See Amazing Landmarks on a Hiking Tour to Timanfaya National Park

Like all of the Canary Islands, you can go at any time of the year and have good weather more or less guaranteed. This volcanic island is often described as Moonlike, and on a Lanzarote hiking tour to Timanfaya National Park, you can discover this lunar terrain. This is one of the key reasons the island was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1993 and was used as a training base for Nasa’s Apollo 17 crew.

Most of the resorts are to be found on the southern coastline, and the best-known town of Puerto del Carmen has everything from beachside arcades to Casinos. Originally a small fishing village, the harbour is a beautiful place to visit with excellent seafood restaurants.

You will not find lush green vineyards on a Lanzarote wine tour as wine cultivation on the island is very different here. Wine is produced in Lanzarote and has been since the 1500s; however; due to the apocalyptic volcanic eruptions over the centuries, farmers had to find a new way to cultivate this barren land. They discovered they could use picon (volcanic ash) as a form of porous mulch, and prepare to be amazed at the amount of work involved as wine producers have to do all the major work by hand.

Let the activities begin!
Timanfaya National Park
1 One of the most popular attractions in this region is the Timanfaya National Park, where you will explore the Fire Mountains. The landscape here is unique, and you will witness salt marshes and lava fields which resemble the surface of the moon. On a Lanzarote sightseeing tour, guides will show just how hot the lava fields are by throwing water into holes in the ground and which surface as piping hot steam. Enjoy lunch at the El Diablo Restaurant where the food is cooked on grills heated by the volcano.
Volcanic Vineyards
2 With wine tours Lanzarote you will visit three fabulous vineyards where you will get to sample local wines. Enjoy the vineyard in one of the world's unique landscapes and learn how the vines are grown in individual holes. You will be amazed at how the local winemakers developed their process to overcome the dry conditions in Lanzarote.
El Golfo
3 Famous for its Green Lagoon and where Raquel Welch was filmed in her animal skin bikini scene in the classic movie One Million Years B.C. El Golfo is surrounded by stunning lavas, this picturesque fishing village with its whitewashed walls and narrow streets make for a quiet relaxing day out. The town has numerous fish restaurants by the sea, and the crashing waves make this an exceptionally atmospheric spot for a delicious meal.
Aqualava Waterpark
4 Located in Playa Blanca, adults and children will be thrilled with the water rides. There is a special children's area with a castle which has slides of different shapes, and there is a range of fast twisting slides for adults and older children. Flow with the current on the Slow River with its hidden twists and turns and all of the family will have lots of fun in the saltwater wave pool.
Submarine Safari
5 If you don't like diving, then what better way to explore the depths of the ocean than on a submarine? Going to a depth of 30 metres, you will immediately see a wide variety of fish life. You will also pass two shipwrecks swarming with different creatures. When you touch down on the ocean bed, you will witness through your own private porthole an amazing oceanic world.  You may be lucky enough to see the elusive Manta Rays and Turtles too on this underwater experience of a lifetime!
Cueva de Los Verdes
6 Feel like you are on a journey to the centre of the earth when you visit this amazing cave. There are more than sixteen lava caves and six kilometres of underground passages which go from the crater all the way to the sea. Initially used for locals to hide from pirates the cave is one of the longest volcanic tunnels in the world. The caves have their very has own optical illusions, which you will be shown on your tour and which is the only way to see the Green Caves.
Janubio Salt Pans
7 Salt has played an essential role in Lanzarote since the late 19th century, accounting for a large percentage of the island's industrial income, however; the industry is now in decline, but you will not be disappointed as the Janubio Salt Pans is the largest salt refinery in the Canary Islands with 440,000 square metres of pans. On a culture tour Lanzarote you will walk through paths that link to the pans and at the end you will find the salt warehouse, which is the final point in the production process.
Rancho Texas Park
8 Enjoy a perfect day out for all the family as there is a large selection of activities ranging from waterslides, swimming with sea lions and canoe rides. You will see a gold mine, wooden and stone houses and also an Indian reserve. Go wild in this western environment with pony rides, gold-digging and treasure hunting. Among the many animals to be seen are white tigers, birds of prey and Komodo dragons.
9 Located in the north in the "valley of one thousand palms" you will have plenty to see on a Lanzarote guided sightseeing tour in the picturesque village of Haria. It is said that locals planted a palm tree for every girl that was born and two trees for every boy. Enjoy strolling around this peaceful town and visit the market which specializes in crafts and organic produce. This is where you can explore the final home of Cesar Manrique as the house was opened to the public as a museum.
The César Manrique Guided Tour
10 With a cultural tour Lanzarote, you will learn how the island was transformed by combining art with nature. You will visit the artist's home, which was built on top of a volcanic trail and was constructed on five volcanic bubbles. The tour includes many sites where you will best understand how Lanzarote was formed. The valley of the thousand palms, Monumento al Campesino and Montanas del Fuego, are all included on this tour.

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