Lovely Charming Canary Islands Custom Idyllic Island Private Tours

Get ready to see the lovely Les Palmas only one of the beautiful locations in the Canary Islands on private guided tours.  If you want to see the stunning scenery of the islands, sandy beaches and smashing sightseeing tours Spain's Canary Islands are waiting for you.  The legend goes that Romans heard beautiful singing birds on the Islands called canora, so they aptly named the group of islands the Canary Islands.    

One of the three largest Islands is Les Palmas with gorgeous beaches to the south, magnificent interior mountain ranges to explore and a tropical like green leafy northern district.  There are many beach lined holiday resorts to choose from with activities like hiking, watersports, biking.  The beautiful and varied Canary Islands cultural guided tours are unique like the one on the Island of Lanzarote which will take you to the largest volcano in the region. 

Other Islands like Tenerife have unique tours that are most popular with many tourists as not only does it have lovely beaches, it is also home to many Unesco-listed sites such as the Biosphere Reserve which are a big draw for holidaymakers.  There are many Baroque Churches, museums and super festivals on the island.  Lanzarote and Fuerteventura tour guides will show you the charm and sophistication of these islands with beautiful fishing ports and sand filled beaches and picturesque shorelines.  Read More...

Lovely Charming Canary Islands Custom Idyllic Island Private Tours

Lanzarote Island private tours to the Puerto del Carmen resort are very popular with holidaymakers.  This quaint old fishing village has transformed into a bustling holiday destination with a wide selection of restaurants and hotels.  

The top Lanzarote sightseeing tours are to the Timanfaya National Park. The volcano in the Park is still quiet but still active with amazing lava fields and volcanic soil reaching temperatures of 600 degrees Celsius. On your tour you can take a camel ride near the mountain top where the guides cook fish and steaks for their tourists on the volcanic rocks, it is fabulous.  

With more than six kilometers of sandy beaches with cool calm waters, many visitors come on custom tours to Lanzarote for the Virgen Del Carmen Festival in August with the grand twilight boat parade.


Top 10 Things to Do in Canary Islands

Tenerife Island
1 The Canary Islands largest Island is Tenerife, and it is the most popular destination for many holidaymakers.  Guided private tours of the Island will take you to the UNESCO listed San Cristobal de la Laguna and the cool Biosphere Reserve.  Most tourists visit Tenerife for the magical beach holidays and resorts which this island has in abundance and are perfect for a family fun filled holidays.       
2 Lanzarote Island private tours in the most popular resort of Puerto del Carmen are number one. This quaint old fishing village has been transformed into a bustling holiday destination with a wide selection of restaurants and hotels.  With more than six kilometers of sandy beaches with cool calm waters, many visitors come for the Virgin Del Carmen Festival in August with the grand twilight boat parade.    
Las Palmas
3 Off the coast of Africa and Spain is the island of the Gran Canaria with its stunning natural scenery and holiday hotspots.  Private tours to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria's sun-drenched seaside town is full of historical treasures.  The city was influenced by the Guanche people and its Spanish colonial past, and there is evidence all over the island including the 16th century Cathedral.  
Fuerteventura Betancuria
4 Founded in the 15th Century, Betancuria town in Fuerteventura has an important religious heritage and an impressive Cathedral called The Catedral de Santa María de Betancuria.  Private city tours are great, but most holidaymakers are here for the sun and with a little culture on the side. Fuerteventura's beautiful beaches and exciting water sports are very popular with tourists. 
La Palma Island Santa Cruz
5 Guided tours of this seaside town are delightful, stroll around and enjoy the quaint ambiance. Santa Cruz de la Palma is steeped in history; the town center has many churches, a palace, and buildings designed in traditional Canary Islands style.  The Dance of the Dwarves parade with cartoon characters that polka dance and light up the town is a very popular festival with locals and tourists.     
Fuerteventura Corralejo
6 Corralejo is a seaside town in northern Fuerteventura, on private sightseeing tours see this lovely place surrounded by sand dunes and delightful beaches.   Corralejo has a working port, and the town combines traditional maritime culture with a tourist feel.  Around the Harbor is a picturesque collection of houses with many restaurants and cafés at the street level.     
La Palma National Park
7 The Beautiful Island of La Palma is one of the greenest islands in the Canaries.  The landscape of La Palma on custom tours is full of wonder, with beautiful lush forests, black sand beaches, cliffs and stunning volcanic peaks spouting lava into the sea with crushing force. The rocky coastline has lovely hidden bays and super shorelines.           
Gomera Island Playa de Santiago
8 Gomera Island tours to Playa de Santiago the sun-soaked beach resort and popular tourist destination with a sandy shoreline and lots of suns is perfect for holidaymakers.  The Island is an ideal destination for a quieter holiday away from the pop culture style of Ibiza and Fuerteventura.  The seafood here in second to none so try a fresh catch of the day and enjoy.    
Tenerife La Orotava Gardens
9 The banana plantations and beautiful valley of this historic town of La Orotava make it a top destination for private tours on Tenerife Island. There is more than sea and sand here, visit the historic quarter with beautiful monuments, cultural highlights, and traditional old buildings. City walking tours are the perfect way to explore and afterward try some local cuisine.          
Tenerife San Cristobal
10 San Cristobal de la Laguna was the former capital of Tenerife Island. This lovely quaint historic town has many architectural and cultural gems such as its famous Cathedral and Neoclassical/Renaissance church.  Private guided tours on Tenerife Island will bring you to all the hot spots like the unique and informative Anthropology Museum which is a very popular destination on tour.     
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