Captivating, Romantic, Sightseeing and Guided Private Tour of Paris

Paris proudly celebrates its heritage by maintaining the Cities cultural landmarks, world-class art collections, and formal French gardens. This City has a unique way of romancing tourists with captivating sightseeing Paris guides showing the magical ambiance of Tours in France’s Capital.  Parisian people are known to love the finer things in life, and that shows through in the exquisite award winning cuisine, boutique cafe’s, stylish fashion houses and historical sights.

Paris Custom tour guides will enchant you with their knowledge of the grand monuments such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral, The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, and the beautiful Champs-Elysées.  Try a walking tour along the quaint cobblestone streets trimmed with lovely lush trees or a night cruise along the River Seine, and you will see this stunningly romantic City at its best.    

Visiting Paris with a guided private tour company is not complete without a trip to the famous Moulin Rouge for a captivating night of musical theater and fine dining. Parisian’s are very laid back, but their stylish lifestyle can rub off on any tourists, so order a coffee in a quaint cafe and take in the style and elegance of beautiful Paris.


Custom Tours at the Moulin Rouge for Captivating Musical Theatre in Paris

Captivating, Romantic, Sightseeing and Guided Private Tour of Paris

Paris City private specialist tour companies will customize your trip to the infamous Moulin Rouge for a night of musical theater with the famous Doris girls executing the "Can Can" with fabulous flare.  There is an excellent mix of entertainment with some international acts and a choice of fantastic French cuisine from various menus.  Moulin Rouge translates to Red Mill and has been a staple of entertainment in French culture since 1889.  

Paris has been a leader in couture since the 19th century with famous fashion houses like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dior, a visit to see these Chic salons with tour guides is a must. Even though Paris is a city of couture and is full of historical culture, there is a lot more to see and do, for endless family fun head to Disneyland Paris for a little piece of Florida fun in Europe.

Most Paris City Tours will take visitors to the Bohemian Montmartre district near the Latin Quarter, explore the lovely shopping stores or visit any one of the cafe’s at the Saint-Germain-de-Pres and start your lifetime affair with this loveable city.



