See the Stunning ‘Golden Coast’ of Catalonia on Private Salou Tours

Go with Private Salou Tours and arrive in an area of Spain which caters for all your vacation wants and wishes. Due to its location on the Golden Coast, Costa Dorada, in the region of Catalonia, it is, therefore, not a surprise to learn, a very popular town with tourists.

Salou is popular for family vacations with beautiful beaches, shallow waters, excellent resorts, a variety of fun and entertaining facilities and PortAventura, the top theme park in Spain. It is not only for families as it can be a romantic destination too with fabulous sunsets, hidden coves easily reached on Salou boat tours and adult only resorts.

There are not many Mediterranean towns without a rich cultural history and on a Salou cultural tour, you can see that this town has a history. However, the town of Tarragona which is Salou’s neighbouring town, has, even more, to offer with Roman buildings and fortifications. Tarragona is not far and it is one of the stops on sightseeing tours Salou.

Let the activities begin!
Torre Vella de Salou
1 Visit Torre Vella de Salou with private guided tours Salou and you will be visiting an Old Tower which dates back to the 1530's. This tower was built upon instruction from Archbishop Pere Cardona of Tarragona as protection for the city from pirates and looting. While the exterior has changed little, the interior has undergone modifications. Nowadays the tower is a centre of art and a contemporary enamel museum.
PortAventura World
2 This may not be a Salou cultural tour, but it is definitely an entertaining place to go for all the family. This theme park is ranked in the top ten for Europe with playgrounds and a Sesame Street for younger kids. For adults and older kids, there are thrilling, nerve wrecking and record-breaking roller coasters. The five themed areas, Polynesia, Mexico, China, Mediterranean and Far West often have new features each year.
Llevant Beach
3 The main beach in Salou is Llevant Beach which is literally in front of the town. This golden fine sandy beach is the most popular and during the summer months is very busy. There are play areas located at stages along the beach which is great for smaller kids. Other facilities found on the beach include a gym, volleyball courts, showers, toilets, cafes and beach bars. No need for private guided tours Salou to visit here.
Font Iluminosa/ Illuminated Fountain
4 The illuminated Fountain which can be seen on any sightseeing tours Salou is stunning and beautiful. The music, laser lights and squirting water create a magical experience. The fountains water sprays are orchestrated to a playlist that ranges from such composers as Beethoven to modern day music and colourful lasers. The display is spectacular and mesmerizing however it is popular so arrive early for the best viewing spots.
Santa Maria del Mar
5 On a Salou cultural tour, see the Santa Maria del Mar church. This church was built in the 18th century and the oldest temple in Salou. It was mainly constructed as a tribute to the fishery in Salou and its importance to the town. In a cavity above the doorway is a modern image of the Virgin and in the interior are murals dating between 1954 and 1966 by Josep Maria Guell along with other interesting paintings. 
Botanical Gardens Salou
6 Private Salou Tours can bring you to see the most interesting or fascinating places and attractions and Botanical Gardens Salou is one of those places. These gardens are different from traditional ideas of botanical gardens. It is a modern space with little doors and gates encircling them. There is water accompanying you on the route that disappears and appears parallel to the track you walk which is interesting!
Xalet Bonet
7 Visit the impressive Xalet Bonet on a Salou culture tour.  This Villa was built in 1918 by Ciriac Bonet and is an example of late modernism. The rooms of the villa are decorated very lavishly and have wall paintings relating to the departure of King Jaume I and beach conquests in Salou. The gardens surrounding the villa are as magnificent, walled with a shrine, sundial and other interesting things. 
8 Take sightseeing tours Salou and visit the town of Tarragona which neighbours Salou. Tarragona is a foremost city when it comes to Western Roman empires. The first major Roman settlement was Tarraco and along with Tarrconensis covered most of modern Spain. There are fortifications and Roman buildings to be explored here as well as an amphitheatre and Pretorian tower. Make sure to visit the comprehensive museum found here too.
Salou Boat Tours
9 A very enjoyable and relaxing way to spend a day is on one of the Salou boat tours. See the coastline of Salou and many of its neighbouring towns from a different angle while sunbathing on deck on the boat ride. These boat trips can visit many different areas, stopping a few times to allow passengers to dive into the water or swim and relax. They also provide a tasty light lunch in most circumstances.
Wine Tasting Tours Salou
10 There are excellent private guided tours Salou that will bring you wine tasting on finest vineyards in Salou and around. These tours are delightful and educational as your tour guide hands over to the professionals to explain the finer details involved in winemaking. You get to tour the vineyards and then see what is done to the grapes to produce wine. Finally, towards the end of the tour, there is the opportunity to taste the wine.

Travel Tips for Salou