Visit the Vivacious Valencia Fallas Festival on Private Custom Tours

As one of Spains largest cities behind Barcelona and Madrid, Valencia has a lot to offer holidaymakers in the many cities custom guided tours available.  There are some incredible historical monuments and buildings in the town like The Silk Exchange Museum, The Modern Art Institute and the home of The Holy Grail Valencia Cathedral.

Valencia sightseeing private custom tours to this relaxed sleeping seaside city that bursts into life for the best annual Spanish Fallas Festival where the locals celebrate the feast day of St Joseph in style.  The thriving nightlife keeps highflying tourists entertained, however, if you want a relaxing, laid back quiet drink with some local entertainment then your operator guide will point you in the right direction.     

The stunning white sandy beaches that stretch along the coastline are perfect for soaking up some rays or simply lounging around and enjoying a cocktail at one of the many bars.  There are fantastic watersports available for the adventurer including private diving tours along the coast.  Valencia is famous for Paella, and all the restaurants serve many versions of this traditional Spanish dish.

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Private Tour: All about Horchata and Chufa in Valencia
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Get ready to learn all about Chufa and Horchata on this tour to the North Valencia garden. You will discover this countryside and their native plantations, like the chufa.

3 hours Scheduling Private Tour Valencia
Valencia Private Food Tour with Wine Tasting
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Get to know all about the Valencia food. Visit the Central Market and the historical centre to taste typical products. Finally, delight in two Valencian wines and tapa.

Price varies by group size
2 hours Scheduling Private Tour Valencia
Valencia Historical Guided Tour and Traditional Meal
Valencia Historical Guided Tour and Traditional Meal
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On this tour we’ll take you to all places that you shouldn't miss on your visit to Valencia and you'll also delight in the most typical dishes of the Valencian cuisine.

Price varies by dates and group size
3 hours Scheduling Private Tour Valencia
Fallas Festival
1 Annually on every Feast Day of St. Joseph Valencia comes to life to celebrate the day with a big parade through the city.  Enormous floats with colorful paper maché figures are guided through the streets in Mardi Gras style for Valencia tourists and locals to cheer on.  At midnight there is a massive bonfire, and all the caricatures are set alight to the delight of the many children and adults watching on.   
Civdad de las Artes
2 The Cuidad de las Artes building is one of Europes most impressive exhibition centers dedicated to science.  Located along the Turia River with six main entrance areas that will bring you into the Oceanografic aquarium, Interactive science museum, Sofia opera house and much more units in this mini city.  There are many workshops, exhibitions, and conferences held here and your Valencia tour guide will be happy to introduce you to the area.        
Ceramics Museum
3 The Palacio del Marqués is a sensational 18th-century mansion which is home to the City ceramic museum.  Daily private museum tours are fascinating as there are more than 5,000 examples of Valencia pottery and ceramics on display.  Greek, Arabic and Roman pieces are on exhibition with works from Picasso and a traditionally tiled Valencian Kitchen.     
Church of Saint Thomas
4 The Church of Saint Thomas is visible from the Valencia skyline on sightseeing tours due to its unique large beautiful blue tiled dome.  The Baroque facade and ornately decorated interior makes a visit on a city tour a must.  Catholic church services are held daily, and it is only during this time that you can gain entry into the Church and see the sanctuary and side chapels.    
La Lonja de Seda
5 The La Lonja de Seda is an enormous 15th-century Gothic building that was once home to the Silk Exchange Company.  Guided tours of the marketplace inside the building where merchants and traders sold beautiful Valencian silks is part of all Valencia city tours.  If you want to see lovely panoramic views of the city, then climb the 140 steps to the tower top.     
Museum of Religious Art
6 Valencia's Museum of Religious Art was constructed between 1586 and 1610 and was originally used as a seminary to train priests by Archbishop Juan de Ribera.  Tours of the works of art and tapestries in the seminary buildings are very popular with tourists who want to see the stunning painting by Ribalta of the Last Supper which is positioned high on the altar.    
Museo de Bellas Arts
7 The Valencia Fine Arts Museum tours are the perfect way to discover the culture and heritage of 19th and 20th-century artists like Fray Bonifacio Ferrer, Francisco de Goya, El Greco and more.  Private museum escorted tours are very informative and exciting as you find out about the back stories of the Valencia artists and their inspiration for some of their smashing works of art.      
Ancient Town Gate
8 The ancient town gate in Valencia is a much loved and impressive landmark.  The Torres de Serranos represents the old and ancient city gate and reminds the locals that massive defense walls once surrounded this fine city.  Private sightseeing tours are readily available with access to the two massive towers for great views of Valencia.    
Catedral de Valencia
9 The Gothic Cathedral of Valencia with its Miguelete Tower soars above the city and is a must-see on all private city tours.  Spend a little time before entering the building and appreciate the beautiful architecture. The Chapel of the Holy Grail is a highlight as there is an illustration of a scene of the beautiful Coronation of the Virgin Mary with the 12 apostles and the goblet used by Jesus at the first Holy Eucharist.     
Institute of Modern Art
10 The Institute of Modern Art in Valencia is housed in a unique futuristic looking building.  During the construction works the engineers found ruins of the cities medieval wall which has sparked interest from many private museum tour companies in Valencia.  Exhibitions of pop and abstract art on permanently displayed but there are also a lot of traveling exhibitions during the year.     

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