Paris Top Attractions and Trendy Tours

Eiffel Tower
1 The Eiffel Tower was the tallest structure in the world until the unveiling of the Empire State Building in the United States.  The Tower is one of Paris's top sightseeing attractions on many private tours.  See the city and surrounding districts from the viewing platform near the top floor they are incredible.  The Restaurant Le Jules Verne's on the second floor is perfect for a romantic night out. 
Avenue des Champs-Élysées
2 Paris's Avenue des Champs-Elysées is one of the most beautiful boulevards in the world.  One end extends to the Arc De Triomphe district of Paris with exclusive stores like Tiffany & Co, Louis-Vuitton, and Cartier.  One of the best-loved 18th Century traditional tea house called Maison Ladurée is located on the Avenue and is the only place in Paris where you can taste the perfect Macaron, exquisite pastries and beverages.  
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
3 Visitors to The Cathédrale Notre-Dame in the heart of Paris on guided tours are struck by the beautiful ornamental design of the facade, with its flying buttresses, fabulous gargoyles, and unique sculptures. The interior of the building features exotic stained-glass windows.  As you enter the beautiful doorway into the Cathédrale, explore the vaulted space, and it's decoration. The sanctuary seems endless under the light of lovely flickering candles.
Louvre Museum
4 The Louvre Museum displays over 30,000 works of art, from medieval art to antiquities and exquisite paintings from the 15th to the 19th centuries.  It could take tourists visiting Paris weeks to see all the pieces in the exhibition. However, private day tours can focus on a particular gallery like the Italian Renaissance Art or Classical Sculpture collections. The most famous and visited piece in the museum is De Vinci's, Mona Lisa.  
Musee d'Orsay
5 Musee d'Orsay holds priceless works of art from the world's greatest Impressionism Artists.  A guided tour of the collections is at the top of many visitors custom Paris trips.  Works by artists include pieces from Manet, Monet, Bonnard, Cézanne, Van Gogh, Seurat, Signac, and Toulouse-Lautrec.  TSome of the most captivating pieces in the museum includes Van Gogh's self-portrait and Toulouse-Lautrec's fantastic Moulin Rouge print.
Palace of Versailles
6 The 500-year-old Palace of Versailles in Paris is a wonderful experience and such a beautiful place to visit on tour.  The elegance, grand design, and decoration of the Palace are breathtaking and fit for the opulent Kings of old that called it home.  The interior of the Palace and Grand Hall of Mirrors leaves every tourist speechless; its beauty and ornate decoration are incomparable to any Palace in the world.    
Place Vendôme
7 Try a tour of The Place Vendôme formally called The Place Louis le Grand at its construction between 1686 and 1701.  The original intentional use for the building was that the Royal Mint, Royal Academies, Royal Library, and a hotel would be housed in the square. Under the instruction of the King the square was sold to wealthy citizens as the crown did not have sufficient funds to complete and activate the work.    
Bibliothèque-musée de l'Opéra
8 The Grand Palais Garnier Opera House tour of this beautiful Neo-Baroque theater designed as a venue for ballet and opera performances is lovely. The impressive structure was designed by Charles Garnier and construction started in 1862 and was finally completed in 1875. The exterior features include classic columns and sculptures depicting Music, Idyll, Poetry, Recitation, Drama, Dance, and Song. 
The Catacombs of Paris
9 The Catacombs (The Boneyard of Paris) guided tours are fascinating and slightly creepy but are worth a visit to see the tombs and rooms with their haunting remains below the Streets of Paris. The dark, narrow, gravel and concrete tunnels that lead you through the bone filled chapels and rooms are slightly unnerving.  There are 83 spiral steps that you have to navigate both down and up to access The Catacombs.   
Luxembourg Gardens
10 The Luxembourg Gardens in Paris are always busy on bright sunny days with locals sailing little boats on the lake and many tourists with their guides.  The main feature of this beautiful park is the huge octagonal pond, flanked by two stunning terraces lined with statues. This lake area of the park was designed in the French style, with comfortable seating for visitors to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. 
The Bastille
11 The first Bastille prison was stormed and demolished in 1789.  A monument to commemorate King Louis Philippe's rise to the French Throne and the 1830 revolution stands on the grounds of the infamous prison.  A spiral stairway gives private tour visitors access to the monument viewing platform where you will see the new and magnificent Opéra-Bastille opened in 1989 on the same grounds as the hated prison.              
12 Sainte-Chapelle Church is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture built in 1242 it took over eight years to complete.  Christian relics belonging to King Louis IX are on exhibition in the Church, the most famous piece is the Crown Of Thorns which is displayed at the Church Alter. Private Church tours are readily available and loved by all visitors; they are especially impressed with the magnificent stained-glass windows.   
Arc De Triomphe
13 Commissioned in 1806 by Napoleon; The Arc de Triomphe is a representation of the many battle victories by the French Army.  The decorative finishes on this powerful symbol of hope are unique with statues and reliefs depicting many Army achievements.  See the generals names inscribed on the Arc and check out lovely Paris from the viewing platform.  Private Arc de Triomphe tours are available on all Paris half and full day trips.       
Sacre-Coeur Basilica
14 The Sacré-Coeur Basilica is situated high on a hill in Paris, due to its gorgeous design it is reminiscent of a Tiered Wedding Cake.  The white finish on the outer facade has a mix of styles, but the interior is stunning.  On escorted tours of The Basilica see the beautiful Christ Mosaic created to give hope to the People of Paris after the Prussian War.  A night time visit is perfect as the church is drowned in candlelight for services.          
Place De Voges
15 The Places des Vosges was formerly known as  The Place Royal due to its many rich and famous residents like Louis XIII many "lady friends." The stylish square with red brick houses surrounding it was also a favorite place for duels as it was hidden away from the prying eyes of Cardinal Richelieu who had banned dueling.  Paris city walking tours stop off at the Square and the guides have may stories of intrigue and history.    
