Temple - Santa Maria de Fatima Catholic Church.

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11 hours Scheduling Private Tour Jakarta
Jakarta’s Chinatown Charm
Jakarta’s Chinatown Charm
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Visit Glodok area and see the St Maria de Fatima Church, Dharma Bhakti Temple - also known as Jīn dé yuàn or Hokkien Kim Tek Ie and the Pantjoran Tea House.

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4 hours Scheduling Private Tour Jakarta
Museum Bank Indonesia
1 The expertly restored neo-classical Bank Headquarters is now the home of the Museum Bank of Indonesia. A private tour took us through a loose perspective of the country through its trades and commerce. From its once thriving trade in spice to the 1997 financial meltdown it experienced it gives an informative and detailed background to this point in time. The best for me was the bank notes in the gallery from every country in the world
Indonesia in Miniature
2 A private tour here is a fantastic way to see the whole of Indonesia's 27 provinces in one day. The centrepiece of the park is a stunning artificial lake surrounded by pavilions each of which house a different province. The richly designed buildings inside are architecturally perfect and also includes cultural items from each district. Breathtaking gardens house a heavenly display of hundreds of varieties of Indonesian orchids and are not to be missed.
Thousand Island
3 Fringed with swaying coconut palms, the golden beaches of these stunningly perfect islands, are just a short private tour boat ride away. Consisting actually of 128 small islands in the Bay of Jakarta, they are the perfect location for reef diving amongst the vivid, multi-coloured coral, snorkelling and even fishing amongst the swarms of tropical fish. A real paradise away from the madness to just escape and stay in one of the many beachside cabins.
Istiqlal Mosque
4 Indonesia's largest mosque and one of the biggest in south-east Asia was built in 1961 and also houses an Islamic Elementary School and High School. Built to commemorate Indonesia's independence and is constructed mainly from marble. A private tour guide will take you to the second floor and give you a history of the mosque as the ground floor is strictly for prayer. A fine example of Islamic artwork set in picturesque gardens.
Jakarta Cathedral
5 Twin spires piercing the cloudless blue sky, is the iconic landmark, Jakarta Cathedral and it can be seen from most of the city. Approaching this magnificent building on your sightseeing tour, you immediately notice the elegant architecture and stained glass windows. Inside it is a masterpiece of coloured, intricate carvings and the serenity of the peaceful Prayer Hall offers a welcome to those in need of healing.
Jakarta Old Town
6 Batavia the Dutch colonial old town was once the centre of commerce before independence and being renamed Jakarta. The colonial buildings hark back to the glory days and each building has its own history and story. Walking this district takes in the De Groote River and its Dutch drawbridge and the luxurious Merah or red building once the residence of the Governor. Wander and take in the history on a private tour.
Wayang Museum
7 Dedicated to Javanese puppetry, we found this superb museum on the main square. An interesting display of authentic puppets originating on the Island of Java and various islands in the area. We were given a history of traditional puppetry from its humble beginnings to present day and there was a fabulous showcase of puppets from across those eras. We were lucky to catch a fascinating performance of the Gamelan at the end of our visit
Flea Market at Jalan Surabaya
8 A wander round a market is always on the itinerary of a good holiday and this one will not disappoint. We browsed the many stalls and shops selling mostly intricately hand carved wooden souvenirs but also some traditional porcelain all at reasonable prices. It was fun to poke through the mounds of old bronzes and bottles on many of the stalls and we even found an old working gramophone. Now if only my case was bigger.
Batavia Cafe
9 When you are all museum-ed out and are in need of a bit of relaxation then head for the Batavia Cafe. Built in the colonial style of the time in 1850 it sits on the main square looking across to the old City Hall. Inside the interior is lavishly decorated with stunning wooden walls and high windows giving it an airy feel.  The delicious fresh food and the coffee really hit the spot. A lovely place to sit by the window and people watch.
Waterbom Water Park
10 There is nothing better than spending a relaxing day lazing in the water park with its lazy river and wave pool. While the kids disappear off into the safety of the park to enjoy the amazing variety of slides and activities you can while away the hours with a book or a spot of sunbathing. Or get your own adrenaline pumping and join them in the thrills and spills of this family park. Bring out your inner child.

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