Sights and Wineries to Make You Feel Aglow on a Private Tour of Bordeaux

Sights and Wineries to make you feel aglow on a Private Tour of Bordeaux, a port area on the Garonne Waterway, in south-west France.

The historical section of the town is on the UNESCO Globe Heritage

Listing as “an unbelievable city as well as architectural ensemble” of the 18th century.

Bordeaux is furthermore an excellent place- an urban area for luxury buying, drinking, as well as consuming plenty of wine!

The winery location is ideal, and therefore, guests can eat, drink wine, and be merry!

Although slightly expensive it is probably the most lovely spot or area in France. Don’t miss out on it – particularly if you cherish wine as you embark on your Bordeaux guided tours.

Let the activities begin!
Ancient Town
1 Residence is one among the biggest 18th-century architectural metropolitan places in all of the European countries, it's awesome architectural structures, as well as the level of maintenance, have resulted in the ancient city being included with the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Listing. A couple of popular points of interest are the Excellent Théâtre, which was constructed in 1780. A fantastic day out with a guided tour.
Dune de Pyla
2 This sandy dune is situated an hour or so outside Bordeaux in Pyla Sur Mer, a vacation resort city in which most of France’s very well to do “summer .” The Dune de Pyla is the biggest sandy dune in The European countries it is the consequence of winds eroding one particular seashore of the bay as well as blowing the beach sand over the other. The dune offers fantastic sights. It’s a headache to walk up, although truly entertaining to run-down!
Les Quais
3 The Quays of Bordeaux is situated along the shores of the Garonne—and where in the past a yachting harbour, however, has since been refurbished for tourists. Going for long walks here is wonderful, see the fantastic views and the great landscaping on your Bordeaux guided tours, as well as the unique Aquitaine bridges.  
La Victoire
4 This was previously the central part of suburbia in old Bordeaux. However, it is right now one of the sought after regions of the city. Most of the locals and tourists spend time here most evenings, and weekends the place is heaving with bars and nightclubs. If you are a party person, this is the best place to be hanging out.
French Cookery Tour
5 Think about having a French food preparation course as you embark on your Bordeaux tours. The École de Food Au Chapon Fin deals and offers half-day food preparation courses. At 195 EUR, they’re highly-priced and also won’t be for everybody, yet the chef will teach you how to be a top-notch cook by the end of your lesson! Tours are available for the cookery courses.
Saint Emilion
6 This small community bears a reliable connection to red-colored wine production, and also the vineyards have been around right here ever since Roman periods. Even though you aren’t on a structured wine sightseeing tour, a check out to this small town and then a mid-day walking tour you could very soon be wine tasting before you realise it! It's an ideal opportunity to hear about the Vineyards.
Esplanade des Quinconces
7 The beautiful Esplanade des Quinconces is a must-see on private guided bordeaux tours, it is stunning and considered one of the biggest public squares in all of Europe.  Positioned next to the river the views are spectacular, and it is the perfect spot to watch the world go by when you enjoy a glass of wine in one of the many cafes and bistros.  The fountain is just breathtaking with stunning statues alongside.   
Basilique Saint-Michael
8 Taking over 200 long years to construct The Basilique Saint-Michael is one of the top bordaux sightseeing attractions. Take a trip to the top of the Basilique and see stunning Bordeaux city from the belfry, the scenery is uniquely beautiful, and the walk up is totally worth it. If you are visiting this area of France on Monday or Saturday, you are in for a treat because it hosts one of the best street markets in France.     
Place de la Bourse
9 As you take a stroll with your bordeaux tour guide you will no doubt pass along the river and come upon a sight you will never forget.  The Place de la Bourse is a 18th-century magnificent building that will take your breath away.  It's vast size, and architectural finish is stunning, and of course, it is popular on all Bordeaux city sightseeing tours. Watch out for the fountain of the Three Graces, have your camera ready!  
Cathedral Saint-Andre
10 If you decide to take the St. James Pilgrimage tour bordeaux you will visit the lovely Cathedral Saint-Andre located in the city centre. The decorative finish is unbelievably beautiful with stunning sculptures and unique paintings; this is a must-see on all city Bourdeaux tours. There are many free concerts performed here every year to the delight of the locals, and it also hosts the famous and popular annual organ festival.        

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