Place de la Concord
16 The Place de la Concord was commissioned by King Louis XV in 1755, and the construction was completed in 1775.  The octagonally shaped square was the City diamond in the 18th century due to its enormity. The Paris City skyline is only magnified by the incredible Egyptian Obelisk in the center of the Concord.  Fantastic views of the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre give tourists the best photo opportunities of Paris while on guided tours.      
La Conciergerie
17 Private La Conciergerie tours are very popular with sightseeing visitors in Paris.  This infamous prison housed Robespierre and Marie-Antoinette in horrendous conditions before they were executed.  On your museum tour, you will see relics from the days of the guillotine. As you enter the "forbidding room" you will walk in the footsteps of prisoners that were handed over to the officials for execution.        
Les Invalides
18 Formally a home for disabled and wounded soldier's The Hôtel des Invalides is now a Paris landmark museum for custom tours. Uniforms, equipment, weapons, print's and antiques are just some of the artifacts on display in this large military museum.  The specially trained tour guides in the museum are excellent and full of information about the long, turbulent history of the building and the many exhibits on display.        
Centre Pompidou
19 Take a private escorted tour to the Centre Pompidou, the most modern cultural and art center in Paris.  Many visitors have commented that the structure looks like it is inside out or topsy-turvy due to its exclusive and rare design.  Home to the National Modern Art Museum, the exhibitions of contemporary art are staggering. Priceless works of art and sculptures from artists like Picasso, Matisse, Dalí, and Klee are on display here.   
Grande Arch La Dèfense
20 Located at the end of Charles-de-Gaulle Avenue is a complex of high-rise buildings developed in the late 1960's called Grande Arch La Défense. Aptly named after the French Forces who fought in the Prussian War of 1870, Paris sightseeing tours includes a stop at the 110 meters high site. During the 1989 Revolution Bicentenary, the monument was inaugurated as a symbol of hope and togetherness for all Parisians.     
21 This magnificent Palais-Royal building is located opposite The Louvre Museum and is a perfect example of centuries-old Rich Royal architecture and design.  In King Louis XIII reign, the Palais-Royal was used as a Palace for famous high-ranking Cardinals.  Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the grounds and the lovely courtyard with your tour guide and see the beautiful gardens and sculptures adorning the entrance.
Moulin Rouge Show VIP Night Tour
22 Paris City Private V.I.P. Tours customize your trip to the famous and fabulous Moulin Rouge for a night of musical theater with the great Doris Girls executing the "Can Can" with flare and fanfare. There is an excellent mix of entertainment with some international acts and a choice of fantastic French cuisine from special menus. You will have V.I.P. front section seating for a perfect view. 
Disneyland Paris
23 No family tour and sightseeing trip to Paris would be complete without visiting Disneyland.  You will get transported back to when you were a kid the minute you enter the park.  From Cinderella's castles to the flying teacups and star wars exhibitions this theme park has it all with magical sets, rides, and themed tours.  Book your tickets and in advance for discounts and any special needs requirements.       
Hop on and Off Bus Tour
24 These hop on hop off City Sightseeing Paris bus tours are an excellent way to see this beautiful City at your leisure.  If you want to know its history, visit where the ancient Parisians lived with a running commentary from your tour guide then the Paris private bus tours are for you.  You will visit and see the many monuments, churches, palaces, famous squares and cultural sights on the jump on and jump off system.   
Normandy D-Day Day Tour
25 Your Normandy trip starts with a three-hour drive through the Paris countryside with your private tour guide and a brief stop at the Caen Memorial.  After a lovely lunch at a traditional French country restaurant, it's off to Pointe du Hoc.  The American Cemetery near Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer is the highlight with most tourists to see the ten thousand graves and beautiful memorial dedicated to the fallen.  
Eiffel Tour
26 The Eiffel Tower private VIP tours will let you skip the queues and visit Paris's top sightseeing tour attraction.  See the views of the most romantic city in the world and surrounding districts from the viewing platform near the top floor.  After your platform visit, your table will be ready in the Le Jules Verne's restaurant on the second floor with a special order menu to round off your trip.
Louvre Walking Tour
27 Small private group tours of the Louvre Museum Paris are a perfect way to skip the entry line and enjoy the site with a professional guide.  The tour takes approximately 3 hours to complete, and there is time towards the end to stroll around alone to admire the magnificent paintings and sculptures without a running commentary.  The unusual themed galleries are one of the highlights of this tour for many visitors.  
Versailles Palace Tour
28 Relax in a comfortable air-conditing minivan, as you travel from central Paris to Versailles with your custom tour representative.  Your guide will then escort you around the lines of queues directly into the Palace. Tour around the beautiful gardens and famous hall of mirrors listening about the history of this magnificent and stunning place. This tour includes a luxury lunch and your return journey to Paris.    
29 The Panthéon is Paris's National Memorial and burial place of famed Philosophers and writers such as Voltaire, Victor Hugo, and Rousseau. Built on the site of the Sainte-Geneviève Abbey, the church's construction started in 1756.  Private escort tour operators will walk you around the epically decorated Memorial, and after a brief talk on the history of the building, you will understand why the Parisian people treasure it.  
Seine River Cruise Tour
30 For one of the most romantic nights of your life book a River Seine night cruise.  The 3-hour private evening landmarks and dinner cruise tour sails down the River Seine to see Paris illuminated by night. You will see The Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre, and The Eiffel Tower as you sail along.  Afterward, you can enjoy live music and a delicious 4-course French dinner while romancing the night away.

Travel Tips for Paris

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