Flaunt the Fandango at Fun Festivales on Alluring Alicante Guided Tours

People's perception of Alicante is usually the same picture perfect clear blue waters, sandy shorelines, beautiful beaches and picturesque coastal views which are all true but there is a lot more this city. Alicante custom guided tours will take you to dynamic cultural sights, a castle, bars, and clubs with locals dancing the fandango to alluring Spanish music for fascinated tourists.  

Alicante festivals tours like The Forgueres de Sant Joan are held annually, and people from all over Spain with locals and holidaymakers celebrate on the streets with music, parades, and bonfires.  This festival starts on the 20th June and runs right through to the 29th June celebrating the proclamation, procession of the effigies, parades of the statues and lighting the bonfires.     

Declared international tourists week by Alicante tour operators the highlight for every holidaymaker is the famous bullfighting events held during the festival and a visit to the bullfighting museum. Sightseeing tours around the city are filled with history and culture as you visit the many highlights like the Castillo de Santa Bárbara or the archaeology and fine art museums.

Let the activities begin!
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Price varies by group size
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Santa Maria Basilica
1 In the Santa Cruz quarter of Alicante, The Basilica de Santa Maria stands proudly as the oldest church in the city.  Built in the 13th century by Catholic priests it was originally a Gothic style building, but in the 18th century, it was remodeled in a Baroque style.  Tour guides will escort you inside the stunning and richly designed sanctuary and chapels displaying beautiful art reliefs and sculptures.      
Museum of Fine Arts
2 Alicante's Museum of Fine Arts is located in the gorgeous 18th century Gravina Palace and has daily escorted tours available.  The extraordinary exhibitions on show there are mainly by artists from the Alicante district and region.  The pieces displayed range from the 20th century back to medieval times by Poveda, Guillén, Sala, Navarrete and many more talented and famous artists.       
Playa del Postiguet Beach
3 Many tour operators and guides will recommend the Playa del Postiguet beach as it has the best facilities, watersports and golden beaches in Alicante.  One of the safest coastal beaches in mainland Spain, many tourist and families flock here as the waters are clear and calm for children to play in and the watersports are said to be excellent for the adventuristic holidaymaker.     
Alicante Marina
4 Alicante's harbor is world renowned as it has huge breakwaters protecting it and the many docked boats and yachts from harsh weather.  The yacht club is very chic, and the marina is full of restaurants, bars, and boutique shops for tourists to enjoy.  The nighttime atmosphere at the marina is always busy and lively with music and fun for locals and tourists alike.   
Castillo de Santa Barbara
5 The Castillo de Santa Barbara strategically pops up from the rocks in a primary position looking down on the city and the vast sea.  Private daily tours are available when you book a sightseeing trip around Alicante city.  The stunning ancient halls of the Castle are wonderful, the old keep and reception rooms are enormous and full of history and traveling exhibitions.       
Plaza de Gabriel Miro
6 The Oasis of the Plaza de Gabriel Miro in the center of Alicante is a refreshing stop while on city sightseeing tours.  There is a classical fountain in the center with delightful statues along the borders of the square and beautiful green areas.  The terrace is a perfect place to relax and watch the world go by and enjoy the atmosphere of this lovely place.       
Museum of Contemporary Art
7 The Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art has a superb collection of 20th-century old Spanish paintings and artworks with daily tours from Tuesday through to Sunday only.  Opened in 2011, the museum has three separate departments with the permanent collections.  Works by Salvador Dalí, Juana Francéa and other 20th century artists are on display here to the delight of visitors and tourists.      
Archaeology Museum
8 Book a private escorted tour at the Alicante archaeological museum and take a journey through thousands of years of history.  Exhibition halls with many artifacts specifically dedicated to the medieval period, Roman, and Iberian eras are very interesting. Walking around the many exhibits and displays of ceramics, ancient coins, statues and recreations of Roman daily life is a grand way to spend the day.     
Alicante Town Hall
9 To see more fantastic works by Salvadore Dalí and other 20th century artists take a tour of the Alicante town hall.  This baroque building with soaring towers and striking facades has what locals call The Blue Room or Salon Azul which is said to be quite a unique sight to see.  Tour guides usually make a stop at the Town Hall as part of their city sightseeing tours.       
Con-Catedral San Nicolas de Bari
10 Alicante has a unique Co-Cathedral called the San Nicolas de Bari in the heart of the city.  The 17th-century Cathedral is dedicated to the cities patron saint and is visited annually by thousands of tourists and worshipers.  Custom tour guides will escort you inside to see the Herrerian style monuments and interior design with lovely decorated sanctuaries, prayer areas, and cloisters.        

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