Private Picturesque Palma for Guided Magic Mallorca Tours

Palma is located in Mallorca the largest Mediterranean Balearic Island with bright, beautiful weather, stunning scenery, and delightful local restaurants and bars serving local and international cuisine. Private guided Palma tours around the rocky mountains, rugged landscape and hillsides are a pleasant change from much of the other resort destinations.

Along the lovely picturesque coastline, panoramic views of the dramatic cliffs and coves sparkle with crystal-clear blue waters. Palma walking tours around the many surrounding walled medieval villages are an excellent way to educate yourself on the Balearic Islands many cultures with a private tour guide.

Alternatively, you can take a break and soak up some sun in Palma and Puerto Portals holiday resort beaches. Holidaymakers can indulge in Mallorca tours of the historic towns with ancient churches, castles and educational museums.

The combination of stunning natural beauty and cultural history will have you coming back to Palma again and again. With lots of sightseeing tour options packed into Palma, visitors rave about these idyllically picturesque destinations and tourists have loads of reasons to keep coming back.   Read More...

Indulge with a Palma sightseeing Tour of the Historic and Ancient Churches, Castles and Museums

Private Picturesque Palma for Guided Magic Mallorca Tours

Private Palma tours take you the few kilometres from Palma and inland from the coast to alluring Alcúdiais. This quiet, charming and character filled town with massive medieval boundary walls surround it a great place to visit.

Enjoy your day with a professional tour guide as you make your way through the maze of laneways that lead to beautiful plazas, historical buildings, and little-converted houses that now serve as cafes and souvenir shops.

Included in many tours is a trip to the outskirts of Alcúdiais town to see the remains of Pollèntia, which was once the Island’s original Roman settlement

Top 10 Things to Do in Palma

Palma Church
1 Palma’s oldest church is the Franciscan Basílica de Sant Francesc, with a Gothic style, the construction began in 1281. Private city Palma tours include a stop at the famous and great Church.  The two-story church has decorative columns with a high vaulted roof in a classic Gothic design.  The interior style with rose windows and high altar gives a polished finish to the Church.   
Mercado Gastronomico San Juan
2 Famous in Palma this gastronomic market has outrageous stalls selling fresh food and some of the most epic street food on the Island. With many bars and seating areas, you can spend all day tasting the savory and sweet treats of Spain. Many guides always take tourists here to same the delights like Paella or Sobrassada. 
Palau de l'Almudaina
3 The Palau de l'Almudaina was originally an Islamic fort but it now a highlight on many private Palma tours. The massive building is located opposite Palma Cathedral and was once converted into a residence for Mallorcan monarchs. Residence to The King of Spain, the royal family is very rarely in residence here only on ceremonial occasions. Palma private guided tours are available most days.
Es Baluard Art Gallery
4 Es Baluard Art Gallery was built with an unmatched flair as the design is unique and unusual. The building is full facing seaward which is what makes the design innovative. Tours of the many temporary and permanent exhibitions are busy so book your tickets in advance. Artistic works by Picasso, Barcelo, and Miro on exhibition here.  
Marc Fosh Renowned Restaurant
5 Marc Fosh's flagship Michelin-starred Palma restaurant located in a reconditioned Convent is a highlight for many tourists wanting to try something a little different. Tour guides will advise you on booking, but it needs to be done well in advance. This stylish gastronomic eatery produces novel twists to many traditional Mediterranean dishes like duck terrine, Foie gras, and the fantastic truffled pasta.    
Palau March
6 Take private city Palma tours to this famous Palma home that once belonged to the March family. It is truly palatial and was one of the several residences owned by the outrageously wealthy family.  Your guide will escort you to the massive house with sculptures by Moore, and Rodin the entrance way alone is special even before you enter the house which has fabulous and priceless pieces by Dali, Corbero, and Sert. 
Palma Beaches
7 There are beaches galore to choose from in Palma with clubs, bars, and facilities for all the family including crazy watersports. Many guides on sightseeing Palma tours will recommend the best facilities and best golden beaches if you have time to travel around to see which one will cater to your needs, some of the safest coastal beaches are located in Palma.  
Museum de sa Juguete
8 Visit with Private Palma guided tours this special museum with a collection of over 7,000 toy pieces that were acquired throughout the years by a collector from Barcelona.  Cars, dolls, robots, and planes are included in the collection which is great fun for both children and adults.  There is a creative play area for children where they can learn and have fun at the same time.   
Museu Foundacion Juan March
9 The Museu Foundacion Juan March Gallery is housed in a 17th-century building with many modern artistic touches in its design.  The collections on exhibition are unique pieces by Picasso, Dali, Miro and beautiful sculptures by Gonzales and Chillida.  Private Guided Palma tours are available, and they are an excellent way to see pieces by these famous artists in a cozy environment. 
Catedral de Mallorca
10 Palma’s Cathedral 'La Seu' in Catalan is the city's famous and most recognized cultural and architectural landmark. The sheer scale, size, and beauty of the Cathedral knows no bounds. Designed by Antoni Gaudi and Miquel Barcelo the interior has the most stunning features ever seen in such a Cathedral.  The exterior Gothic design comes to life at night when hundreds of lights bring the Cathedral to life.   

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